The biggest dogs in the world

Great friend of man

Big dogs are very loved by their owners. They bring a lot of joy to the families in which they live. They, undoubtedly, have their advantages and disadvantages, as well as their smaller relatives. First of all, one can attribute to their merits a remarkable character - with proper upbringing they are very gentle and good-natured creatures. They are easy to learn, good at training. The disadvantages often include high maintenance costs, in particular, for food. Such giants, accordingly, should eat well. Unfortunately, the biggest dogs havethe biggest dogsvery short lifespan compared to small breeds. Despite the shortcomings and the great popularity of small breeds, many people want to see alongside a large representative of the canine, able to become not only a friend, but also a devoted protector of all family members. If we talk about what the biggest dogs, then you can call more than twenty breeds, but today we will talk about a few of them.

1st place - English Mastiff

The list is headed by the official carriers of the status of “The Biggest Dogs in the World,” representatives of the English Mastiff breed. These giants reach a height of 91 cm, and the weight of males reaches 110 kg. Record holder of the breed, listed in the Guinness Book of Records, became the largest English mastiff Aikam Zorbo, who, with a height of 94 cm, weighed 155.58 kg. These animals are aristocratic manners. They are famous not only for their powerful figure, but also for their balance, courage and peacefulness; they are excellent watchmen and loyal companions.

2nd place - Spanish Mastiff

In second place is the largestdogs are bigdogs of Spain, whose birthplace is Extremadura. Breed has long been used as a guard - to protect livestock from wolves and other predators. The height at the withers of a dog is approximately eighty eight centimeters, and the weight is one hundred kilograms. This noble handsome man will be an excellent reliable protector and loyal friend of all members of your family.

3rd place - St. Bernard

The honorable third place in the list of “The Biggest Dogs of the World” went to a descendant of working dogs, a native of the Italian Alps - St. Bernard. Initially, the breed was bred for rescue training.These are very large and powerful animals. Their height in a dog is about 90 centimeters, and the weight is more than eighty kilograms, but more often it is above 100 kg. A sensitive and friendly character, a calm disposition make of these powerful animals excellent companions.

4th placeDoberman dogs- Pyrenean Mastiff

In fourth place are amazing dogs - great Pyrenean mastiffs, people from Spanish Aragon. Initially, this dog served as a shepherd. These are very intelligent and reliable animals. Thanks to their steady psyche and their excellent character, they can be guards and companions. Growth of a dog is 75 cm, weight is 81 kg, but more often there are dogs weighing more than 100 kg.

5th place - Doberman

Doberman dogs are cult status animals. They have millions of fans all over the world. The secret of popularity is not only in external data and amazing stats, but also in surprising intelligence and unlimited loyalty to the owner. He almost humanely values ​​his home, is able to become for you and your loved ones a stone wall, he is always on guard of the safety of you and your family. Growing males up to seventy two centimeters, weight up to forty-five kilograms.

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