Scrunchy "Chrysanthemum Terry"

To create a hair tie "Chrysanthemum Terry" you will need:

- Ready hair tie of any thickness.
- bright pink satin ribbon, whose width is 2.5 cm.
- scissors.
- Gun for working with hot glue.
- tweezers with a curved edge.
- contour for fabric with sparkles.
- green satin ribbon.
- candle or lighter.
The sequence of creating a flower. Ribbon bright pink cut into small pieces. Their sides are equal to 2.5 x2.5 cm, they will need 50 pieces.
we cut

We fold the two sides of one of the corners together, forming a triangle, leaving the seamy side of the tape outside. We pinch the tweezers and sing the edges with fire, gluing them together.
We fold two sides

Then we straighten the resulting part, and the created seam is placed exactly in the middle of the workpiece.
straighten the resulting part

We receive small kulechek. The bottom corner is clamped with the edges of the tweezers, departing slightly from the edge. Then cut the fabric to the place of attachment of tweezers and singe the sections.
cut the fabric

We get such a petal.From the remaining blanks we create the same, following the same sequence.
we create other blanks

Then we cut a circle with a diameter of 4 cm from the wide ribbon. We select the color of the ribbon according to the shade of the petals. The edges of the received part are scorched, in order to avoid shedding. Now along the entire circumference, we glue the prepared petals.
we select in accordance

Gradually distributing them in a circle, forming the first row.
distributing them in a circle

Then attach the petals of the second row, placing them in between the details of the previous row.
prepare the middle of the flower

Now prepare the middle of the flower. To do this, we take one petal and twist it in a tube, for fastening using hot glue.
prepare the middle of the flower

Then around this tube stick other petals, evenly attaching them along the circumference. We fix in this way only 15 parts.
glue sticks

We get such a center, which we glue in the center of the prepared base of the flower.
We get such a middle

Then turn the flower upside down. And glue another row of petals, placing them tightly one to another.
turn the flower

Thanks to this series the flower will turn out more magnificent and volume.
turn the flower

Now from the green ribbon we prepare the leaves for decoration. To do this, take a rectangle with sides of 6.5 x 5 cm.
prepare the leaves

From it we cut out the leaves connected at the base.
prepare the leaves

Carefully scorch all available cuts.
prepare the leaves

We get these leaves, they will need 3 pieces. Then attach them to the base of the flower.
We get such leaves

Then glue the gum, attaching it in the center of the flower.

Then from the green ribbon we cut out a small detail in the form of an oval with two notches, with which we cover the junction of the flower and the elastic band.

After that, turn the flower face up and on the edges of all the bright pink petals draw a contour with sparkles.

We get just such a charming chrysanthemum!

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