Every woman dreams of beautiful nails. But they do not always have a healthy look. The appearance of ribbing on the nail plate indicates a malfunction in the body that should be addressed. What are the causes of ribbed nails on the hands?

Types of ribbing nails

The cause of the ribbed nails on the hands (the photo is presented later in the article) can be determined by their appearance.

Why nails are ribbed on the hands of the reasons

When the nail does not have a smooth and smooth surface, and there are vertical or horizontal grooves, cracks on it, this is considered ribbing.

Vertical bands:

  • In this case, the grooves run from the base of the nail to its free edge. They are frequent or in the form of several bands. Furrows can be in the form of a bend or a pronounced fracture structure.

Horizontal ribbing:

  • In this case, on the surface of the nail pits and grooves are observed, which may be intermittent, thin or clear. They sometimes reach the middle or cross the entire nail plate.

In the case of ribbing on the nails need to examine its structure and location when seeking help from a specialist.

Causes of ribbed nails on the hands

There are a number of reasons for causing irregularities on the nail plate:

  • To a greater extent, such changes appear on the nails due to injuries, improper manicure and capacity. All these deformations occur with a strong physical effect on the nail. If the influence was insignificant, then as the nail plate grows, this area will be removed. In the case of a strong physical impact or injury, the irregularities on the nails will remain forever. If such influence is excluded, then you need to contact a specialist for treatment.
  • Sometimes the waviness on the nail plate is caused by a person’s genetic predisposition. In this case, you need to monitor the condition of the nails: take vitamins and do a gentle manicure.
  • Sometimes the causes of ribbed nails arelack of vitamins in the body and unbalanced nutrition. In this case, hair and skin are also affected. Deformation of the nails can be caused by a lack of water in the body or by taking certain medications.
  • Changes in the structure of the nail can occur during malfunctions in the body and some diseases. This usually occurs with iron deficiency, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Fingernails became ribbed reasons

To establish the cause, due to which irregularities appear on the nails, you need to seek help from a specialist.

Nail fungus

The cause of the ribbed nails on the hands can be a fungus. This disease is considered to be one of the factors that cause ribbing and waves on the nails. In many cases, when a fungus occurs on the nail plate, the patient does not always seek the help of a doctor, but is self-medicating.

With the progression of the disease is the destruction of the nail, which manifests itself in it in the form of waves. It is the doctor who can prescribe the correct and gentle treatment. When all the recommendations of a specialist are fulfilled, the symptoms of a fungus on the nail may decrease and external changes on the nail plate will disappear.

Diseases that cause ribbing nails

We continue to understand why the ribbed nails on the hands: the reason for what? The appearance of ribbing on the nail plate may be the result of failures in the body:

  • endocrine system diseases (diabetes mellitus, thyroid disease);
  • vitamin deficiency or metabolic disorders;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • lack of vitamin A and E;
  • stressful situations;
  • diseases of the stomach and intestines.

The cause of the deformation of the nail become a violation of the endocrine system, most often it manifests itself in the elderly.

In pregnant women, this condition causes a deficiency of trace elements and vitamins (A, E, B), which is caused by changes in hormonal levels. These disorders can be corrected if you take a vitamin complex.

Nails uneven ribbed reasons on the hands

Infectious diseases:

  • dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis;
  • helminth infection;
  • poisoning.

In order to not aggravate the situation, it is necessary to accurately determine the disease that caused ribbing on the nails.

Diagnosis of the disease on the nails

What is the reason why nails are ribbed and uneven?Before finding out why this is happening, it is necessary to understand how healthy nails should look like in a person.

If there are no violations in the body, the nail plate has a pink color and a smooth surface. Any changes to the nail should alert the person. Therefore, when symptoms such as ribbing appear, you should seek help and check your health condition.

Ribbed fingernails: causes and treatment

The correct treatment can be prescribed only by a doctor, after conducting the appropriate treatment. After receiving the tests, he can find out the cause of the ribbing of the nail plate.

Before going to a specialist at home, you can heal your nails if you start taking a vitamin complex.

Ribbed nails on the cause and treatment

Unevenness of the nail plate can cause a lack of calcium in the body. Fatigue of the nails can also occur with this symptom. The necessary intake of calcium and silicon will heal them and make them more durable. To do this, you must include in food products rich in these trace elements. Can help in this case the drug - "Calcium D3 Nycomed."

Normalize the structure of the nail apples and other products containing iron. You can take it as an additive, but always with vitamin C for better absorption.

Causes of wavy and ribbed fingernails - what are they? Sulfur deficiency can cause undulation of the nail plate. It is because of this that the deformation of the nail can occur. Sulfur is found in garlic, buckwheat, eggplant. To correct the problem on the nails, it is necessary to take vitamin B and iodine-containing drugs.

How to fix nail defects at home?

In addition to the therapy prescribed by a specialist, the following procedures can be done to correct internal problems:

  • Apply as a base coat a colored product that visually conceals nail defects. If the external changes of the nail plate do not cause discomfort, then you can completely abandon the varnish. This will help the nails to relax, will give the opportunity to successfully apply special tools for treatment.
  • An experienced manicurist can also reduce nail irregularities. To do this, apply Japanese manicure. Such procedures can be done independently, but it is better not to undertake if there is a lack of sufficient knowledge.
  • At home, make baths with sea salt and essential oils.
  • You can use for the improvement of nails oils and cuticle creams to moisturize and improve their condition.
  • Cleaning, washing dishes and working in the garden is best done with gloves so that your nails are not exposed to chemicals and excessive moisture.

Wavy fingernails ribbed causes

Using drugs and remedies for the improvement of the nails in the complex, it is possible to achieve a positive effect in a relatively short time.

How to visually improve the condition of the nails?

If the cause of nail deformation is an internal disease of the body, then this problem will not be solved quickly. We must wait for them to grow back.

To accelerate the growth of the nail plate, it is necessary to ensure the production of keratin in the body. You can take a special complex and include in the diet aspic and jelly. Effective help will have a mask from a nourishing cream with red pepper.

Ribbed fingernails cause

You can massage the nail plate and the skin around it with essential oil: eucalyptus, menthol or mint.

You should not resort to the following procedures:

  • nail extension does not improve the situation, but only disguises it;
  • polishing the nail plate can remove the top layer, but does not even out deep waves;
  • it is impossible to get rid of ribbing in a short time, it happens gradually.

It should be understood that uneven and ribbed nails are not only an external problem, but also a signal of the occurrence of internal diseases that should be eliminated.

Prevention of ribbed nails

To prevent the occurrence of defects in the nail plate, you need to apply the following:

Nails on ribbed reason photo

  • to balance your diet, to ensure that it contains the necessary vitamins and trace elements;
  • protect your hands with gloves from chemicals, excess moisture and other harmful substances;
  • replace softening baths with oil composition before manicure;
  • special protective varnishes should be applied under the layer of colored varnish;
  • It is necessary to switch to more gentle types of manicure: Japanese, European, hardware.

If the fingernails become ribbed, it will be difficult to establish the reasons yourself. No need to self-medicate. It is better to contact a specialist to establish the cause, which can be caused by a serious disease.

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