Reshetilova Ekaterina: biography, photo

Reshetilova Ekaterina is a well-known TV presenter,beautiful woman, caring mother and wife. All these "titles" are absolutely deserved. Catherine had to learn a lot and constantly work on herself to achieve from life what she has for today.

Ekaterina Reshetilova: biography (beginning)

The future famous TV presenter was born inPavlovsky Posad in the year of 1970. Successfully graduated from school and dreamed of joining the Institute of Asian and African Studies. However, when I came in I encountered certain difficulties. The fact is that at that time the educational institution preferred to recruit young men, who later became military translators and diplomats. The girls did not want to get involved and tried to screen them out at the interview stage, even before the entrance exams.

In this difficult situation, it turned outblue-eyed beauty Catherine Reshetilova, whose photo is familiar to everyone today. Members of the commission at the interview immediately denied her training in ISAA, explaining this by the fact that the girl is too beautiful, and perceive it will be in this capacity, but not in the role of an interpreter. After seeing the refusal to infringe upon their rights, the goal-oriented girl decided not to stop at all, but to enroll in the institute. Catherine asked for help from her parents, who came to talk with the members of the commission. The result did not take long to wait - Catherine was enrolled in the first course of ISAA, having previously apologized.Reshetilova Ekaterina

Marriage and the birth of a child

Dream of an interpreter's career was not destinedto be realized. In the second year of Reshetilova, Ekaterina meets a boy who soon becomes her husband. 9 months after receiving the diploma, a young couple is born to a young couple - Timothy. Neither of which work, of course, it did not go - Catherine needed to deal with the upbringing of the baby. The interpreter's career did not work out, but very soon other perspectives appeared.

The first steps on television

Girlfriend girl, working on television,suggested that Catherine try their hand at this field. Without thinking twice, Ekaterina Reshetilova goes to the Institute of Television. Despite the fact that little Timothy was then only two years old, the young mother very successfully combined the education of her son and training at the institute. At first, Catherine's husband was against her undertakings, but now, years later, she claims that many years ago the wife made the right choice, and he is very proud of her.Ekaterina Reshetilova, photo

When a vacancy appeared on one of the channelsthe leading weather forecast, Reshetilova Catherine, without hesitation, went to the casting. Of several applicants, it turned out to be the best. Elena first appeared on the TV screen on May 1, 1996 and remains there until today. On a personal example, Reshetilova Catherine showed everyone that working on television is hard work, requiring special education. She debunked the myth that for this "work" is quite enough the right length of the legs.

Ekaterina Reshetilova - biography

Sportswoman, Komsomol and just beautiful

To successfully work on television forsuch a long time, you need to constantly monitor yourself. Catherine visits the gym, makes morning jogs. In other words, a lot of time is devoted to sports. However, the family for the well-known TV presenter always remains in the first place. Despite the workload, she always finds time to pamper her men with culinary delights. Reshetilova is pleased to play the role of mothers, wives, and hospitable mistress. Their house is always full of guests who never tire of praising Catherine's culinary success.

The husband and son of the TV presenter in all supportCatherine and also try not to hit the dirt in the face. The husband, who graduated from the same Institute of Asian and African countries, is fluent in English and currently holds a senior position in an American company. The son Timothy followed in the footsteps of his parents and is engaged in the study of languages. Not once he was the winner of the Olympics in English.

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Reshetilova Ekaterina: biography, photo Reshetilova Ekaterina: biography, photo Reshetilova Ekaterina: biography, photo Reshetilova Ekaterina: biography, photo Reshetilova Ekaterina: biography, photo Reshetilova Ekaterina: biography, photo Reshetilova Ekaterina: biography, photo Reshetilova Ekaterina: biography, photo Reshetilova Ekaterina: biography, photo Reshetilova Ekaterina: biography, photo