Sewing without a pattern is easy and simple. Dress without a pattern how to sew?

Novice needlewomen have the opinion that for tailoring you need to be able to build patterns. And since this is not an easy task, you only have to dream about new clothes. But you can easily sew clothes without a pattern, knowing how to do it. Examples of work will be discussed in the article.

How to sew clothes without making patterns?

It is difficult to agree that for a perfectly sitting outfit does not require a pattern. But when sewing clothes, you can still do without numerous measurements and complex drawings, which not everyone can master. Moreover, the one who sewed some outfit in the atelier remembers that even when taking all the measurements, the craftswoman tries on the outfit for his fitting, as sometimes even a correctly constructed pattern does not guarantee getting a perfectly fitting costume. But is it really all these drawings?

Some craftsmen can easily sew clothes without a pattern, having previously made only 1-2 measurements. Of course, they most likely rely on their experience and knowledge.But still, since they can work this way, it means that everyone can do it. The main thing is to pay maximum attention to the work.

To learn how to sew without a pattern, you must first practice on the easiest things you can create from a simple cut of fabric. Working with such products is easy, and the experience gained will be invaluable. It is also better to start with stretch fabrics that are not very heavy: working with them is quite easy, and their ability to stretch can be useful with small errors made by inexperienced needlewomen.

How to sew new things for example old?

You can sew easily and simply without patterns, using clothes that fit you well. For cutting, you need to purchase a material similar in texture to the desired size. Now take a blueprint, and redraw the details of the clothes you want to sew. For example, you wanted to please yourself with a new blouse.

sew without a pattern

For a good and high-quality cutting, evenly redraw the details of the back and front: the side and shoulder sections should be the same size. The same applies to the sleeves. If you have everything the same, lay out the patterns on the fabric and begin to cut. Combine all the parts you received: the back and the front shelf, then the sleeves. After finishing of a mouth, a bottom of a product and sleeves, you will be able to try on the jacket made by the hands.

Required tools

Regardless of how you are going to create clothes, building abstruse blueprints or simply sewing without patterns, you should always have the necessary tools at hand. Of course, you can do everything manually, but in this case the work will take a lot of time, and the quality of the product will make you want something better. Therefore, it is better to have a sewing machine.

Also in your arsenal should be excellent cutters that can easily cut any fabric. Additionally, you may need small scissors for cutting threads and for finishing work.

It will not be out of place to acquire a centimeter for the necessary measurements, a seam ripper and pins. You will also need crayons: even if you sew without a pattern, you still have to draw elements of future clothing on the fabric.

Sewing a sundress on the straps without a pattern

A sundress is exactly the thing for which tailoring does not require much experience. It is not necessary to have a deep knowledge of the technology of correct cutting. So, sew your own hands without a pattern sundress from a piece of cloth. The length of the future product everyone chooses from personal preferences. To it you need to add another 20 cm.This supply of fabric will be needed when finishing the top and bottom of the garment.

easy and simple to sew without patterns

Before starting work, you need to measure the amount of hips. Divide the resulting size in half and set aside on fabric. You should have rectangles. They need to cut and sew, leaving 15 cm above. To process the armhole you need to tuck the edge half a centimeter and peel off. The top of the sundress will have a drawstring. For its tailoring, the upper cut is made 3 cm and stitched on the front and back of the product. In the drawstring you need to tighten the cord and tie it on the shoulders in the form of a strapless.

As the cord can be used different ribbons. The remaining pieces of fabric are also suitable. You can simply cut out the tape of the required size. Otherwise, the cord will have to be processed. After hemming the bottom you can try on the outfit.

Additionally, you can decorate the dress with a belt or ruches, it all depends on your ingenuity.

How to sew a tunic without a pattern?

Sew easy and simple without patterns can be a variety of products. A striking example is the tunic. To sew it, take the material and put on it half the volume of your hips, plus a couple of centimeters for a loose fit.You also need to postpone the height of the product, which may be completely different and will depend only on your choice. As a result, on the fabric you should get a rectangle. The material must be folded in half and cut the two main parts - the back and front shelves.

Now it's time to do finish the neck. On the back shelf measure 2-3 cm down and 7 cm to the side of the center of the rectangle. Round off the resulting cutout. The width of the neck on the front shelf should correspond to the same parameter on the back, but the depth should be made more. Now we sew the rectangles on the sides, taking into account the size of the required space for the hands. Also need to sew shoulder seams. Then proceed to the processing of the neck and cutouts for hands. After hemming the bottom of the product, you can replenish your wardrobe with an excellent tunic.

dress without a pattern how to sew

You can make the neck on the front shelf less than on the back. Such a product will look quite original.

Sew a simple dress without a pattern

Quickly, without making patterns, you can sew light open dresses. For work, you will need a pressed or viscose stretch fabric and materials for draping and finishing.The width of the product may be different, but for this model it is better to take a larger fabric. The length you choose is arbitrary and cut two rectangles of appropriate sizes. In the area of ​​the bodice and at the top of the back you need to sew the seams with an elastic thread. Ordinary underwear can also be used. It is placed on the seamy side of the product and is swept away with a special stitch. Two such seams, located at a distance of about two centimeters, will hold the dress well.

Now you need to process the product from the side, tuck and hem the top and bottom of the dress. New dress ready!

just sew without patterns

Festive dress without a pattern: how to sew?

Often, despite the variety of things in the closet, I want to put something new on the upcoming event. Buy a new thing is not always possible. Therefore, if you are planning a holiday, but there is no suitable outfit, you can create an excellent dress without a pattern for an hour. How to sew it, we consider in order.

To begin with, take a skirt that fits you well and redraw it onto the fabric, adding height at the waist. Now fold the fabric and carve out two pieces: the front shelf and the back.If the fabric is stretch, then you will simply need to sew two pieces. If the fabric does not stretch, it is better to tuck and insert a zipper. Now you need to handle the bottom and top of the product, bending the edges.

For the top, you will need a piece of similar fabric, 20 cm wide. The edges of the fabric must be turned inside out and stitched. Now the piece needs to be attached to the skirt, departing from the center of the front by 2 cm, and then sew it on, heading for the back. For beauty, you can make a couple of small folds.

We sew easily without patterns

Further, the top is encircled around the neck so that it covers the chest well, and is fixed in the other direction from the front of the product. Dress for the party is ready, and you will be able to hit all those present.

Sew a baby dress without a pattern

Baby dress is also easy to sew without patterns, using a regular jersey of the right size. The garment must be spread out on a piece of paper and cut around. For these purposes, you can use cheap wallpaper: roll you enough for a lot of these drawings. Since the dress should be longer, increase the size downwards. Also make the pattern wider at the bottom - it will make the dress lush. When copying T-shirts do not forget to make allowances required for seams.

Cut out the drawing, making the bottom slightly rounded, and transfer to the fabric. Cut the shelves, start to sew them. After the parts are connected to the side and over the shoulders, engage in finishing the neck and armhole. They can be further decorated with lace or ruches. Now it remains only to hem the bottom of the dress - and a new outfit for your child is ready. Using this method, you can sew a variety of children's dresses without patterns.

 sew a simple dress without a pattern

To make the dress for sure, take a free jersey for an example. If the sewn thing is too big for it, you can always take it away.

Fill the wardrobe with a little black dress.

A little black dress has always been a welcome element of every woman’s wardrobe. You can sew it without a pattern, if you have the right knitwear. First you need to take a meter of fabric and fold in half. We take a shirt with wide shoulder seams and apply to the prepared fabric. Outline the top, and from the waist line put off the length that will be suitable for your future outfit. Cut the resulting image and stitch it to the side and over the shoulders. Try on the resulting dress.If the neck is too small, you will have to insert a zipper or make a fastener. You can also increase its size.

sew their own hands without a pattern

Now proceed to the sleeves. We cut out two rectangles, the width of which should correspond to the girth of your hand in the widest place, and the length is taken classic - 60 cm. We put the obtained rectangles on the shelves and cut them along the armhole line. Now the sleeves obtained must be sewn. By following this algorithm, you get a great little black dress.

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