The best cameras for children: characteristics, features and reviews

The display of keen interest in high-tech gadgets on the part of children also motivates manufacturers to develop a new audience. As a result, separate families and lines of various devices and devices designed for younger generations of users appear. Of course, widely represented in the field of digital technology and a camera for children, which has a number of fundamental differences.

Features of cameras for a child

The devices in this segment are focused on availability, reliability and ease of use. First of all, children's cameras have a simpler set of tools for tuning, regulating and controlling. The child should easily handle the controls, understanding the purpose and capabilities of each function. As a rule, such models do not have complex interfaces with a rich set of settings - in the initial class there are devices without displays with a few buttons.At the same time, this camera for children has all the basic shooting capabilities, including adjustment of sensitivity, filter cover, zooming, stabilization, etc.

Particular attention is paid to the developers of such technology design reliability and safety. Almost all models of cameras for children have a high class of protection not lower than IP46. At least it concerns the protection of the filling from moisture, dirt, durability before physical shocks and temperature changes.

Of course, the children's device should attract and appearance. For the youngest users, original designs and color schemes with plot inserts from popular cartoons, TV series and fairy tales are offered. But as the models get older, the opposite trend is observed - designers tend to move away from bright stylistics, preferring calm neutral shades.

The main characteristics of the models

Compact camera for children

The list of characteristics of children's cameras corresponds to full-format devices - another thing is that their values ​​differ significantly. Averages look like this:

  • The resolution of the matrix is ​​on average from 1 to 15 Mp.The simplest devices are provided with matrices that, according to their capabilities, correspond to mobile phones (1-3 Mp). The most advanced models fit in the range of compact digital cameras for adults, having matrix modules of 14-16 Mp.
  • Display - on average, the resolution ranges from 230 to 560 thousand points. But there are models completely devoid of screens. This is a plus, as the size of the device and power requirements are reduced.
  • Video format - up to 1080 p with a frequency of up to 60 frames / sec. But, again, there are models in which this shooting mode is absent in principle.
  • Memory - from 126 to 512 MB in the camera itself. Some versions assume the use of memory cards. For example, the Kidizoom Selfie Cam camera modification for children supports microSD / SDHC cards with a capacity of up to 32 GB.
  • Communication capabilities are usually USB, audio and video inputs. Only in rare cases, the possibility of wireless switching.
  • The device is powered by Li-Ion batteries, as well as AA and AAA batteries.

VTech Kidizoom

A simple, convenient and at the same time safe solution for young children. The model has an interesting design and several colors. In appearance and protected design, it can be said that this is a camera for a child of 5 years, but the functionality goes far beyond this age group.The resolution of the matrix is ​​1.2 megapixels, the camera itself has a 4-fold zoom, and the built-in 128 MB memory allows for the possibility of expansion with the help of SD memory cards of 256 MB. As for power supply, the design provides slots for AA batteries.

As an additional entertainment software, the developers also provided several built-in games that use motion sensors and a number of creative tools for working with graphics. In some ways, the VTech Kidizoom camera for children can be called a mini-studio. The results of the work of the young photographer in the future can be moved to a computer for full editing.

In the VTech family, you can find a few more modifications of the children's camera, in which different emphasis is placed on the security of the case, the availability of tools for working with images, the ability to add filters and special effects, etc. For example, the Learning Lodge model allows you to download new games and record videos, and the Kidizoom action camera retains its performance even under water.

Nikon Coolpix S31

Nikon baby camera

If the previous model is more like a toy, albeit with real shooting capabilities, then in this case a real camera is already considered in all senses.The device is provided with a display with a diagonal of 2.7 inches, and the camera resolution is 10 megapixels (CCD matrix). The user can use the capabilities of the optical 3x zoom, as well as shoot video 720p HD.

With all the abilities described, this model really applies to children. Thanks to the comprehensive security of the case, it can be said that this is a camera for a child of 6 years and older. The shape of the structure is a rectangle with rounded corners. The case is encased in a moisture-proof shell, which limited the developers in providing the camera with a wide optional option like stabilizers. However, taking into account the peculiarities of exploitation by children, it is quite possible to sacrifice unnecessary functionality for the sake of maintaining compact dimensions.

The owners of the Coolpix S31 ultra-compact cameras themselves point out the ease of use, the availability of controls and the reliability of the case. Practically all the necessary means for switching on and setting are brought out in the form of hardware buttons, so the young owners of the camera do not have to suffer with intricate digital interfaces.

Pentax WG-10

This model can be recommended for older children, given its high technical characteristics. In terms of its design and construction, the device is more likely focused on boys. Many owners are positive about the presence of LED lamps in the form of a ring framing the lens. Speaking about the characteristics, the device is provided with a camera with an optical 5x zoom, the maximum reach of which is 14 cm. For security properties, this is more like a camera for a 7-year-old child who spends a lot of time outdoors. As the practice of using the model shows, the design withstands falls from a height of 150 cm and allows diving to a depth of 10 m.

Pentax camera for children

But lovers of quiet creative photography, this camera does not disappoint. In the user's working arsenal there are 25 modes, including shooting under water, panorama, “auto”, etc. There is also the possibility of video recording in 720 p HD format. However, for active remote work with bulk materials, it is important to take into account the shortcomings of the battery. There is his criticism for the fragility of attachment and sensitivity to low temperatures.

Sony CyberShot DSC-TF1

The family of Japanese CyberShot devices from Sony is well known to ordinary lovers of compact digital cameras of budget class. The modification of the DSC-TF1 represents some optimization for the needs of small users. In particular, if the camera is intended for a child of 8 years old with a reserve of opportunities for shooting for growth, then it is possible to stay on this option. At the disposal of young owners is an automatic shooting system that allows you to create high-quality and vivid images without unnecessary manipulations.

In difficult conditions to get an attractive photo stabilization mechanism will help. As the owners of the device, the stabilized lens with optical 4x zoom allows you to take clear pictures with high details in the distance. Of course, this model cannot be compared with professional cameras, but for its class the result is decent. The Sweep Panorama system is responsible for underwater photography, and the DSC-TF1 camera's anti-shock camera for a child opens up the possibility of using it even in extreme shooting conditions. This version will suit fans of unusual creative photos with a special set of creative filters - Partial Color, Toy Camera, etc.

Shockproof camera for children

Fujifilm Finepix XP60

One of the oldest and most popular manufacturers of photographic equipment Fujifilm also did not ignore the children's audience. Model Finepix XP60 is suitable for young users, and for teenagers. Compact size makes it easy to handle the case, and the functionality provides freedom in the implementation of creative tasks.

It is based on a 16 megapixel matrix, which allows among other things to shoot video clips with a resolution of 1080 p. Also, the XP60 camera for children is provided with a 5x zoom with a reach of up to 24 cm, and the range of sensitivity of the camera is 100-6400 ISO. The developers did not forget about the physical reliability of the camera, endowing it with water, dust and shock resistance. The XP60 model does not lose its working properties even in cold conditions, which is facilitated by the cold-resistant hull shell. The device is powered by a compact lithium-ion battery.

Canon PowerShot A1400

Full-fledged compact digicam, the possibilities for shooting of which are enough for the child himself and his parents. The model also has a 16 megapixel CCD matrix, supports 5x zoom and is controlled by ergonomic adjustment and control elements. What distinguishes this version from completely toy models is the possibility of fine manual settings for a wide range of optical parameters.

camera for kids Canon

Separately presented tools for working with video. Although the model works in the modest 720p HD format today, it is quite enough for the amateur level. In addition, the optical viewfinder initially increases the chances of shooting quality materials. This is a good camera for a child who plans to engage in post-processing of images. Young users themselves mark the variety of shooting modes and tools for further editing. As for the shortcomings, many of them include power supply from batteries and poor protection of the case against external influences.

Nikon 1 S1

Another offer from Japanese developers who have relied on the possibility of mirrorless cameras. Nikon offers a compact digital camera for a child over 10 years old, who expects to receive materials that are not professional, but of high quality by the standards of amateur level. The developers fit in a small body CMOS matrix at 10 megapixels. Despite the modest resolution, many SLR cameras of the initial segment are supplied with similar modules. And if it is planned to involve the child in serious work with photographic equipment in the future, then 1 S1 is the best option.

Camera for children Nikon

The camera is provided with tools for manual adjustment and control that allow you to adjust exposure parameters, aperture, color balances, etc. In addition, the camera for children 1 S1 will facilitate the process of learning high-speed shooting without loss of quality. The continuous shooting mode, in particular, allows you to make 60 frames / sec. Video recording is also possible in 1080 p format at 1200 frames per second. The entire workflow can be controlled through a large display, the resolution of which is 460 thousand dots.

Model 1 S1 as a mirrorless camera with medium dimensions may seem redundant to the child. At least many may be interested as an alternative to the Panasonic Lumix GF5, which comes with optimized controls. Still, the Nikon version is highly regarded by parents as a powerful studio tool for photographing with creative modes and fast response, which is important for children's use. However, there are also slips like a weak sensor, ambiguity in determining exposure, etc.

Cameras for shooting children

Has its own characteristics and the process of photographing the child himself.Mobile fidgets impose strict requirements on the preparation and configuration of the camera. A parent who has found his child for an interesting occupation sometimes has only a few moments to arm himself with a camera. The following models will provide adequate assistance in such cases at moderate cost:

  • Nikon D3300. Optimum at the price and quality a reflex camera which is better for getting in KIT picking with a zoom. If you need a camera for shooting children indoors, it will be useful to supplement the camera with a Nikkor AF-S 35 1.8G lens with a high aperture ratio.
  • Sony A5000. A compromise option for those who want to get a small device for all occasions with a tolerable quality preservation. The model is placed in a handbag and quickly enters the operating mode, requiring a minimum of time for preparation.
  • Canon 1100 \ 100. The right solution for outdoor photo shoots from a distance. The model will allow you to take pictures imperceptibly for the child, and for studio quality it is worth adding a flash of 430EX2 to the device.
  • Olympus XZ-2. Balanced solution with different characteristics. The camera is appreciated for its ergonomics, a large set with art decorations, editorial features and compact dimensions.Even when shooting with one hand, you can get clear pictures by pre-adjusting the parameters of sensitivity and composition.


Camera for children Fujifilm

Regardless of the context in which you plan to purchase a camera for a child, the price group is primarily determined. The lower class today are cheap "soap dish" up to 10 thousand rubles. Such suggestions may be suitable as a device for shooting by the child himself, who will receive the first experience and training in the basic settings. But even in this case, buying a high-quality smartphone can be a good alternative.

If you go to the camera options for shooting children, then saving them will not work. Hardly anyone is planning to take such pictures as experimental ones. The above models are estimated at 20-30 thousand rubles, but this investment will not only provide many opportunities for shooting, but in principle will provide quality material. At a minimum, it will be possible to count on the broad settings of cameras for shooting children in a variety of conditions. For example, the Canon line offers electronic stabilization and improved autofocus, in addition to using flash and aperture.Also do not forget about the accessories and other additions that will improve the quality and performance of the shooting process. These devices include tripods, monopods, covers, protective panels, eyecup, etc.

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