School School!

Personally, I did not really like school. More precisely, did not love her at all, although she graduated with a medal. There was rottenness, there was no freedom of expression, they were forced to teach all sorts of nonsense, the teachers screamed.

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Now, however, even worse. Although children go to classes with pleasure, there is no benefit from this. They even quarantine pruttsya to school - at home they are bored, but here you can eat pizza and hang out with your friends.
In Instagram today everyone uploads old pics. For example, a boy with a hairstyle. It turns out - Joseph Prigogine:

Photo: Instagram
But Vika Lopyryova. I thought that graduation class, and then I realized - this is now:

Photo: Instagram
But the most gusto - this is this girl. Personally, I immediately recognized her.

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