Resveratrol - what is it? Reviews of doctors, instructions for use, analogues

What is it - resveratrol? Reviews of doctors confirm that this is a natural substance that can have a complex effect on the human body. In addition, it is an antioxidant strong effect that stimulates cell regeneration. Have you ever heard stories that the French eat food, drink wine and have a lot of sugar in their diets, however, compared with other Europeans, they are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular pathologies? Often this phenomenon is referred to as the “French paradox” associated with an increased phytonutrient intake, which is known as resveratrol.

resveratrol what it is reviews of doctors

This substance is present in certain superfoods, as well as in red wine. Its closest analogues are lycopene (it is present in tomatoes) and lutein (in carrots).Studies in recent years have shown: thanks to resveratrol, the possibility of stroke and some other diseases is reduced. In the experiments, a substance that was obtained from red wine was used. However, for this there is no need to use this drink. The substance can also be obtained from other food sources, for example, from real black chocolate or from dark berries. It not only cleans the arteries and protects the heart, but also has certain beneficial characteristics: reduces inflammation, has an effect on weight loss, improves cognitive functions in the elderly. The tool "Resveratrol Tiens", according to doctors, can be used in the fight against tumors.

In 2003, an experiment was conducted, as a result of which it was determined that resveratrol affects the life span of some species of fish and invertebrates. But there were no clinical trials involving people.

What is resveratrol?

What is it - resveratrol? According to doctors, it is a very effective substance in many pathologies. It is a polyphonic type bioflavonoid, which has signs of an antioxidant. This substance is found in all sorts of drinks and food.He is a member of the class of phytoestrogens, because it can interact with estrogen receptors. Resveratrol is produced by plants to protect against fungi, radiation, parasites and bacteria. The characteristics of this substance can make it one of the most important means in the fight against free radicals and the aging of the human body.

Judging by the studies of resveratrol, its best sources are: red wine, red skin of grapes, dark berries (for example, mulberry, blueberry, lingonberry), raw cocoa. Red wine is the most significant source due to fermentation, which makes it possible to obtain alcohol from grape juice. During the manufacture of red wine, grape skins and stones undergo fermentation, which allows to increase the amount of resveratrol. Instructions and reviews confirm this.

Scientists began to investigate the beneficial properties of this substance after detecting the effects of resveratrol on the life expectancy of animals. Many experiments again and again confirm that it really increases it, slows the aging process in fish, midges, worms and mice.

The mechanism of action of resveratrol

Resveratrol reduces inflammation in the body and affects the production of hormones, fat stores and blood circulation. According to research, resveratrol functions according to one of the following mechanisms:

  • The substance limits the production of phospholipase D and sphingosine kinase, and they, as many know, provoke inflammation. Thanks to research, resveratrol has been shown to inhibit the activity and expression of cyclooxygenase enzymes, which are directly related to inflammatory reactions affecting the tissues of the entire human body. And although the body naturally creates inflammation as a therapeutic and protective agent, for example, to repel viruses and bacteria as components of the immune system, chronic or persistent inflammation does not belong to a healthy state. Over time, the risk of developing almost all diseases increases.
  • Insulin levels are reduced, which helps to maintain a healthy weight, youth, eliminate the risk of developing diabetes. Sirtris Pharmaceuticals has conducted research and found that, taking resveratrol,the patient reduces insulin and glucose levels, making the substance an indispensable aid for those who want to adhere to the principles of healthy life.
  • It condones the respiration of the mitochondrial type, as well as gluconeogenesis, that is, it supports the mitochondria, which endow the cells with the energy necessary for their normal functioning.

resveratrol instruction reviews

  • Allows the blood to circulate normally and prevent arterial damage, improves the protective properties of the brain and reduces the possibility of Alzheimer's disease and ischemic disease, schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder and autism.
  • Resveratrol has been found to have a positive effect on the growth of the vascular endothelium, thus restoring the blood vessels that have been damaged.
  • Due to the fact that resveratrol controls the release of anti-inflammatory molecules, it has several advantages that prevent diseases of the autoimmune type. In addition, this substance contributes to a positive change in the intestinal microflora, affects the differentiation and proliferation of stem cells.
  • Since resveratrol is one of the most important actioxidants, it effectively fights free radical damage of various kinds that increase the risk of cancer. This substance enters the nucleus and mitochondria to a greater depth, improving the process of repairing tissues and cells. In addition, resveratrol modulates the destruction of harmful cells, that is, apoptosis, and, probably, therefore, has anti-cancer characteristics. According to research data, apoptosis of T-cells (activated) is caused by this substance, tumor growth is inhibited, which is a good complement in the fight against such a disease as cancer.

Five helpful signs of resveratrol

According to reviews, resveratrol has the following beneficial properties:

  • Reducing the rate of aging and reducing the likelihood of cancer.
  • Protection of the heart and blood vessels.
  • Protection of cognitive state and the brain.
  • Preventing overweight problems.
  • Help those who have a tendency to diabetes.

resveratrol reviews

Reducing the rate of aging and reducing the likelihood of cancer

Being a strong antioxidant, resveratrol neutralizes free radicals,appearing in the human body during its daily activity, for example, when eating food or during sports activities. Their negative impact increases due to poor lifestyle, for example, if a person eats unhealthy food, smokes, breathes polluted air. Under urban conditions, everyone is forced to experience the influence of the latter factor. Free radicals have a negative effect at the cellular level, accelerate aging and can even cause premature death. Eating healthy foods of plant origin, which is rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants, including resveratrol, can protect your body from such problems as the rapid deterioration of skin condition and cancer. Therefore, capsules with resveratrol "Tiens", according to reviews, are very popular.

Studies confirm the effective effect of healthy eating on the general condition of the human body. One of these, conducted in Spain by the University of Seville, indicates that resveratrol has significant potential for preventing cancer and treating it.

Protection of the heart and blood vessels

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory signs, resveratrol improves the body's defense against atherosclerosis and reduces the degree of harmful cholesterol. If you use such foods that contain resveratrol, you can improve blood circulation and lipid metabolism. To prevent problems with such an important organ as the heart, in Asia they drink Itadori tea, which is a good source of this substance.

Protection of cognitive state and brain

According to doctors, resveratrol (what we mean, we explained) stimulates the brain. Its molecules are able to overcome the blood barrier in the brain and affect both the brain itself and the nervous system. Studies recently conducted in the UK, at Northumbria University, have shown that, thanks to resveratrol, blood flow to the brain increases, which has a positive effect on its functioning. Thus, eating foods that contain resveratrol in excess, you can protect yourself from Alzheimer's disease. Scientists have proven that even at the lowest dosage, it has a significant impact on brain protection.

Preventing overweight

According to reviews, resveratrol can affect insulin levels and is also effective in diets with a lot of calories. Studies on animals revealed that the tool perfectly prevents obesity. It also turned out that resveratrol can fight obesity due to the fact that the SIRT1 gene is activated. However, its influence on a person has not been studied enough, although thanks to current research it has become clear that people who are on a balanced diet and consume red wine in moderation are more likely to have normal weight. Analogs "Resveratrol" consider below.

Help those who have a tendency to diabetes

Studies conducted on animals, including diabetic rats, revealed that resveratrol has an effect on hyperglycemia and can be used to prevent both possible obesity and, in principle, diabetes. Also, resveratrol may be useful for the prevention of various pathologies of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, allows you to control the content of insulin.Through research, it turned out that the substance has a positive effect on the secretion of the latter and its concentration in the blood.

This is confirmed by the instruction Resveratrol, instructions and reviews.

BAA "Resveratrol"

The beneficial properties of resveratrol were used in a dietary supplement with the same name. This substance has acted as the main active ingredient. The drug "Resveratrol" has gained quite high popularity and has found wide application. As a dietary supplement, it is produced by various manufacturers. The most common are:

  • Resveratrol ("Solgar"). In one portion of the drug contains 100 milligrams of the substance, and the package includes 60 servings. The cost of the drug on average is about 1,800 rubles.
  • Resveratrol (Jarrow). One serving includes the same amount of active ingredient and the same number of servings. Price ranges from 1400 rubles.
  • Resveratrol (Now). One serving of this drug contains 50 milligrams of resveratrol, and 60 servings per pack. This confirms the “Resveratrol” instructions for use. On average, the cost of funds is equal to 1600 rubles.


One tablet of the Solgar Resveratrol dietary supplement contains 100 milligrams of resveratrol, obtained from 200 milligrams of the root of the comb Highlander, as well as dicalcium phosphate, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide and cellulose.

"Resveratrol Jarrow Formulas" includes vitamin C in one serving, 100 milligrams of resveratrol from the root of the mountaineer Cuspidatum, as well as silica, magnesium stearate and cellulose. The capsule consists of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.

resveratrol analogs

Resveratrol Now is composed of ingredients of natural origin only, resveratrol obtained by filtration of a low-molecular type of red wine. There are no preservatives, artificial colors or GMOs in dietary supplements Two capsules contain 100 milligrams of natural resveratrol, the same amount of grape seed extract and 200 milligrams of red wine and green tea. The use of "Resveratrol" should be careful.

Indications for use of Resveratrol dietary supplement

The main indications for the use of this supplement are the prevention of diseases of oncological nature and the protection of the body from the effects of free radicals. That is why this tool can be used by all people, regardless of their gender.

In some situations, doctors may prescribe this drug for pathological conditions and diseases such as:

  • frequent stress;
  • reduced immunity;
  • prevention of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, progression of a tumor of an oncological nature when it is present in a patient;
  • circulatory disorders of the brain;
  • peripheral blood circulation defects.


Also, the use of the course allows you to improve attention and memory, contributes to the preservation of intelligence at the required level. This means that the drug must be received by people of mature and elderly age. This is confirmed to the tool "Resveratrol" instructions for use and reviews. Analogs must select a doctor.

Contraindications and side effects

"Resveratrol" although it is inherently a dietary supplement, before starting the application also requires the advice of a doctor. However, this dietary supplement is prohibited to use during pregnancy, as well as when breast-feeding a child. In addition, the use of this supplement is not recommended for children whose age has not yet reached the age of fourteen.

During the period of use of tablets, side effects are rarely manifested, most often such cases are due to overdose.In this regard, it is impossible in any case to increase the indicated dose by yourself; this can be done only when recommended by the attending physician.

How to take Resveratrol dietary supplement?

BAA "Resveratrol" is available in the form of tablets that must be absorbed in the mouth. According to the attached instructions, you need to take one tablet supplements per day. It is put on the tongue and held in the mouth until completely dissolved. If there is no possibility of resorption of tablets, then they are also allowed to be taken orally, but in this case the effect of their use will be somewhat reduced.

The full course of use of the supplement is 30 days. If the need arises, you can repeat its use without interrupting it, or you can take a break and use the drug again. During the year, four or five such courses are allowed. This is confirmed by the "Resveratrol" reviews. Analogs of the drug interest many.

Additional Information

Of course, it is necessary to focus attention on the storage conditions of this food additive. The jar should be stored in its original packaging, the tablets should not be poured into other containers, the temperature should not exceed 25 degrees Celsius.This dietary supplement has a shelf life of two years. Unused tablets after this time must be disposed of with the packaging.

Supplements are produced exclusively in the form of lozenges with different tastes. It may contain a different amount of the active substance, but mainly the drug is prescribed in the dosage of 40 milligrams.

Resveratrol: analogues

This dietary supplement also has analogues that are not related to drugs in essence. The most popular among them are:

  • "Antioxidant NSP";
  • Tavilyuks plus;
  • capsules "Resveratrol Tiens" (there are positive reviews about it);
  • "Oxivital";
  • "Coenzyme beauty";
  • "Capillary".

All of them differ in their composition, but the nature of their influence is almost identical.

Now we know what it is - resveratrol.

resveratrol instructions for use

Doctors reviews

A respected cardiologist, Dr. Mehmet Oz, based in New York, expressed his opinion about Resveratrol. It was aired on the well-known Oprah Winfrey show in 2009 on American television.

Specialist advise to use "Resveratrol" in the form of capsules as an anti-aging agent.He claimed that 80 percent of the beneficial properties of red wine are not related to its alcohol component, but to resveratrol present in each glass. The doctor recommended daily use of red wine (one glass each). And in order to avoid negative consequences, it is possible to replace it with the use of an additive in the form of capsules.

Unfortunately, the manufacturers began to use this statement of the doctor as an advertisement, in connection with which more than fifty trials were conducted, and the specialist no longer gave comments on the useful signs of resveratrol. Instructions for use and reviews of the drug are given in the article.

Pharmacists are of the opinion that the dietary supplement is a strong antioxidant that supports the heart and makes the skin more beautiful and toned, so that wrinkles are smoothed out and a blush appears. In addition, the substance enhances immunity, protection from the rays of the sun and the elimination of cholesterol from the body and improve blood circulation. About Resveratrolpatient reviews are discussed below.

Patient Reviews

Consumers use Resveratrol for the following purposes:

  • to reduce joint pain;
  • to relieve pain in the head in the presence of a patient with vascular dystonia;
  • for the treatment of thrombophlebitis;
  • as a means to reduce appetite;
  • to increase their ability to work;
  • to improve sleep.

resveratrol application

From a theoretical point of view, the task of Resveratrol is to protect the heart and obtain antioxidants, but this effect cannot be assessed by consumers. But judging by their reviews, due to this substance pain of various kinds was reduced.

It is noted that this is a very good natural product that helps you feel more energetic and active, improves your overall physical condition, and increases stamina. In addition, the substance assists muscles and joints, cleans the face, reduces the sugar content. Thanks to him, you can also get rid of not only extra pounds, but also depression.

Elderly patients note that the use of capsules, coupled with the use of organic food and superfoods, yoga classes leads to the fact that even in old age they do not take any medications.Resveratrol is an important component in the arsenal of patients fighting for their health.

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