State Duma prohibits calling children "stupid" names

7-03-2017, 17:24
1. What happened?
The State Duma adopted in the first reading the bill of Senator Valentina Petrenko, which restricts parents in choosing a name for the child. Petrenko proposed to introduce a number of conditions, which the Russian’s name must meet.
2. What conditions?
The name of the child can not include numeric and alphabetic codes, as well as symbols. Parents will not be able to add ranks (captain, general), positions (president, minister) or numerals (first, second) to children's names. Finally, the use of profanity and abbreviations will be prohibited in names.
3. What could it be?
Yes. The author of the bill refers to a database of strange names, which are Moscow registry offices. Here are just some examples of names with characters (hyphens) and titles:
Luca-Happiness Summerset Ocean
Princess danielle
The prince
4. Yes, it is strange.But there are no numbers and codes, why ban them?
Apparently, just in case. In Russia, only one attempt is widely known to assign a child not a name, but an alphanumeric code. In 2002, Muscovites Vyacheslav Voronin and Marina Frolov decided to name their son RVF BOCR 260602 (a biological object people of the Voronin-Frolov family, born on 06/26/2002).
But the registry office and without any special law refused to register such a name, and the court supported this decision. As a result, the boy has been living for 14 years without Russian documents. To arrange it to school, parents issued a "passport of the citizen of the world."
5. It is clear, what is wrong with abbreviations?
They are likely to be excluded from the bill during consideration in the Duma. At least, this position was taken by representatives of the registry offices. They recalled that abbreviations were widely used to compose names during the Soviet period and have since taken root.
Speech in this case can go not only about completely exotic names like Dazdraperma (“Long live May Day!”), But also about quite familiar Vladlenas (Vladimir Lenin) or Kimah (Communist Youth International).
6. Why ban something? How does the author of the bill explain his idea?
In an explanatory note, Petrenko writes that he is trying to find a balance between the parents' right to choose to name the children as they want and the right of the child “in a name that would not violate his own interests.” According to the senator, parents do not always understand what difficulties a child may have because of an unusual or exotic name, “especially in the children's team.”
7. Who will decide whether to give a name or not?
According to Petrenko, the selection criteria will be sufficiently clear for the decision-makers to make decisions. At the same time, parents will have the right to challenge this decision in court if they disagree.
8. Does the bill have restrictions on family names?
Not yet. On the contrary, the deputies even offered to allow something: to give the child a double surname composed of the surnames of the father and mother (now it is forbidden). It is believed that this will avoid conflicts, when parents can not decide on the name for the child.
9. The law will take?
Yes. The Duma very rarely refuses to consider bills that have already passed the first reading. The government also supported the document, indicating only technical inaccuracies in the text.Perhaps some changes will be made to the text during the second reading.

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