Russell Brand Biography

Russell Brand's childhood

Russell Edward Brand was born in the small town of Grace in Essex in the south-east of England. Russell was the only child in the family of photographer Ronald Brand and Barbara Elizabeth (Dev. Nicols). By the time of his birth, the parents had been married for six years, but six months after the birth of their son, they divorced. The boy stayed with his mother, who was independently engaged in his upbringing. Russell's childhood was not very happy. At the age of seven, he was the victim of sexual abuse by his school teacher. The troubles did not end there; a year later his mother fell ill with cancer. While the mother was undergoing treatment, Russell lived with his relatives. Soon his mother died. Due to the shocks experienced at the age of 14, Russell began to suffer from bulimia nervosa.
Russell Brand's biography is not easy - he lost his mother earlyRussell Brand's biography is not easy - he lost his mother early
Studying in high school, Brand began to take part in theatrical productions. On the stage of the school theater, he performed the role of "Fat Sam" in the musical "Bugsy Malone".Due to constant conflicts with his stepfather at age 16, Russell left school and left home. Then he began to use drugs, from light marijuana and amphetamine, to heavy crack and heroin. With his father, according to Russell, he had a strange relationship. Once they were together in the east, where his father used to drive him to prostitutes.
Leaving school, Brand began to earn extra income. In 1991, thanks to funding from the Essex City Council, he was able to enter the Conti Italy Academy. He did not study for a long time, in the very first year he was expelled from the academy because of problems with drugs. To earn a living, he began playing small roles of a television show for children - “Mud”, and also starred in the TV series “Pure English Murder” (The Bill).
In 1995, Brand decided to make another attempt to get an education. He tried to enter the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, but he failed. Then, he tried to pass the exams at the London Center for Drama, this attempt was crowned with success. However, he did not stay there for a long time, due to the same problems with drugs. Often he had nervous breakdowns, during which he behaved inadequately, smashed and broke everything around.One day, playing on stage, in response to a negative reaction from the audience, Russell broke a glass, cut himself with shrapnel and smeared with blood. After which he was expelled from the drama school.

Russell Brand in Stand-Up Comedy

After an unsuccessful attempt to become a professional actor, Russell decided to make a comedian career. For some time he performed with his acquaintance Karl Theobald in a duet “Theobald and the Brand on the Ice”, then began performing solo.
Parody of Russell Brand
In 2000, for the first time, Russell performed in a stand-up style on the stage of the Hackney Empire Theater in London at a competition for young comedians. Brand took only fourth place in the competition, but he was noticed by an agent looking for new talents, who invited him to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Arts Festival along with two other comedians.
In 2004, at the same festival, Russell performed a solo number called “Now is Better,” in which he spoke about his youth and how he was a drug addict. This performance was very popular with the audience, Russell's jokes were disassembled into quotations. The following year, Brand, he performed at the festival with the number "Eroticized humor."
In 2006, Russell went on his first concert tour of the country called “Shame”.During the speeches, he told funny moments from his life and ridiculed what was written about him in the British press. This show became very popular and was later released on the Russell Brand: Live DVD. In the same year, Brand performed at the Ball of the Secret Police charity concert.
In 2007, Russell Brand spoke at the Royal Pop Show before members of the royal family. Then he went to his second round, called "Russell Brand Just Joking." Then Brand visited the USA, where he gave several concerts and recorded the program “Russell Brand in New York” for “Comedy Central” TV channel.
In 2009, Russell’s regular tour, The Scandalous Russell Brand, took place, during which he traveled to the USA, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Russell Brand's work on television

Back in 2000, Brand worked on the MTV music channel as a host for the Dance Floor Chart program and the Select show. In 2001, he was fired for a dubious joke: the day after the September 11 terrorist attack, Russell came to work in Bin Laden’s suit, bringing with him a familiar drug dealer who was introduced to the guest of the program, Kylie Ann Minogue. Next, Brand worked as the host of the RE: Brand comedy show on the UK Play channel.In the first issue of the show, Russell arranged a boxing match with his father, in one of the following issues he invited a homeless man from London to live in his home, in another issue he worked as a pimp prostitute sitting on heroin.
Since 2004, Brand has been the host of Big Brother’s Eforum television show, where celebrity guests have expressed their opinions on the Big Brother 5 reality show. Later, Russell hosted his show “The Russell Brand Show” on Channel 4.
In 2006, Russell Brand returned to the MTV channel, where he became the host of the “1 Leicester Square” program. In the same year, Russell was leading the NME Awards ceremony.
In 2007, Brand released his documentary "Russell Brand on the Road," dedicated to the novel "On the Road" by writer Jack Kerouac. The film was shown on BBC Four.
In 2008, Russell Brand was leading the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony, which was not without scandals. For some of his jokes and statements, the presenter received death threats from television viewers. Despite this, the rating of the show has grown noticeably and Brand was invited to conduct the ceremony in 2009.

Russell Brand acting career

In 2002, Russell starred in two TV shows “Cruise of the Gods” and “White Teeth”, which were shown on the BBC channel. In 2005, starred in the role of Tommy in the comedy "Blessed".In 2007, he played the role of the former thief Ellie in the comedy “Cold Blood”. Then in the movie "The Abbey" played the role of drug addict Terry.
Brand's first serious acting job was the film: “Classmates” of 2007, where he played Flash Harry. This was followed by the role of rock musician Aldus Snow in the comedy "In Flight". Brand's game received good reviews, after which Russell was invited to play the same hero in the comedy "Escape from Vegas." This film was a huge success, having collected more than $ 90 million.
In 2008, Brand starred in the role of Mickey in the movie "Bedtime Stories." In 2010, played the role of Trinculo in the movie "The Tempest". In 2011, Russell played the main role in the film “Arthur. The perfect millionaire.
Russell Brand and Katy PerryRussell Brand and Katy Perry

Russell Brand's Other Activities

In 2002, Brand was leading on the music radio station Xfm. In 2006, he was the host of The Russell Brand Show on BBC 6 Music, followed by BBC Radio 2.
Russell is also a writer, he has published several collections of his articles: “Iron on Fire” (2007-2008), “Articles of Faith” (2008). In November 2007, he released his autobiography My Booky Wook, which became a bestseller. In September 2010, the second part of the autobiography “Booky Wook 2: This Time It’s Personal” was published, for which Brand received a fee of £ 1.8 million from the publisher HarperCollins.
In 2007, in collaboration with composer David Arnold, Brand recorded a cover version of the song Beatles “When I'm Sixty-Four”. For the soundtrack for the film “In Flight”, Brand recorded two songs, as well as 14 songs for the movie “Escape from Vegas.”
In 2010, Russell together with Robbie Williams recorded the song "Three Lions", which became the anthem of the England national football team.
Russell Brand and Robbie Williams "Three Lions"
At the closing ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Russell Brand sang the songs “I Am the Walrus” and “Pure Imagination”.

Russell Brand Personal Life

Currently, Russell Brand is living in Los Angeles with his cat Morrissey, named after the beloved singer of his master.
Russell is a vegetarian since he was 14 years old. In 2007, the PETA organization named Brand the sexiest vegetarian in the world.
Since 2002, Brand does not smoke, does not use alcohol and drugs. According to Russell's addiction, the reading of the Hare Krishna mantra helped him to get rid of him. As well as the organization for the rehabilitation of drug addicts Focus 12, where he was undergoing treatment and which he now renders charitable assistance.
In 2009, Russell began dating American singer Katy Perry, and they got married in October 2010.The marriage lasted until December 2011.
Russell practices yoga and meditation, and also visits the Hare Krishna community and studies Hinduism. He often ends his speeches with the phrase “Hare Krishna.”

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