Removal of tonsils: general or local anesthesia?

With the onset of the autumn-winter period and the first frost, the risk of acute respiratory diseases increases significantly. It is possible that not very dangerous diseases may develop into more serious inflammations of the organs of the human lymphatic system, in particular of the palatine tonsils.

Tonsillitis - the cause of tonsil removal

For example, tonsillitis can lead to the need to have tonsil removal. In fact, this is a negative impact on the human body, but it is necessary when the tonsils, “reborn” with each new sore throat, begin not to protect the body, but to spread infections in it.

tonsil removal

Initially, the tonsils in the throat play an extremely positive role, covering the body from external infections. But, constantly inflamed and replacing old cells with new ones, replacing them with connective tissue, the tonsils become harmful and even dangerous for humans. To prevent new infections from spreading in the body through these seemingly beneficial organs, it is necessary to remove the tonsils.

Tonsillectomy and anesthesia

Do not be alarmed if your otolaryngologist says you need a surgery. Today, doctors no longer use outdated Soviet technology for the preparation of the throat - everything is quite safe and effective. In countries around the world, tonsil surgery is performed under general anesthesia. If the doctor refuses to use it, then you can safely sue him. At the same time, stereotypes and prejudices of the 50s have been preserved in most clinics in our country. The removal of the tonsils is not done under general, but under local anesthesia - thus, the patient has to experience a sense of panic over his health.

tonsils in the throat

General anesthesia tonsillectomy

One of the medical institutions in Russia where effective general anesthesia is successfully applied is the Center for Endosurgery and Lithotripsy on the basis of a one-day surgical hospital. The anesthesia given to the patient is comparable to 50 grams of cognac - after 30 minutes of sleep, he does not feel any problems with his state of health or physical condition. At the Center for Endosurgery, tonsils can be removed using radiosurgery, which reduces the likelihood of excessive blood loss and reduces pain.syndrome. In addition to radiosurgical methods, one of the most promising solutions is to remove the tonsils with a laser. It is also possible to partially eliminate the tonsils (when they are simply enlarged, but there are no signs of the disease).

Surgery without patient

laser tonsil removal

General anesthesia ensures that you wake up and feel fine. In this case, the whole operation will be carried out as if without your participation. The process of falling asleep occurs as a result of 5-7 breaths of a special gas. After the operation, it is necessary to spend 5-6 days in the inpatient clinic to undergo a rehabilitation course.


If you often have angina, feel your tonsils are enlarged, have weakness, fatigue, sweating, pains in the heart and neck lymph nodes, your temperature stays at 37-37.2 degrees, then these facts are enough to consult a qualified otolaryngologist who will conduct a survey and make the correct diagnosis.

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