Russian stars of the 90s with a hard fate

26-12-2017, 08:36
When we look at celebrities, we usually think that these people are exactly fine. And what they actually can be wrong?
They are rich and famous, attend various social events and concerts. Not life, but raspberry. But the stars are the same people as you and I, with the same problems and unexpected turns of fate. Some suffer from serious illnesses, others suffer from a broken heart, and still others struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction. Today we want to tell you about the Russian stars of the 90s with a hard fate.
Marina Khlebnikova
52 years

Two divorce and illness
The superstar of the 90s carefully concealed the troubles in her personal life - Marina tried to maintain the image of a carefree actress, and, by her own admission, did not want to complain to the whole country. But, as it turns out, there were many reasons for complaints. The first husband of the singer, guitarist Anton Loginov was a fictitious spouse: producer Bari Alibasov arranged the wedding of his ward to keep her in the Integral team - Marina found out about this already being married. The actress tried not to remember this and certainly did not discuss marriage with journalists.However, the second marriage also turned out to be unhappy, despite the fact that this time the marriage was concluded according to mutual feeling. Khlebnikov married Mikhail Maydanich, general director of the recording company "Gramophone Records", from whom in 1999 gave birth to a daughter, Dominica. True, soon after the girl was born, Maydanich left the family. The parting, as the singer herself said, was accompanied by quarrels and beatings, after which the actress even went to the hospital.
The troubles in his personal life were accompanied by health problems, which eventually forced Klebnikov to leave the stage. The dental cyst, which has grown over many years without treatment, has caused chronic sinusitis, which made it harder and harder to sing ... Now the artist is engaged in raising her daughter.
Andrey Gubin
43 years

Neurosis after the death of the father
Behind the success of the “vagabond boy” was the father of the artist, Viktor Gubin, who was also involved in producing Andrew, and his support in general. Soft in character, Andrei relied on his father in everything, so the artist perceived the painful news about the deteriorating health of Viktor Gubin.In 2007, after the departure of his father, Gubin does not just stop speaking, he enters the clinic of neurosis, trying to cope with stress and insomnia.
Now Andrew does not act and does not release new songs. The musician admits that he is not in the best shape for publication, although he writes songs regularly.
In September, Gubin was embroiled in a scandal with his supposedly illegitimate son. 21-year-old Maxim from Moscow claimed that his mother had given birth to him from a favorite musician, but the DNA test did not confirm the paternity of Andrei Gubin.
Alexander Aivazov
44 years

Alcoholism and rehabilitation
Remember the romantic songs “Where are you?”, “Butterfly-moon” and “Lilies for Lily”? Outside the stage, musician Sasha Aivazov was not at all in a romantic relationship: last year, because of drunkenness, his wife left her with her son. However, Ayvazov refused to give consent to a divorce and went to a drug treatment clinic. Now the family is reunited, and the artist gave a pledge not to touch alcohol.
Alcohol had a detrimental effect on the career of a successful singer. Now Aivazov continues to write songs, but does not release hits.
42 years

Cancer and drug addiction
Who would have thought that the crazy and bright Shura, who was associated with the audience with the eternal carnival and extravaganza, will leave the scene because of serious and tragic events in his life.For seven years, the artist struggled with testicular cancer, having undergone a course of chemotherapy and a long rehabilitation. After the treatment, the artist weighed 140 kilograms! But the fight against the disease was not the only test of the artist, who believes that the cause of cancer was his heavy drug addiction. Shura was addicted to drugs on the wave of popularity, when there was no one to tell how best to spend the first large fees. Now the artist does not communicate with his “friends” of stormy youth, prefers solitude and dreams of children - last year the musician admitted that he plans to ask for help from a surrogate mother.
Marina Volkova
42 years

Quarrel with producers and lack of family
17-year-old Barbie broke into show business with the song "You paint the eyelashes." The producers made large bets on the young and charismatic actress, but she chose to build a personal life: the girl escaped from the care of managers and jumped into marriage, breaking the contract. According to Marina, in those years, she least wanted to work 24 hours a day under the supervision of producers who forbade her to communicate with young people and girlfriends. Later Volkova tried to return to the scene, but she failed to build a career or a personal life.Now the former Barbie is not married and as far as possible from the show business, with whom she once connected the future - Marina works as a personal secretary.
Dana Borisova
41 year

The fight against drug addiction, loss of custody of the daughter
In his personal life, Dana has no luck. After parting in 2007 with the father of her daughter, businessman Maxim Aksenov, the TV presenter tried to find love on the show "Let's Get Married!", Where she chose entrepreneur Alexei Pankov, who turned out to be a gigolo.
In the summer of 2015, Borisova married businessman Andrei Troshchenko - this marriage was her first official marriage, and so far the only one. Then the blonde told me that, finally, she found “the very one,” but ... six months after the wedding, Troschenko and Borisova divorced. At the same time, Troshenko left his wife by car. Borisova said the hijacking, as her husband did not answer the calls.
As soon as the discussion of Dana's divorce subsided, she became aware of her drug addiction. In the spring, Dana's friends - TV presenter Andrei Malakhov and musician Prokhor Shalyapin - deceived her to be rehabilitated on Koh Samui. Borisova thought to the last that she was participating in the filming of a reality show in Thailand.It turned out that Dana on the island was waiting for a clinic, conversations with a psychologist, yoga and complete isolation.
In the clinic, Dana tried to use psychotropic drugs, which she secretly brought with her, stated that she was being held by force, and in Moscow, meanwhile, they were discussing at what point the situation with Dana was out of control. Former TV presenter boyfriend Alexey Pankov said that Dana had been dependent for many years, and in 2014 she had a heart attack.
Dana herself believes that her addiction originates from her youth, when at the age of 16, on the advice of her mother, she began to regularly take sleeping pills. Dana began using psychotropic substances with her PR director, the late Tim Bric, who passed away in 2016.
Anyway, Dana managed to recover: she returned from the island sober and enlightened, ready to help other addicts. But in Moscow, Borisov was awaited by another test: the ex-husband, having learned about the story of drugs, sued her custody of her 10-year-old daughter Polina. Dana says that her daughter is against her and goes to the phone, only to insult her mother.
The latest gloomy news related to Dana was rumors of a suicide attempt by Borisova.Allegedly, the TV presenter took the potent drugs that she was prescribed as part of drug treatment, and then she called an ambulance. Dana denied this and stated that she really called the doctors, but she did not have thoughts about suicide. “I get sick the last three weeks. A terrible dry cough aggravated. She drank a large number of medications prescribed by the doctor and felt bad. I called an ambulance and they did the washing for me, ”Dana said. It remains for us to wish Borisov full recovery from all illnesses.
Evgeny Osin
53 years

Alcoholism, because of which the daughter does not communicate with the artist
The yard romantic of the 90s lost his former enthusiasm, and alcohol is to blame. Aspen was looking for solace in the drink, falling into depression after the divorce. His only daughter Agniya stayed with her mother, and for a while Osin taught music at a girl’s school to communicate with her child. Eugene tried to produce a teenage group with his daughter, but did not succeed. As a result, because of alcoholism, Agniya stopped talking to her father altogether.
In August last year, it became known that the state of Aspen was catastrophic.The shots of the “New Russian Sensations” show on NTV were shocked. In front of the camera, a man with a stranded tongue, apparently after a long bout, is preparing for hospitalization. A little later, the doctor said that the delay in treatment could cost the artist life. There was information that Osin was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver, but Osin himself denied this.
After being discharged from the hospital, with or without cirrhosis, Yevgeny Osin ... returned to his usual way of life. In the spring he turned to the police with a statement on unfamiliar drinking companions who had robbed him. At the end of the summer, Osin went to the hospital, and from there went to Samui to the clinic, where they helped Danya Borisova. True, in Thailand, Osin did not like it because of the strict regime and restrictions. But still, rehabilitation, despite the patient's discontent, gave results: in the studio of Andrei Malakhov, the musician appeared sober and fit.
Chris Kelme
62 years

Alcohol addiction and several strokes
Another patient at the Asian rehab clinic is musician Chris Kelme. Since 2011, news about the artist associated exclusively with his drunken antics and crimes. Kelme was deprived of his rights for drunk driving, but this did not stop the artist: he continued to get behind the wheel drunk and already without rights, for which he was imprisoned several times for several days.In 2014, Kelmi was responsible for a serious accident in which the motorcycle driver was almost injured, and a few months later a drunk artist was taken to the hospital directly from the street - he fell asleep on a bench.
In 2015, a drunk Kelmi appeared in the studio of Andrei Malakhov, and a couple of years later Dana Borisova decided to take on a colleague. At that time, the state of the musician was critical: Kelmi experienced more than 10 epileptic seizures and several strokes. After a month of rehabilitation on Samui, Kelmi decided to return, but another attack occurred at the airport with him, and Chris remained on the island where he is still.

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