Silencer VAZ-2115: description, specifications and device

Cars of the Lada-Samara 2 family of steelcontinuation of all known "nines" and "eights", which were issued since the time of the USSR. As for the particular model 2115, it is a continuation of the "ninety-ninth", the release of which lasted more than twenty years. The car "Samara 2" used a lot of details from the old "Samara". The exhaust system also passed here. However, its device and the principle of operation does not differ from the one that stands on foreign cars. Well, let's look at the VAZ-2115 silencer in more detail and find out how to change it.


This element is part of the exhaust system. Its purpose is to release exhaust gases from the cylinders of the power unit. In addition, vibrations are suppressed inside the silencer. Thus, the exhaust becomes quieter.

Where is

The silencer VAZ-2115 is located under the bottom and is the final element of the exhaust system.

replacement of silencer vases 2115

But this is not the only part of this system. In front of him is a resonator muffler. VAZ-2115 is equipped with them without fail. Through it also pass the exhaust gases.


It is worth noting that this car has two types of mufflers:

  • Preliminary.
  • Main.

The first is a resonator. It consists of a metal body, blind partitions and tubes with perforations. Also inside the resonator there is a thermal insulation. This element is connected directly to the intake pipe. As for the main, this muffler on the VAZ-2115 (its price, by the way, is 900 rubles) serves not only heat sink function, but also damping of sound oscillations. The device of this element assumes the following details:

  • Front perforated pipe.
  • Middle and posterior septum.
  • Outlet and inlet branch pipe.

All this is neatly housed in a metal casing. Sometimes the corrugation is placed between the intake pipe and the silencer.


This element is installed on many cars asdomestic, and foreign production. VAZ-2115 is no exception. Gofra performs vibration damping function. Since during the combustion of the fuel-air mixture, gases escape outward with great effort, the sound of the exhaust would be very loud. Gofra partially reduces the noisiness of the exhaust gases. It is made of stainless steel. It is very flexible. Unlike a silencer and a resonator, the corrugation does not rust. However, it is subject to mechanical damage. Since it is located under the bottom, it often clings to asphalt. As a result, it deforms and passes through the gases.

Corrugation repair

Can I restore it? Gofra, unfortunately, is not being repaired. It can not be replaced without special tools. It is welded into the exhaust pipe. There is an element inexpensive. Most of the costs will be for welding.

Features of the pre-muffler

This element is the middle partexhaust system. Performs the function of "mirror", reflecting the air flows of gases that come from the combustion chamber. Unlike the main one, the additional VAZ-2115 silencer (resonator) does not have several tubes. Here she is alone, and also perforated. The resonator is a kind of acoustic mirror.

silencer for vase 2115 price

Symptoms of muffler malfunction

How to determine that the element has become unusable? Everything is very simple. If the car began to "yell" even at low speeds, then there is a breakdown in the case. Usually the VAZ-2115 muffler burns from the inside. At the same time, the sound of the exhaust changes. He becomes loud and irritable. Also note that faults can not only affect this element. If the muffler was replaced (VAZ-2115 including), and the car did not change its tone, it means that the breakdown is in a different place. Check the state of the corrugation or resonator. They also have the property of burn out.

resonator of the silencer VAZ 2115

This is due to high temperaturesexhaust gases. Plus, the lack of additional protection. Exhaust system is not protected from dirt and water, which gets to the bottom. Of course, all this significantly accelerates the corrosion process. In the winter time it's still worse - salt and road reagents accelerate the decay process of the exhaust system elements dozens of times. If after the winter the exhaust of your car has become loud, it is worthwhile to climb the overpass and inspect which particular element of the exhaust system has failed. And only after that buy a new one. It is not recommended to buy products from foreign manufacturers. It's a hoax - you get a Chinese counterfeit. It is better to trust the domestic manufacturer and buy Togliatti elements.

How much does the muffler cost for VAZ-2115?

The average price of this item is 800-1000rubles. How much does the resonator cost (additional muffler on VAZ-2115)? The price is almost the same as for the main one, 1050 rubles. But in addition to the exhaust system elements themselves, additional gaskets need to be purchased. The best silencer VAZ-2115 - manufactured by Togliatti. Also inspect the condition of the pillows. If necessary, buy a set of new ones.

Replacement of muffler

Install this element, in contrast to the corrugation,you can and your own hands. For this, we need a lift, a flyover or an inspection pit. Next, we find the crimp clutch and unscrew it with a ratchet (you can use the car keys). If the bolt starts scrolling, hold its second side with an additional key. If the collar is fairly rusty, you can use the lubricant in the can (VD-40). After waiting a couple of minutes, we proceed to dismantle. Removing the collar, we find inside the O-ring.

additional silencer for vases 2115

We do not throw it away, but install it on a new one. Remove the muffler from the rubber cushions. If the elements have cracks, we change them. On cars "Lada-Samara" of the first and second generations rubber cushions are very thin. They do not stand the weight of a silencer and often break off.

best silencer for vases 2115

What's next?

Dismantling the old, install a new onemuffler in reverse order. In order not to suffer from the installation, first fix the element to the cushions, and then attach it to the clamp. Do not forget about the O-ring. We put it between the exhaust pipe of the resonator and the intake pipe of the muffler.

Replacement problems

The most common problems arise when dismantlingold element. It simply sticks to the resonator. Sometimes bolts break. In this case, you can apply the Bulgarian. But you need to act carefully, so as not to hook the resonator. If the latter also has become worthless, the problem with dismantling does not go away. Through the chain, the resonator likewise adheres to the receiving tube. If they change, they should stock up on the gasket we mentioned earlier. It looks like this.

silencer vases 2115

This part squeezes the intake pipe withcollector and does not allow exhaust gases to leak out. Thanks to the gasket, they follow the pipe strictly - to the silencer, and then to the street. There is also a problem with unscrewing the bolts. If they do not "go," they are also cut off by the Bulgarian. They are replaced by new ones.

Helpful advice

So that in the future there were no problems with dismantlingmuffler and resonator, recommends that the thread of bolts be lubricated. This is "Litol-24" or ordinary graphite. Lubricant repels water well. Accordingly, you reduce the risk of corrosion.

Can I ride without a bump?

Often car owners "cut out" it from the system and travel on a straight pipe, installing an elongated resonator. Damage to the engine does not do this. The only thing is that the exhaust noise will increase slightly.


So, we found out what the VAZ-2115 silencer is. This element takes on all the toxic and temperature loads.

how much does the silencer cost for vase 2115

Therefore, with frequent use it becomesconsumable material. The term of his service is about two years. In addition, it is not necessary to process it for corrosion protection purposes. All paint and movile will not withstand such temperatures. And the price of an element is not that high to think about additional means of protection.

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