Spinner from RAM

I know about him, probably, everything from small to large. You can buy almost anywhere. Shops with food stalls. What to say about the supermarkets and supermarkets.
Spinner from RAM

I also decided to keep up with the general enthusiasm and created my own design.
I have an old motherboard, and on her ...
For the manufacture of spinner, we need:
- RAM, the same with the old motherboard;
- bearing;
- Drill bit and drill;
- files.
Spinner from RAM

The first step is to drop the microchips in the center of our RAM. Soldering can be no pity for the chips. You can first cut off the legs, and then solder the remnants.
Spinner from RAM

I took the bearing out of the old fan. A diameter of 16 mm. Screw on the screw. Put it in the drill and scrolling washed it in kerosene. After smeared with teflon grease and left to wait for their time.
Spinner from RAM

In the center of the RAM, I drilled a hole with a 12 mm drill bit and adjusted the needle file to 16 mm. Pre twisting the two straps with screws. So they acquired stiffness and did not shift during doping.
Spinner from RAM

When the hole is fitted, take the bearing and gently drive it into the slats.
After installing the bearing, the nuts on the screws fixed with super glue.
Spinner is ready.Now you can twist it as you like.

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