Test pilots - people of the courageous profession

Test pilots - people whose fearlessness can be envied. They deserve the title of heroes for the work they are doing. About the most famous test pilots who lived in different countries, read the article.

What do aviation test testers do?

To get this profession, you need to measure their capabilities and desires. A test pilot must have good health and such traits as composure, courage, responsibility, courage. The intelligence of people in this profession must be high. In addition, without the love of technology there is nothing to do in the place of the person who chose this path.

Test pilots

Test pilots are testing the latest aircraft, such as helicopters and airplanes. These people assess the quality of aircraft, and if something is constructed incorrectly, they return iron birds for revision. However, this profession can be dangerous: possible mistakes of designers may lead toa tragedy until the death of the tester.

Who was the first test pilot?

You always have to start somewhere. When the profession being described was not yet as common as in our time, people still carried out experimental flights on the first aircraft and helicopters created.

The first test pilots

The Wright brothers were engineers and testers of their own aircraft who made their first flight at the beginning of the twentieth century, namely, on the eve of 1903 Christmas. This test was captured in the photo, and the airplane itself can be seen as an exhibit of the National Museum of Aviation and Astronautics of the United States of America.

Alexander Fedorovich Mozhaisky became known for the fact that in 1882 he conducted a test of the aircraft, which he designed independently, inspired by the works of French pilots. However, in one of the notes compiled within the walls of the Ministry of War in 1884, it was stated that this apparatus did not take off. At present, there is no other evidence that could help us answer the question whether the tests of the Mozhaisk aircraft were unsuccessful.

Test pilots of the USSR

Believedthat the first test pilots of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Mikhail Mikhailovich Gromov and Andrei Borisovich Yumashev, who became famous in the thirties of the last century, collected the “Gromov” recruitment of military pilots before the start of World War II. Those who entered their number, have tested a huge number of attack aircraft, bombers and fighters.

The first test aircraft aviation France

French test pilots are rightfully considered the pioneers of aviation. Since the end of the nineteenth century, many engineers not only designed their own aircraft, but also carried out their tests. The most famous French, contributing to the development of aviation technology, are:

  • Clement Ader. The first flight of this test engineer took place on October 9, 1890 and was documented. Despite the fact that the design created by Ader did not have sufficient potential for development, the name of this person is known all over the world, because it was he who first outlined the ideas of how to use aircraft for military purposes.
  • Louis Bleriot became the first Frenchman who flew over the English Channel on a self-designed aircraft without the use of catapults and rail tracks. He did it in July 1909.That scheme of the aircraft, which he proposed more than a hundred years ago, is used to this day. Only the capabilities of the components of the aircraft are improved, but the iron birds still correspond to the scheme of Louis Bleriot.

Test pilots of the USSR

Listing the outstanding test pilots from different countries, one cannot but mention the people of this profession who lived in the USSR. Our country can boast that it has raised such outstanding aviators as Valery Chkalov, Mikhail Gromov, Vladimir Averyanov (the photo is presented just above), Ivan Dzyuba and others.

Test pilots of the Soviet Union

  • Valery Chkalov - the owner of a dizzying career aviator. He tested many airplanes, helicopters, fighters and bombers. In addition, he became the creator of several figures, which were called aerobatics. These include "ascending corkscrew", "slow barrel". He took part in the creation of the newest aircraft, set several records for the duration of flights.
  • Mikhail Gromov was a diversified man. He showed outstanding ability to music and drawing, medical business. He served not only as a test pilot, but also as a military doctor.Gromov set two international records in the field of aviation, and more than once he performed flights in Europe, China and Japan. For the establishment of several records and courageous fulfillment of duty to the Fatherland, he was awarded the Order of Lenin.
  • Many test pilots of the Soviet Union held high positions in military service. Among them are Vladimir Averyanov, a colonel who tested both jet bombers and passenger aircraft. He has a huge number of awards.
  • Ivan Dziuba became the participants of the Great Patriotic War. In these terrible times, he proved himself an outstanding test pilot. On his account - more than two hundred thirty-eight sorties and twenty-five air battles. He shot down six enemy aircraft in person, as well as two in the group. For services to the Fatherland, he was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union and was awarded the Order of Lenin, as well as the Gold Star medal.

Honored Aviation Testers

Of course, the fearlessness of test pilots should be rewarded. In order to express appreciation and gratitude to these people, they are not only awarded with various medals and orders, but also given a high rank. This is "Honored Test Pilots."Honored Pilots Testers

Such aviators as Vladimir Averyanov, Sergey Anokhin, Alexander Fedotov and others wear it in the USSR and Russia. Today, there are 419 people.

Pilot Writers

One of the most famous pilots, who had a writer's talent, is an American, Jimmy Collins. From his pen came a collection of short stories, which is called "Test Pilot." In this book, the author wrote short stories about what could happen to the man of his profession. All anything, but shortly before his death, he wrote the short story "I'm dead" with a comment that it is prepared "in case it breaks." Unfortunately, it was published by his friend, journalist Winsten Archer.

Russian test pilots also had a writing talent. Among them - Nikolai Zamyatin, who participated in the Great Patriotic War, and Vasily Ershov, whose works are textbooks of current cadets.

Books written by test pilots do not lie, just like their authors, who invest in their works all that they have to worry about.

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