Smoking pipe: types, forms, reviews

Until the middle of the twentieth century, tobacco was used with a device such as a smoking pipe. This way of smoking today is a real ritual to help overcome stress and collect your thoughts.

stand for smoking pipes

The pipe is appreciated by modern consumers, who prefer it to cigarettes or cigarettes.


Smoking product consists of the following elements:

  • Bowl. Contains a special chamber into which tobacco for smoking pipes is poured. It is the widest part of a round tube. Bowls can be large (filled with quick-burning tobacco varieties) or small, for which slow-burning varieties are used.
  • Cubuk For the manufacture of this part of the tube is used the same billet as for the bowl. Through the cavity inside the pipe (smoke channel) tobacco smoke from the bowl enters the mouthpiece of a pipe. Some bowls are equipped with special holes, through which mixing of smoke with air is performed, which as a result facilitates the process of smoking.
  • Mouthpiece.With this part, the tube and tube are hermetically connected to each other.
  • Mouthpiece This part is also called “bite”, because, being the end of the mouthpiece, it is held in the process of smoking with the help of teeth and lips.
  • Pin This is the junction of the pipe with the mouthpiece. It is considered the weakest part of the tube.

smoke pipe

What provides filtering?

It is possible to regulate and cool the smoke flow with the help of a special removable insert, which smokers call a filter. It can be a cylindrical shape cardboard sleeve, paper twist or other homemade design. Depending on what size the filter is, the tube itself is made. Smoking mixture contains nicotine and tar. Their adsorption is carried out by the filter. In addition, mixtures for smoking vary in taste characteristics. The consumption of acute tobacco often causes burning in the mouth, and the tongue suffers. A filter can protect against this.

What does the tube do?

The smoking mix used for a traditional pipe is prepared and cut tobacco.

how to choose a smoking pipe

Hookah, being an eastern modification of a pipe with a more complex system, is stuffed with other smoking fruit-tobacco blends.

Optional accessories

In order for the smoking process to bring pleasure, the following are attached to the handset:

  • Tamper Using this item, it is possible to compact tobacco.
  • Containers for pipe tobacco. Factory packaging, in which tobacco is sold, after printing it cannot ensure its safety. The ideal capacity for this purpose is a pouch.
  • Stand for pipes provides storage.

inexpensive pipes

  • Pipe knife Using this item, the owner of the tube can remove carbon from it after frequent smoking.

What are smoking pipes made of?

The material for such products can serve as:

  • Tree. Since the nineteenth century, briar or heather pipes have become very popular among smokers. The advantage of such tubes is their fire resistance. In order to save production by craftsmen, sometimes a beech and pear tree is used.
  • Foam. These mineral pipes are mainly Turkish-made.
  • Clay, porcelain and amber. In the past, pipes were made of these materials in European countries.
  • A rock. This material was used by the Indians for the manufacture of bowls of tubes.
  • Metals.Used for the manufacture of some parts of pipes: pipe and mouthpieces. In products stuffed with hashish and opium, bowls can be made from metal.


Smoking pipes are presented to the consumer in a wide variety of forms. The key parameter determining the shape of the device is the volume of the bowl. Depending on this, the tube may be:

  • rounded;
  • cylindrical;
  • conical.

Depending on the curvature of the mouthpiece smoking pipe is:

  • Straight. It is characterized by simplicity in the process of smoking and cleaning.
  • Bent. Curved smoking pipe. Its manufacture is characterized by increased complexity. The owners of these pipes also note difficulties during their cleaning.
  • Classic. Such models are made on lathes. They are equipped with cylindrical shape chuckers and round bowls in cross section.

Types of smoking pipes

  • Apple The tubes have a round bowl and a straight mouthpiece. The height of the cup corresponds to the length of the pipe.
  • Bent Apple. They are characterized by a characteristic rounded cup, a curved chuck and mouthpiece. According to the owners, this form of tubes is much more convenient than Apple.
  • Prince.A tube with a round, slightly flattened cup and a round, short and thin stem. Miniature and lightness are the distinctive features of these models. Products received its name in honor of Prince Albert of Wales.
  • Author. Model with a thick chubuk and a curved mouthpiece.
  • Egg. In its shape, the bowl resembles an egg. Hence the name of the tube. According to reviews of smokers using this device, due to the large volume of the bowl, the process of smoking is significantly lengthened.

 pipe mouthpiece

  • Hawkbill. The tubes have spherical bowls and long, curved, conical shaped chubuk. Mouthpieces in such products are short, cone-shaped and slightly downward.
  • Billiard These tubes are considered classics: straight tapered mouthpieces, cylindrical bowls, the length of which is equal to the length of the sleeves.
  • Stack. According to reviews of the owners, the bowls of these pipes contain a large amount of tobacco.
  • Pot. Used by smokers on the go.
  • Poker. Due to the straight mouthpiece and the flat base, which are cylindrical bowls, these pipes can be put on the table. It is very convenient during card games. Hence the name of the tube.

tobacco for smoking pipes

  • StubbyAmong smokers, these tubes are also called “naso-warmers”, since their sizes do not exceed 120 mm, and in some specimens these figures are 80-90 mm.

Consumer reviews about the "nosogreykah"

According to many smokers, to use this tube, you must have experience. Since the channel of the product is short, the smoke in it does not cool down and with the existing excess moisture enters the oral cavity. Therefore, in the process of smoking, many recommend to observe the desired pace. Inhalation of smoke should be neat and unhurried. The use of “nosogreek” requires smoking care and concentration. These pipes are not recommended for those who like to smoke while driving or driving.

Important points when buying a pipe

For those who do not know how to choose a smoking pipe, experienced smokers recommend to consider the following nuances:

  • A newcomer should know in which places the handset will be used: in public or in a cozy chair after work. In this regard, the tubes can be held in different ways (it is more convenient to hold heavy ones in your hand, you can use your teeth to hold light models). During the ride it is recommended to use "nasogreyki".They are lightweight and easy to hold with your teeth.

types of pipes

  • Before you choose a smoking pipe, the buyer must determine its shape. Straight tubes are recommended for beginners: they are simple during smoking and when cleaning.
  • When buying, you need to take into account the width and depth of the tobacco chamber in the bowl. Beginners are recommended products with average sizes: 2 x 3 x 4 cm.
  • The presence of the filter. Not all pipes are equipped with this item. Experienced smokers advise beginners to buy the first tube without a filter, since it can both neutralize the taste sensations of tobacco and add difficulty in cleaning.
  • It is necessary to determine the thickness of the walls of the tube. If you plan to hold it in your hands, it is better that the walls were thick. A light and graceful thin-walled smoking pipe is good for those who are going to hold it in their teeth.
  • Cost The most expensive is a pipe made of briar. This material is characterized by the presence of minor defects that are eliminated by the use of rusting. The essence of this procedure is that with the help of piercing, cutting and scrubbing tools, an artificial relief is applied to the surface of the product. In this regard, it acquires artistic value, which significantly affects its price.For a beginner, it’s best to buy cheap manufactured pipes. Rusting is not used in their production by craftsmen. The correction of minor defects is carried out with the help of various putties. After purchasing such a pipe, it is recommended to erase the lacquer coating with emery paper. On the one hand, this will adversely affect the appearance of the purchase, since all defects will be visible, on the other hand, it will facilitate the drying process.

The use of pipes in the smoking process requires deliberation and thoroughness. It is necessary for the smoker to get the full enjoyment of his favorite ritual.

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