Scrunchy "White Dahlia"

To make such a hair ornament you need to prepare:
White dahlia hair tie

- pieces of satin white ribbon 2.5 cm wide, 5 cm long, which should be 5 cm, they will need 55 pieces.
- large pink colored beads 3 pieces.
- glue gun.
- metal ruler.
- soldering iron.
- a circle with a diameter of 4.5 cm of satin white ribbon.
- scrunchy.
The sequence of work.
Of all the prepared segments, you need to put one aside from work, it will be required in the final stage of creating the decoration. The remaining ribbons are needed to make petals for a flower.
To do this, the segment should be folded in half along its length, the wrong side inwards.
We make the petal

After that, the parts need to cut off the top corner with a soldering iron. The folded piece is laid on a wooden chopping board and pressed against a metal ruler, which will mark the cutting line. It is necessary to cut off starting from the upper left corner towards the bottom diagonally, not reaching the lower right corner by 1 cm.
We make the petal

This method of cutting fabric allows you to simultaneously cut off the excess material and solder the addition of sections between them.
Further detail needs to be straightened, so that the seam turned out in the middle.
We make the petal

Now the lower cut must be burned with a flame of a lighter so that the fabric does not crumble. Further, the part must be turned to face it and tuck both edges to the middle at the bottom and set them on fire in this position.
Make a petal

The petal is made, the rest are created exactly. In the end result, they should be 54 pieces.
Now the prepared circle needs to gently burn the edges. He will be the base of the flower. Along its edges, it is necessary to glue a glue gun 9 petals in a circle, which will create the first row.
stick petals

Then in the second row you need to glue the same 9 petals, but placing them between the two details of the previous row.
stick petals

By the same principle, the remaining petals are glued until 6 pieces remain free. The remaining details will be the last row and completion of the flower. To do this, pour a little glue into the empty middle in order to make the base stronger. And in the recruited glue you need to strengthen the left petals.
stick petals

In the middle of the color there is not much free space left, which should be filled with 3 large beads.
glue the beads

From the seamy side of the flower you need to gum hair, placing it in the center.
stick gum

In order to hide the place for gluing gum and to make the decoration complete and neatly decorated, it is necessary to glue a piece of tape set aside at the very beginning. From it, you need to cut out the rounded piece and fix it in place of the rubber band with the flower.
hide gum sticking place

Now the decoration "White Dahlia" is completely done.

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