Sports and life: where to park a bike in a small apartment

The absence of a garage is not a reason to change cycling to chess. We learn to store a bicycle in an apartment of any size!

The question of where to store a bike is somewhat surprising. Most often, it implies different answers: depending on whether it is autumn-winter in the yard or spring-summer. In the first case, it is about where to remove the unit until the next season, in the second - where to leave it after the bike ride so that it is always at hand. Let's look at all the options.

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1. Make a decision in the store

Provident people think about storing a bike before buying it. This, of course, is not as interesting as in an emergency mode to shove a big dirty bike into a clouded odnushku, but on the whole is correct. The folding mechanism of the bike will save you from the problem of finding a place: such a unit will easily fit into a standard closet or a typical mezzanine above the entrance door, it will not take up much space on the balcony.

With an awkward model, things are a little more complicated. But in any case, keep in mind: the aluminum frame is preferable to steel in terms of corrosion, and the lack of hydraulic lines (brakes, fork) will not allow them to suffer from frost if you have to leave it to winter on the street.

2. Not reaching home

Ideally, a bicycle should not be brought into the house at all so as not to soil the walls and walls, at least during the bicycle season. Washing the wheels after every walk is still a pleasure: you won't run up with a rag, it won't fit into the bathroom. If the stairwells at the entrance do not suit to leave two-wheeled vehicles there, it makes sense to look for like-minded people and rent a garage in the purse (ideally warm): you can store a bicycle there all year round, preserving it for winter. Winter storage services are offered by warm underground parking.

The second option is to contact your management company for a duplicate key from the basement. Alas, often our basements suffer from high humidity - the technology begins to rust from such a climate. Yes, and the key can not give: there are still important engineering communications, thermal unit, etc.Some HOAs have the ability to collectively store bicycles in the attic from autumn to spring. In general, contact the Criminal Code (Homeowners Association) will not be superfluous - maybe there will be something sensible suggested there.

3. At the entrance

The favorite place to store bikes in Russia is staircases. Technique is always at hand, and the dirt does not penetrate into the house - it is very convenient. But do not think that the neighbors are just as happy about your resourcefulness: bicycles and strollers prevent residents from carrying bulky furniture, block access to flowers on the windowsills in the stairwell, and finally spoil common property, and just annoy (“really, you need it!”).

The law is contradictory: both the Housing Code and SanPiNs require tenants not to allow the mismanagement and cluttering of entrances, but at the same time they recognize the staircases as “common property” - that is, all tenants can use it if they do not restrict the rights of neighbors. So, even one valid claim is enough for you to limit someone’s rights to your bicycle.

The most weighty argument against the wheels at the entrance is the fire safety requirements. In the case of fire control, everything is usually simple: the evacuation routes must be free, any obstacle is a violation of requirements, a prescription and a fine.Finally, the entrance is the leader in the number of thefts of bicycles, and even a thick chain does not guarantee the safety of equipment.

But if you are lucky with your neighbors and the staircase is carefully guarded, choose the most deaf, unused places for bike storage (for example, on the wall, with vertical mounts or hooks, as in the photo) - this will not prevent you from cleaning the staircase.

If the design of the entrance allows, you can adopt this method of placement. Although it is more suitable for individual houses.

4. On the balcony

Most Russians are firmly convinced that the balcony is generally the only place where you can store a bicycle in an apartment. But here there are a few nuances.

An open balcony is only suitable for summer storage of a bike (if you love it, of course). Temperature extremes and precipitation are detrimental to hydraulics, plastics, paint and metal. Even if you loosen all the cables, lubricate all the nodes with oil and hide the bike under a waterproof film, corrosion is still unavoidable - for example, due to condensation. A real torture for a bicycle will be to hang it behind a balcony grate - you can immediately say goodbye to it.Manufacturers generally recommend not to store bicycles in areas with temperatures below zero.

Tip: think about how you will roll (or even carry) a dirty bike through the whole apartment. And buy special boot covers for bicycle wheels or cycle carriers on a bicycle entirely.

The warmed closed balcony is one of the best places for storage of bicycles in the apartment both in the winter and in the summer. There is only one drawback - you will not be able to break a full-fledged summer garden here or arrange a workplace. There are two ways to combine the pleasant and the useful: hang the bike on special brackets (sold in bicycle shops) to the ceiling in the prone position or fix it vertically on the wall.

Thus, as in the photo, you can compactly store two or three bicycles, even on the smallest balcony, while almost without using its useful area. The vertical system is suitable for summer - it remains only to wipe the wheels.

Tip: make sure that the bike does not fall into direct sunlight: because of this, the protective varnish may deteriorate and peel off the paint, rubber and plastic cracking. Just close the adjacent part of the window with a roller blind (if you can’t keep your bike in a case).

5. Conservation

Removing the bike for the winter, it should be cleaned with dirt and old grease, re-lubricated parts (hinges, brakes, chain, speed switches), and the metal parts should be wiped with an oiled rag. In addition, you need to loosen the shock absorber springs and cables. If the bike hangs, the tires should be lowered a little, and if you stand - on the contrary, from time to time to pump up.

To save space, a bike can be partially disassembled: remove the wheels and wings, the saddle, the steering wheel (or rotate 90 degrees), and rearrange the pedals so that they look inwards. The occupied area will be reduced by half - you can hide on the entresol. Or under the bed. The volume podium allows you to hide a lot of useful things under the mattress. Sometimes even disassembling the bike is optional, it is enough to remove the pedals and turn the steering wheel.

By the way, about the mezzanine. In many old houses, for example, Khrushchev houses, the layouts of the apartments included household cupboards, mezzanines in the hallway and next to the kitchen. Usually, new owners are dismantled during repair and are not returned back (from an aesthetic point of view, a rather sad construction).However, it makes sense to leave such a mezzanine for winter storage of a bicycle. Again, we are talking about the storage of a folding bike or placing it on the elements.

6. In the closet

Under the bike (with a vertical storage system), you can lay a place, designing a dressing room. By the way, hanging the bike with wheels up to the ceiling, its frame can be used as a bar for hanger, the trunk - as a railing, and handlebars - as hooks for bags.

And you can use the end of the corridor, having mounted there a wardrobe. Instead of washing machines in the photo is easy to imagine a couple of great. On the Internet you can find layouts of built-in cabinets for 2-4 bikes.

Finally, there is special furniture for bicycles and sports equipment: it represents either “screens” with shelves and hooks, or metal and wooden frames without walls (or only without doors): at the bottom of the drawers and shelves, on top is a place for a bicycle. Thanks to the profile of such a cabinet looks easy, but it is complete. If you have a spacious entrance hall or a large technical platform in front of the apartment, we recommend this design.

7. On the wall

Alas, there is no place for a closet or in a closet for a bicycle in every apartment. You can use the walls.Of course, in most cases, the wall layout is suitable only for winter storage of a clean bike, but there are options for off-season too.
It is best to find a place for mounting at the front door, so as not to drag dirt into the apartment.

Important: do not place the bike near the radiator or electric convector - rubber "dries out" from exposure to heat and the protective varnish on the frame deteriorates.

Fasteners for the vertical location of the bike are different: hooks, brackets, suspensions, shelves, baskets, racks - for one and two units. They are sold in bicycle and online stores, but also to make such often easy.

When designing fasteners for a bicycle, expect that it should support the weight of the bicycle plus 5 kg, that is, for an adult model at least 20 kg. Mount should be mounted so that from the wheels of the bike to the floor there is at least 15 cm left for ease of cleaning.
Shelves can be made of different designs - for books, flowers, hats.

If you have a ladies' or sports bike with an oblique frame, you can install it on a suspension rack: for wheels it will be a shelf, and inside you can store shoes or magazines.

Another fastening method is vertical. Here, too, there are different suspensions: behind the wheel (not very recommended - disc deformation is possible), behind the frame and behind the steering wheel. Bike can be hung parallel to the wall.

And you can - perpendicular. In this case, it will be convenient to use columns and other architectural protrusions. It looks spectacular and allows you to zone the room.

See if you have “dead” zones in your apartment that are never used. This may be a niche between the wall and the closet, the gap between the wall and the sofa or 20 cm between the wall and the door - this is enough to accommodate a thin sports bike (especially if you remove the steering wheel and wheels). Any door (for example, to the closet) is suitable for vertical fixings, but in such a way that it opens.

Tip: Include stands for both wheels, so as not to spoil the finish.

In terms of ergonomics, the position of the bike along the wall, of course, wins - especially in a niche.

Another ergonomic option is the alignment of the “walls”: for example, two bicycles vertically suspended, between them a rack or a bookcase. Bicycle is a visually light construction, so these walls do not look massive.

8. On the ceiling

The roller ceiling suspension system is suitable only for high spaces, and in the domestic housing stock (typical high-rise buildings) is rather meaningless. The only way to use it is again along the wall under the ceiling, as a more effective alternative to wall hooks.

How to fit into the interior

The bike on the wall will inevitably attract attention and become either an ally or a destroyer of the interior. Best of all, it will look in a teenage children's room or in a loft-style room: here any equipment and mechanics are more or less relevant. Look good two-wheeled and cool Scandinavian interiors, not cluttered with furniture.

The rest of the bike - the same element of the interior, as, for example, a chair. So the wall should be a good background for the bike. Win-win combination: dark silhouette plus white wall. Particularly nice in such an entourage will look retro models.

Ironize: imagine the same bike on the wall, but in a large picture frame. This is no longer a place to store, but an installation. Design covers on the wheels will also allow to enter an alien mechanism in any interior.Especially touching look knitted.

9. Led - in business

If space permits, the bike can not be hung on the wall and not hidden in the closet, but, on the contrary, put in a visible place, turning it (for winter time, for example) into a stand for flower pots - baskets on the steering wheel and trunk as if made for this .

In a non-standard bathroom, you can remove the bike even under the sink (from this idea even a series of designer coasters were born). It is convenient to store toilet paper or towels in the basket.

By the way, another designer furniture series originated from combining a bicycle and a bar counter (located on a search engine on request) - the saddle has become a bar stool. You can do it yourself.

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