Polish names: female and male

Agnieszka, Marysia, Lech and Marek are all Polish names. Very often we hear them on television or in ordinary life, but we do not know what they mean and what is the history of their occurrence. In general, the Polish mentality is an incredibly interesting phenomenon, which often influences the choice of name for a newborn baby of this nationality.Polish names

According to the letter of the law

Not so long ago in Poland there was a custom to give at birth to a child several names at the same time. But today the country's legislation has limited this number to two. The second or third name of the child has the right to choose independently at the age of nine or ten. Just at this time, the boy or the girl will have to take the first participle. In general, the name in this case is the name of the saint, whose day falls on this event. The little man himself decides which of the saints will be his patron, and to whom exactly he wants to emulate. So the next name of a citizen of Poland appears. But it is not official for daily use and indication in documents.

Polish laws say that the chosen name option for a child should directly indicate his / her gender. There are separate Polish names for women and men, and therefore they should be chosen correctly. So, all the names belonging to the girls mainly have the letter “a” in the ending. But an identical ending is inherent in male names, for example Barnabas. And such a common name as Maria can have both boys and girls. But for the former, this is an exception, and not the rule.Polish names for women

Name selection

Choosing the Polish names of boys and girls, parents attach great importance to family and church traditions. It is these criteria that become the main point on which fathers and mothers are guided, naming their children. Catholic holy calendar is considered the main source for the selection of a future name. Therefore, often among the inhabitants of this country there are owners of names of Greek, Latin and Hebrew origin.

Also, Poles often resort to names of Slavic origin that existed before Christian times. These are Polish names (male), such as Wojciech, Włodzimierz, Boleslav.Latin names in Poland are considered normal - Olgerd, or German - Erwin, Adolf. Specifically, Polish names were formed on the territory of the country only in the Middle Ages, but still later they acquired their modern sound.

Unusual children

Once upon a newborn child, Polish names were given in honor of a favorite character of literature, a national hero or the ruler of a state. It was also a natural phenomenon to call a kid to please one of the saints. But today it has become fashionable to dub kids with pseudonyms of famous serial characters. Sometimes, especially if the child has an ordinary surname, such names sound too ridiculous. Favorite artists and sports stars also become the idols of their parents, whose names they give to their babies.Polish names for men

So, babies born during the last two years are often called Adams (Adam Malysh is a famous Polish athlete). Many fathers and mothers choose completely unusual names for their children, but how to live on to a person called somehow absurdly? Parents don't think about it. But next to them always on the Polish street will meet Anthos, Mary, Franek, Zosya or Stas.Along with this, Slavic names disappear, for example, Sejimir, Bozidar, Slava, Dobrava, Dobroslav and others.

What do they mean?

But there are some Polish female names that are always relevant, for example, Gehlen, descended from Elena. It is believed that the girls Gelena are born incredibly weak, often with physical disabilities. They also grow very painful, have a poor appetite.

Polish boys names

Yadviga, translated as "fighting." Such girls are also painful and restless. Parents always try to force these children to go in for sports, but all their efforts are in vain. Yadvig since childhood has a desire to become a leader in everything.

Kashima is the Polish name of Arabic origin. The Kashima are creative individuals, reckless and funny. They regularly need an adjustment, in the presence of which Kashima can cope with the most difficult task in life.


Here are some Polish names for men: Casimir is the one who preaches the world. In childhood, the Casimir have a stubborn and difficult temper. They give parents a lot of problems.Polish names list

Vaclav - for the most part these are romantic, impulsive and dreamy personalities. They love fun big companies, they love to help other people.Only an incredibly strong woman is capable of creating a strong family with Vaclav.

And here are some other Polish names, a list of which may be useful for future parents: Vali, Varakhi, Boleslav, Benedict, Alexander, Dominik, Clement, Raslav, Emerick. And women: Asia, Brigida, Dita, Isabella, Clementine, Lucia, Sarah, Olivia, Justina, Yaroslav.

They glorified Poland

Some Polish names are known to the whole world, as their carriers glorified their country.

  • Jerzy Hoffman - director of the universal scale. He is considered a classic of the Polish film industry.
  • Jozef Pilsudski - he was Polish Prime Minister twice, the country's first marshal.
  • Zbigniew Herbert - a poet, author of radio shows.
  • Anna Herman is a famous Polish performer who captivated many generations of listeners with her voice.
  • Lech Walesa is a living legend, Poland owes him his freedom.

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