Personal life and biography of Dmitry Nagiyev

A beautiful, self-confident, favorite of many women, a talented actor and TV host Dmitry Nagiyev is now at the peak of fame, however, in order to become one, he had to go a long, thorny path, this is evidenced by the biography of Dmitry Nagiyev.

Genealogical roots of an enviable groom

After the end of the First World War, the progenitors of Nagiyev, who originally lived in Iran, tried to flee the country in order to escape from starvation.Biography of Dmitry NagiyevOn the way to Turkmenistan due to the shortage of food, not many people managed to survive. One of those who arrived was Nagiyev’s grandfather. At the age of nine, little Ghulam, as he was called, had to be in an orphanage, where the child was given a new name and surname. During his life, grandfather Ghulam (Nikolai Nagiyev) mastered several languages ​​and was able to speak fluent Arabic, Azerbaijani, Russian and Turkmen. My wife chose Gertrude Sopke. A mixture of German and Latvian blood was present in her genes.The second grandfather of Nagiyev, already on the maternal line, was a rather weighty figure at that time. Not everyone can boast of his grandfather with the post of first secretary of the Petrograd District Party Committee.

basic information

In the spring of 1967, on April 4, Dmitry Vladimirovich Nagiyev was born in the former city of Leningrad, and now the cultural capital of Russia - St. Petersburg. Grew a boy with a brother in a full-fledged middle-income family.biography of Dmitry Nagiyev personal lifeMama is an associate professor of philological sciences and taught foreign languages ​​at the military academy. Dima's father in his youth wanted to become an actor and participated in the National Theater of the Red Army. After that, I decided to go from Ashgabat directly to Moscow. But the pope did not succeed in entering the theatrical university, so the documents had to be handed over to the Institute of Cinema Engineers and get employed at the optical-mechanical plant. When Dima was 12 years old, his parents divorced.

Manifestation of courage and the first achievements in sports

At the initiative of the mother, the future showman begins attending sports judo. But over time, the coach of the section kicked out the boy, explaining that “he has snot all the time”. The future master of sports did not lose his head and began practicing sambo. The guy quickly became involved in the sport.Dima did not stop the fact that the school was far from home. He regularly attended training and laid out one hundred percent. Over time, he received a second prize in urban competitions. Later, in the 80s, Dmitry already received the title of USSR champion among juniors.

Study in high school and term service

Further, the biography of Dmitry Nagiyev replenished with such events: first there was a study at the Electrotechnical Institute. Ulyanova at the faculty of computing and automation.son of Dmitry Nagiyev biographyAfter graduating, the well-known TV presenter joined the ranks of the glorious army of the USSR. Then the athlete was sent to a special sports company, but it turned out that the sambo section was not there. Given the circumstances, Dmitry transferred to serve in the air defense forces. Far from home, in the woods somewhere near Vologda, the guy had a hard time. During his service, he was repeatedly broken nose and ribs. Barley porridge and boiled herring from the army ration Nagiyev still remembers.

Correct solution

After receiving the demob, considering that it would be difficult for the scout to find a job, the guy submits documents for admission to the theatrical university of Leningrad.155 people took part in the competition for one place, and Dmitry managed to pass this competition. After studying the first year at the faculty of acting, the student almost flew out of the institute. Master V. V. Petrov almost drove him out. That would have ended Dmitry Nagiyev’s student biography. The personal life of the actor just in his student years gained momentum. The young man wanted to do everything and everywhere. Merry companies, unrestrained energy, new acquaintances, including those with the opposite sex - all this swirled the future star with a whirlpool of youthful impulses of passions and desires.

Dmitry Nagiyev. Biography: family and the birth of a son

The student at that time began a relationship with his future wife Alice Cher. Being in the first year of the institute, at the age of twenty-one, Dima became a father. In the summer of 1989, Kirill was born - the son of Dmitry Nagiyev. Biography of star dad in the future will become an example for him to follow. The young family got out of their way. On a scholarship of 35 rubles, which Nagiyev received, to live with a small child seemed completely unrealistic. My wife worked at that time in Lenconcert, where she also received a small salary.Therefore, the young father clutched at any work that came across. The family was in difficulty, despite all kinds of help from their parents. But life went on. Nagiyev had to combine his studies with work in the Leningrad theater "Time".

Best graduate of the year

Despite all the difficulties, Dmitry graduated in 1991 with honors. At the final play "The Seagull" masterfully played the role of Dr. Dorn. After that, German employers who signed a contract with the Vremya Theater chose a talented student to work in Frankfurt, as evidenced by the biography of Dmitry Nagiyev.Dmitry Nagiyev biography wifeAfter two years on the Main in Germany, he returned. Dima began working at Radio Modern, where he was repeatedly recognized as the best radio host in the country. And subsequently, with a friend from the institute, Sergei Rost, they create a comic program of two actors “Carefully, Modern!”.

TV projects

The biography of Dmitry Nagiyev on television has just begun. As a TV presenter, Nagiyev became recognizable by such TV shows as: “Continent”, “The Burden of Money”, “Once in the Evening” and “Windows”. In the future, he will be invited to the role of leading various television projects. Transfer with his participation:

Dmitry Nagiyev Actor Biography

  • 1997 - "Caution Modern!".
  • 1998 - "Once in the evening."
  • 2001 - “Careful, Modern! 2 ".
  • 2002 - The Windows.
  • 2003 - The final concert of the reality show "House-1".
  • 2004 - “Be careful, Zadov!”.
  • 2005 - “The Great Race”.
  • 2011 - "Mom in Law".
  • 2012 - Comic magazine "Kitchen".
  • 2012 - “Voice” and “Voice. Children".
  • 2013-2014 - Advertising MTS.

Musical and theatrical creativity

In addition to theater and cinema, the biography of Dmitry Nagiyev includes the release of two music albums. “Fly to Nowhere” was the name of the album, released in 1998 in conjunction with the Trubny Zov group and Anna Samokhina. In 2006 another album "Silver" was released, created with the group "Russian Size".

Participation in theatrical productions

For many years, the actor does not cease to do what he likes, a confirmation is the biography of Dmitry Nagiyev. The photo of Dmitriy is still on the playbills of the theaters. The performances with his participation are very popular and are distinguished by a large number of fans. Especially popular performances: "Pretty", "Decameron", "Erotikon", "Territory", "Kysya" and many others.

Biography of Dmitry Nagiyev. Personal life

The current marital status of a famous TV presenter remains the main issue of interest to all journalists and fans who are ready for everything to find outwho spends his leisure time with Dmitry Nagiyev. Biography, wife, son, new roles - all of these are subjects of burning interest and thorough study of fans. For lovers of fans, a single showman is a target. Earlier, the actor was married to Alice Cher for a long time. After 18 years of cohabitation, the marriage broke up. After the scandalous divorce of parents, the child stayed with his mother.

Book about marriage with Nagiyev

Ex-wife Nagiyeva - radio host Alisa Sher - after the divorce, wrote a book about how she was married to Nagiyev. Despite the divorce, Dmitry tried not to deprive his son of attention, in every way he took care of him. Even after many years, star dad continues to help an adult Kirill. Dmitry Nagiyev family biography

Often, various novels and wedding stories are attributed to the well-known TV host and showman. But the actor does not respond to provocations of curious journalists. For questions about your personal life offers to show your passport. At the moment, Nagiyev has a relationship with Natalia Kovalenko.

The brightest roles of Dmitry Nagiyev

Dmitry Nagiyev is an actor. The biography of this famous person is impressive with a huge number of roles played. He played his first starring role in the cinema in 1998.It was the movie "Purgatory." In addition, there were:

  • "Executioner" - 1990 (bartender).
  • "Kamenskaya" - 2000 (Foresters, police captain).
  • Master and Margarita - 2005 (Judah of Kiriath).biography of Dmitry Nagiyev photo
  • “The Balzac age, or All the Men Svo ..” - 2006 (director Drymov).
  • “Sonka the Golden Pen” - 2008 (commandant of penal servitude on Sakhalin).
  • “The Return of the Musketeers, or the Treasure of Cardinal Mazarini” - 2008 (the son of Porthos).
  • “The Best Movie” - 2009 (ensign).
  • Burdocks: Episode One - 2009 (Alain Delon).
  • “The Best Movie 2” - 2009 (Gennady Malakhov).
  • The Capital of Sin - 2010 (produced by Romeo).
  • “Mayakovsky. Two days "- 2011 (Burliuk David).
  • Kamenskaya 6 - 2011 (Foresters, Major of the FSB).
  • "Kitchen" - 2012 (the owner of the restaurant).
  • “What do men do!” - 2013 (organizer).
  • “Two fathers and two sons” - 2013 (Pavel Gurov).
  • "Fizruk" - 2014 (physical education teacher at the school).

In the footsteps of a talented father decided to go the son of Dmitry Nagiyev. The biography of a young man has already played several roles. Cyril also received an acting education.

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