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Biography of Tatiana Golikova

Tatyana Alekseevna Golikova - economist (doctoral degree in economics, professorship), from 2018 - Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs, from 2013 to 2018 - Chairman of the Accounts Chamber. From 2002 to 2004, she was Chief Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin. While working at the Ministry of Finance, she drafted federal budget projects, financing science, the social sphere and the state apparatus, advocated the monetization of benefits (the project was adopted in 2005 and caused a wide public response).
In the photo: Tatyana GolikovaIn the photo: Tatyana Golikova
From 2007 to 2012 served as Minister of Health and Social Development. At this time, the pension reform was initiated, the Blood Service was created, a package of cancer prevention measures was introduced. For suspicions of lobbying the interests of the manufacturer of drugs received the nickname "Miss Arbidol."

Childhood and family of Tatiana Golikova

Tatyana was born on February 9, 1966 in the Moscow region of Mytischi and lived there in the house of her grandmother until she was eight years old.Parents at that time worked a lot and studied at the same time, so they could not educate Tatiana themselves. Besides Tanya, her cousin grew up in Mytishchi. Grandmother lived in an old barrack and was very sick, even moved with difficulty, so the girls had to learn a lot. They weeded the beds in the garden, washed the floor, peeled the potatoes. Grandmother was very strict, so iron discipline reigned in the house. The girls did not go to the kindergarten, spending almost the whole day in the yard. Despite all the difficulties, Golikova warmly recalls the time when she lived in Mytishchi, where there were many friends and joyful moments.
Tatyana Golikova in childhoodTatyana Golikova in childhood
She graduated from school in Forest Town - a village near Moscow. In school, Tatiana was the Komsomol school. She decided to enroll in the institute of national economy, choosing the general economic faculty. In 1987, she graduated from it and began her career.

The beginning of the career of Tatyana Golikova

The first place of work for Golikova after the institute was the Research Institute of Goskomtrud. There she worked in the payroll department for three years. The next job was the Ministry of Finance in the position of economist.A year later, this department was transformed into the Ministry of Finance of Russia.
All the following years, right up to 2007, Golikova climbed the career ladder in this particular department, starting from the position of leading economist to the position of deputy head of the budget department. In 1995, she worked on the country's budget. In 1998, Golikova headed the budget department, and in 1999 she became deputy minister of finance.
Young Tatyana Golikova (1992)Young Tatyana Golikova (1992)
Colleagues spoke of Golikova, as a high-class specialist in finance, as a person with a phenomenal memory.
Over the years in the Ministry of Finance, Golikova participated in the development of a large number of important laws.
In 2005, continuing to work in the Ministry of Finance, Tatyana Alekseevna defended her doctoral thesis, the topic of which was related to intergovernmental relations.
In September 2007, Golikova was appointed, which became for many a complete surprise, the Minister of Health and Social Policy. And Zurabov, who held this position before her, was dismissed.
During the military conflict in which Georgia and South Ossetia were involved in 2008, Tatyana Alekseevna traveled to Vladikavkaz to visit medical institutions.Thanks to her protection, medical equipment was sent to Vladikavkaz and about a ton of drugs and medicines.
Tatyana Golikova. Exclusive interview. Full version
In 2009, Golikova was among those who developed methods for the prevention and treatment of swine flu.
At this important post, Tatiana Alekseevna’s activities were aimed at modernizing healthcare. In particular, her plans included an increase in organizations' deductions for compulsory medical insurance. It was assumed that these funds will be aimed at meeting the needs of free medicine. The minister’s immediate plans were to provide jobs for all military medical personnel who lost their jobs due to the reorganization of the Ministry of Defense.

Tatyana Golikova today

In 2012, Tatyana Alekseevna no longer entered the new government. The agency that she controlled was divided into two separate ones. They were headed by the former deputy Golikova - Topilin and Skvortsova, and the former minister became the assistant to the president. She was charged with overseeing issues of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.
In the fall of 2013, Tatyana Alekseevna became chairman of the Accounts Chamber.
Posner Tatyana Golikova

Tatyana Golikova's personal life

In the first marriage, Golikova was five years old. But since she and her husband, according to Tatyana Alekseevna, had different views and concepts about life, they decided to divorce. Her second husband is Viktor Khristenko. For him, this is also a second marriage. He lived with his first wife for twenty years, they have three children. Khristenko and Golikova registered the marriage and got married in 2003. Tatyana Alekseevny has no children of her own, but she has good relations with her husband’s children. Periodically, they all relax together and just chat.
Cooking is a favorite household chore. Golikova loves cooking on weekends when she has time, and she does it with pleasure. In a hospitable home there are often guests.
For almost her entire life, Tatyana Alekseevna periodically fasts. Recently, my husband has been fasting with her.

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