The clothing market, Moscow. Wholesale clothing markets in Moscow

Moscow is a great city, since ancient times the capitalis the trade center of the country. Wholesale clothing markets in Moscow are located in different parts of the city. It is very convenient for buyers coming here from near and far regions of the country. Entrepreneurs who purchase goods here for their outlets can already get everything they need in the early morning and send the goods by any transport company.

clothing market moscow

Any clothing market in Moscow is populara place for wholesale purchases of goods for their subsequent sale in pavilions and shops located throughout the country. If you need a large batch of clothes, shoes, accessories, visit the wholesale clothing market. Moscow numbers them several dozen. On the most popular we will tell in more detail.

"Slavic world"

Located at 41 km of the Moscow Ring Road. The center was erected on the territory of the former construction market, it was called the "Mill", the entrance to the territory is decorated with a mock-up of a large decorative mill.

Officially, the market is called "Slavic World"it consists of two parts. One is a building market, and the other is a clothing market. Moscow represents here the goods not only of Russian producers, but also from China, Vietnam, CIS countries, Korea. Many retail outlets moved here from the Luzhniki and the Cherkizovsky market. Now the market has more than six thousand trading pavilions, but it is growing, it is expected to expand to twenty thousand points. The market "Slavic World" provides free parking for any type of transport. It is very convenient for visiting wholesalers. Parking is open around the clock, guarded.

clothing market in Moscow

Proposed goods: shoes, clothes, sportswear, children's clothes, toys, hats, underwear, knitwear, leather, fur products, yarn, haberdashery, fabrics, utensils, chemistry, household appliances, stationery, perfumes, cosmetics and much more.

The schedule of work: the market works from 7 o'clock in the morning till 18.00. No days off and holidays.

Address: 41 kilometer MKAD, half a kilometer along the Kaluzhskoye highway in the direction of the region.

How to get there: from the metro station "Teply Stan" walking bus, bus number 804, 895, 600, 526, 531, 504, 512, 515 to the stop "Mamyrov". By car it is easy to reach on the Kaluzhskoe highway.

The clothing market in Moscow "Gardener"

Location - Lublino. ТК "Sadovod" offers a wide assortment of goods, here items of both domestic and foreign manufacturers are presented. Prices for wholesalers are as low as possible. Every day thousands of customers visit the markets of Moscow (clothing), "Gardener" is no exception. Every day hundreds of wholesalers come here, many of them are regular customers.

The trading complex "Sadovod" is considered one of thethe largest in Moscow. Here you can buy goods not only by wholesale lots. Available service and retail, the difference with wholesale prices is minimal.

What can you buy in the market "Gardener"?

The clothing market in Moscow "Sadovod" representsa wide range of products from major Russian suppliers from St. Petersburg, Penza, Moscow, Vladimir, Novosibirsk, Cherkessk, Ivanov, etc., as well as Belarusian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese and Polish producers.

wholesale clothing markets in Moscow

Here there are clothes and shoes for adults andchildren, swimwear, underwear, suitcases, bags, accessories, bijouterie, textiles, cosmetics, tulle, curtains, wedding dresses, household goods, toys, commercial equipment, goods for hunters and fishermen, artificial flowers, garden goods, building materials and even country houses.

Opening hours: for wholesalers, the market starts working from five in the morning until five in the evening. But after four, many are already starting to close. For retail customers, the market is open from 9.00 to 18.00.

How can I get to: the market is located at 14 km inside the MKAD. From the metro station Kuzminki can be reached by bus No. 655, as well as by buses Vykhino No. 558, Lublin No. 27 and No. 118, Kuzminki No. 347, Domodedovo No. 165, Bratislava No.202, 410, 529, 520.

The South Gate

At 19 km of the internal groaning of the Moscow Ring Road,The South Gate market was recently opened. Like all wholesale clothing markets in Moscow, it is a major trading center of the capital. For convenient and pleasant shopping, its infrastructure is thought through to the smallest detail. There are more than 3000 pavilions here. All of them are arranged by organized series, groups of goods. If the buyer goes to the market purposefully, for a certain product, you do not need to run all over the territory from one end to the other. For relaxation on the territory of the shopping center are equipped with cozy restaurants and cafes, where you can sit and have a snack. Here, for convenience, there are ATMs, railway and ticket offices, a home of everyday life and a pharmacy. There is free parking for cars and buses.

moscow markets

Like many cheap Moscow markets (clothing),"South Yard" offers a wide choice of goods of Russian and foreign manufacturers: down jackets, jackets, sportswear, children's things, shoes for adults and children, Turkish textiles, youth clothes, knitwear, jeans, underwear, hats, household goods, household goods , perfumery, costume jewelery, leather goods, toys, bags, souvenirs and much more.

How to get there: the inner side of the 19 km of the Moscow Ring Road - there is a clothing market. Moscow provides free transportation to get here. It is minibus from the metro station "Maryino" (to Lublinskaya street), from the metro station "Vykhino" (on Khlobystova street), metro "Krasnogvardeyskaya" (to the department store "Tuk-Tuk"). And also minibus from TJAK "Moscow", TC "Sadovod" (8th parking lot). Transport goes through 15 minutes, from 4 am to 6 pm.

Opening hours: The shopping center "Southern Gate" accepts visitors daily from 5am to 6pm.


The old Luzhniki moved and successfully work. The new name of the market is "Luzha-reboot". The territory has three sites for wholesale and retail trade. The first site represents jersey, textiles of the best Russian, Polish, Turkish and other manufacturers. On the second - a rich assortment of women's, men's, children's clothing from Russian and foreign suppliers. The third site is created for trade in household appliances, crockery, household goods, electrical goods, products for hunting and fishing. A 24-hour guarded parking lot is available for wholesalers. Merchants offer various bonus programs, good discounts to wholesalers.

moscow markets

Where is the "Luzha-reboot" - the clothing market?

Moscow, crossing the Simferopol highway from 32km of the Moscow Ring Road. You can get to the metro station "Bulvar Dm. Donskoy ", from here goes a free bus (from 6.30 to 17 hours), you can reach the station" Annino ". Express operates: from the TC "Sadovod" to "Luzhniki-reboot", he goes to 6, 7, 8, 9 hours. The return route is at 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 hours. By trains you can reach the station "Bitza". From Kursk, Belorussian station they go every 30 minutes. The entrance to the Luzhniki territory is free for all types of transport. Buses, GAZel can stop at the guarded parking lot. The market runs daily from 6.00 to 16.00.

«Mytishchi Fair»

Many small entrepreneurs are interested in wherethere are the markets of Moscow (clothing), the addresses of the largest and we provide. One of them is the Mytishchi Fair. It is located at the intersection of Ostashkovsky Highway and 91 km of MKAD outside.

clothing market in Moscow gardener

The goods of domestic and foreign manufacturers are offered: clothes, footwear, knitwear, haberdashery, household chemicals, household goods, stationery and much more.

Opening hours: Mytishchi Fair is open from 9 am to 6 pm daily.

How to get there: from the metro station "Mytischi" on any minibus in the direction of "Medvedkovo", as well as on buses 2, 24, 7, 25. From the metro station "Perlovskaya" bus number 412 goes, get off at the stop "91 km MKAD." By bus number 771 you can get to "ul. Severodvinskaya, 19 ", and then through the pedestrian crossing of the Moscow Ring Road. Here also on the Ostashkovsky highway there are buses No. 314, 438, 419, 523, you need to get off at the stop "Auchan-Leroy-Merlin-Mytishchi Fair".

Shopping center "Dubrovka"

The market "Dubrovka" has a convenient location,its gate is directly opposite the entrance to the metro. The trading part has an area of ​​more than 80,000 square kilometers. The shopping center is located close to the center of the capital and the third Transport Ring. On the territory of the market, wholesale-retail ranks are conveniently placed.

Traders offer a wide range of wholesalersclothes and shoes for children and adults, swimwear, underwear, fur and leather goods, toys, suitcases, bags, textiles, tulle, curtains, cosmetics and much more.

cheap moscow markets

Opening hours: The shopping center "Dubrovka" is open to its guests every day from 9am to 7pm.

The convenient location of Dubrovka

Getting to Dubrovka is easy on any kindtransport. The central location allows you to get to the metro station within ten minutes. If you are traveling by car, you can count on convenient parking. The parking lot is designed so that it can accommodate both cars and buses wholesalers. From the gates of the shopping center to Volgogradsky Prospekt or the third Transport Ring not more than three hundred meters.

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