Biography of Nina Gogaeva

Nina Gogaeva is an actress whose fame and fame brought the Russian and Ukrainian television series. She is removed a lot and often, and therefore constantly appears on television screens in the form of a particular heroine. But what kind of person is our today's heroine in real life? What are the remarkable episodes hiding her fate? And what can you say about the creative path of the actress? We will try to shed light on the unknown moments of the life of a Russian celebrity right now.

Childhood and family of Nina Gogaeva

Nina Gogaeva was born on January 9, 1977 in a small village, the names of which are not found in any of her interviews. We only know that the native town of the actress is located in the north of the Tomsk region. That is why our today's heroine always speaks of Western Siberia with special warmth.
Nina Gogaeva in the series NyuhachNina Gogaeva in the series Nyuhach
As for the first steps in the world of creativity, in this regard it is worth saying that the love of art seems to have lived in the soul of the future celebrity since its birth. At first Nina dreamed of becoming a famous dancer, and then an outstanding musician.That is why, already from an early age, our today's heroine regularly attended classes in a wide variety of sections and out-of-school groups of this or that profile.

Nina Gogaeva in the school theater

At a certain point, following the dancing and music, the art of acting also appeared in the life of Nina Gogaeva. Attending extracurricular lessons in dramatic prowess the girl became out of idle curiosity, but soon she became so involved in this that she simply fell in love with the charming world of backstage. She began performing regularly on stage, appearing in school plays and playing central roles in all theatrical productions that were staged in her home school. She liked to do theatrical art very much, and therefore already in her teens Nina Gogaeva decided for herself that she would become a famous actress in the future.
In the end, everything happened. After graduating from high school, the girl moved to Moscow, where she soon applied for the Boris Shchukin Higher Theater School. She managed to pass difficult entrance exams at the first attempt, and very soon the talented provincial was enrolled in the Shchukin School for the course of Alexander Grave.
Scenes from the movie The Sword with Nina Gogaeva
Since then, the girl began to systematically hone his acting skills. She worked with the best teachers of Russia and as a sponge absorbed all the advice of famous masters of the theater. As a result, our today's heroine managed to finish the prestigious university with distinction. After receiving the coveted diploma, the girl went to look for work and eventually chose the Moscow Art Academic Theater named after Gorky. It was he who eventually became her first place of work.

The first roles of Nina Gogaeva in Moscow

In 2000, Nina Gogayeva first performed on the theater of the Moscow Art Theater. At first, the girl played mostly small roles, but then began to appear frequently in front of the audience in the form of certain central heroines.
Subsequently, the theater and the stage became literally a native element for the young Russian actress. For many years spent in the theater, the girl played a huge variety of bright roles. Among her best performances are the performances “There was one man”, “Blue bird”, “Control shot”, “Humiliated and offended”, “For every sage is quite simple”, “The Invisible Lady” and some others.

Films with Nina Gogaeva

In parallel with the work in the theater, at some point Nina Gogaeva began to appear in commercials. A little later in the life of the actress also appeared movie. She played her first screen role in 2002, playing a small role in the film “Oligarch” with Vladimir Mashkov. After this work, others followed. At first, Nina agreed to the offers of television and film directors with some reluctance, but later, after all, she revised her views on screen roles.
Nina Gogaeva in the film “Sel”
As a result, at the beginning of the two thousandth, the first bright roles appeared in the filmography of the actress. Nina Gogaeva played a rather prominent role in the legendary series “The Brigade” (with Sergey Bezrukov, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Dmitry Dyuzhev), and then also appeared in the projects “Sel”, “Hello, Capital”, “Lord of the Air”, “Bay of Lost Ships” . In each of these TV movies, the Russian actress played major roles. It is thanks to them that Nina Gogayeva first became popular and famous among a wide range of viewers. In parallel with the work on new theatrical and on-screen roles, the talented Russian woman also successfully worked in other industries.

Nina Gogaeva now

The actress worked on the sound of Japanese cartoons, as well as various computer games. As a result, her voice can be heard in the Russian version of “Fallout 3”, “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion”, as well as some other video games. As for the new roles on television, there were also a lot of them. The series “Mine”, “Nyukhach”, “Champion”, “Sword”, as well as some other projects have made Nina Gogaeva a real star of Russian and Ukrainian television.
The actress Nina Gogaeva has a son, but she prefers not to extend her personal lifeThe actress Nina Gogaeva has a son, but she prefers not to extend her personal life
For his role in the sci-fi thriller "The Sword", our today's heroine was awarded a nomination for the prestigious Golden Rhino award. Thus, already at the end of the two thousand years, the Russian actress could feel like a real star of the television broadcast. She was loved by the audience, respected by colleagues and recognized directors. That is why the girl could not worry about the course of her future career.
Currently, Nina Gogayeva continues to work in television and in the theater. It is known that in 2014, the actress will act in the detective mini-series "Judge", and also appear together with Malcolm McDowell in the American film "The Spy Soul".

Personal life of Nina Gogaeva

About her personal life, the actress says reluctantly.It is known that now the girl does not have a constant partner in life. She devotes all her time to her beloved work and beloved son. The boy can be seen in one of the episodes of the TV series “Mine”.

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