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Today, Turkey is one of the most popular tourist countries. You can relax in it in different ways: from just lying on the beach to outdoor activities with diving, excursions and hiking in the mountains. We present to your attention the best resorts in Turkey, but the choice will depend on the preferences of each individual tourist or family.

First you need to mention that Turkey is surrounded by four seas, and each has its own characteristics, its unforgettable beaches and climatic zones. You can relax on the Mediterranean coast, I must say that most of the best resorts are located here. You can also choose to rest on the Aegean, Black or Marmara seas. It all depends on tastes and preferences.

1. Famous Antalya

the best resorts of TurkeyThe best resorts in Turkey, of course, are located in sunny Antalya - this is the first most popular resort in this country. Excellent sandy beaches and well-developed infrastructure attract a lot of tourists.When choosing this resort, you need to take into account its proximity to the international airport, located just 12 km from the city center. Here are located hotels from three to five star.

Lovers of active leisure are offered all kinds of entertainment. You can ride a water ski or banana, go diving in the coastal caves or parasailing. Children can have fun in the superb water park called Aqualand. It presents a huge mass of slides, swimming pools, there is a jacuzzi bar. For tourists are offered all kinds of excursions to ancient monuments.

2. Alanya - an excellent children's holiday

the best resorts in TurkeyThe second rated, but no less popular than Antalya, is Alanya. Here are the best resorts in Turkey for families with children. The fine sandy beaches and the shallow sea near the shore are perfect for families with small children. But do not think that only for children there is a place to rest. Adults also have a lot of fun, a lot of nightclubs and a water park in the city, you can order interesting excursions.

The city is rich in its history. Founded in the IV century BC. e., it will dip tourists in antiquity and envelop the spirit of piracy.At one time, the pirates found refuge in this quiet corner. Today there are great excursions to the Lovers' caves, the Maiden's Cave, in which, they say, the pirates hid the stolen girls, as well as the Phosphorus, which glows with an interesting glow. Which resort is better in Turkey, Antalya or Alanya? The choice is yours.

3. Belek - the best for a relaxing holiday.

resorts in Turkey where it is better to relaxThe peace and quiet of Belek makes it the third in the ranking among popular resorts. The best resorts in Turkey to restore health are here. Belek is famous for its clean air, filled with the smell of pines and eucalyptus. Paradise place with beautiful flora and fauna. An excellent place for people suffering from asthma and frequent colds: the air here is saturated with sea iodine and saturated with essential oils from the forests directly behind the hotels.

It should be noted that there is a place for lovers of active rest in Belek. Windsurfing, water skiing, diving and even rock climbing are offered to your taste. But especially please the national golf club, which is the pride of Belek.

4. Kemer - youth resort

Turkey's best holiday resortsThe best resorts in Turkey for youth recreation are located in Kemer. He is in our ranking in fourth place, but can easily compete with the first three. Beaches for lovers of swimming near the sea are pebbly and, perhaps, this is the only negative of this resort. Nature and breathtaking landscapes will enjoy the most. The youth here will find all sorts of discos, nightclubs and excellent infrastructure.

Kemer - these are exactly the resorts in Turkey, where it is better to relax actively. It offers a safari tour, which can be carried out on high-speed jeeps and climb the mountains to a height of 1,800 meters. You can also ride on a yacht and relax, watching the picturesque nature of the most beautiful bays. You will be offered to swim with scuba diving or on inflatable rafts. The choice is yours.

5. Side - for lovers of antiquity

which resort in Turkey is betterPlace number five is the city of Side, here are the best resorts in Turkey for those who like to take a walk through the ancient ruins. The city is simply filled with antiquity, each building bears the imprint of ancient culture and has architectural value. For beach lovers, Side is the best fit. Golden sand surrounds the whole city, the beaches are great for couples with young children.

There are a lot of entertainments, but the most important of them is the architecture of the ancient city itself, a lot of excursions and walks are offered at the choice of the tourist. You can have a picnic at the Manavgat Falls or take a jeep ride to the nearest mountains. Hotels offer a wide range of services.

6. Marmaris - the best resort of the Aegean Sea

Turkey's best resorts ratingThe sixth in the ranking is Marmaris, but only because it is located in the south-west of the country. Marmaris attracts tourists with its pristine beauty. It is interesting that the resort is washed by two seas, the Aegean and the Mediterranean, so that tourists have the opportunity to swim in both. The beaches are magnificent sandy, and the sea is so transparent that at any depth you can see the bottom.

In Marmaris, there are resorts in Turkey, where it is better to relax for all lovers of swimming on a yacht. This resort has many yacht clubs. From here take a lot of interesting tours, because you can relax here throughout the year. You can have a good time in the city by visiting the many bars and restaurants.

7. Fethiye - quiet rest

Turkey is the best resort for childrenThe seventh in the ranking is Fethiye, located on a peninsula that is immersed in greenery, there are magnificent mountains and the excellent sea nearby. All this attracts tourists who love solitude and tranquility.The resort is full of all kinds of bays and is surrounded by various islands. This makes it possible to ride on yachts, of which there are many.

For people with a more active lifestyle, there is an opportunity to go to the mountains, which are the highest in Turkey - up to 2 km, and fly with a paraglider. Or you can go scuba diving, exploring underwater caves. In the evenings you can have fun in bars and restaurants located in hotels.

8. Kusadasi - a paradise for lovers of antiquity

The best resorts in Turkey, which are listed now, do not forget about the magnificent city of Kusadasi, located in the Aegean Sea. He is the eighth on our list. The name of the city is translated as “Island of Birds”, so it will be interesting for lovers of fauna to find out that so far various birds have been nesting on the island. Kusadasi is surrounded by various monuments of antiquity, which can be visited by ordering a tour. You can visit the nearby Greek island of Samos.

Having been on excursions and becoming acquainted with the ancient history, you can relax on a superb beach or spend time more actively, taking up the many water sports that are offered here.The evening can be spent in a quiet restaurant or in a disco, which in large numbers offer all the hotels of the resort.

Summarize. The best resorts in Turkey, whose rating is currently the highest, attract the attention of many tourists from around the world. In this country, you can find rest for everyone: children, adults, young and old. Resorts differ in price policy, but what impresses all tourists is the quality of service in hotels. Many hotels are designed for families with children, there are also hotels that accept tourists with pets.

The best resorts in Turkey for recreation of people who love active forms of recreation, impress with their diversity. You can go on a safari, go to the mountains or go down under the water, as well as climb the cliffs or do gliding. People who love traveling, will approach sailing on a yacht and excursions to ancient monuments.

Turkey is the best resort for children that you can think of. The golden beaches of Side, the best water park in Antalya or the excellent air of Belek - all this makes an excellent choice for couples with children. Well, young people like the magnificent Kemer with his active rest.

These are just some of the many resorts in Turkey, in which this business is very developed. The choice remains to be made according to your desires and possibilities. There are plenty of options for recreation both in summer and in winter, so what resort in Turkey is better for you to choose. Enjoy your holiday.

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