Night movement: popular clubs of Minsk

Despite the remoteness of the traditions of Minsk dwellers from European standards for nightlife,Minsk clubsdiffer in a big variety and almost faultless brightness. Naturally, each of them strives to gain prestige and a high position in society, therefore, residents and guests of the capital are always waiting for relaxing music, original interior design, unforgettable entertainment and, of course, decent cuisine. This article describes the six most popular nightlife in the city of Minsk with all its advantages and disadvantages.

Strip club Pin-code

Minsk clubs

As noted above, the clubs in Minsk are famous for their diversity, which means that among the many entertainment venues one can single out a couple of places where there is an opportunity to contemplate something more than just Go-Go. The strip club "Pin-code" is the most high-profile nightlife establishment, therefore its interior design is brightly focused on luxury. The club contains two halls in its structure: the main (60 seats) and rooms, which number 15.It should be noted that free smoking is allowed in the establishment.

Like allMinsk clubs"Pin-code" has individual features, including the presence of Chill out, Dress Code, Face Control. In addition, in the structure of the room there is a VIP area, VIP cabins, you can use Wi-Fi, table reservation service or a club card. "Pin-code" offers a number of entertainment, the main among which are Go-Go dancing, TV with a large-scale screen, a striptease in a female performance, a hookah and, of course, a show program. It should be noted that the institution specializes in the preparation of dishes of Italian and Japanese cuisine. If desired, the client can order an author's dish and, of course, never regret it.

Maxshow club

night clubs of Minsk

Todaynight clubs of MinskOften they are ready to offer their customers exciting and colorful shows, including performances by popular artists, contests and practical jokes, usually of a thematic nature. Max-show is a good example, because it is this club that specializes in the behavior of various events that can win the hearts of customers. In the structure of the institution there are 2 rooms: a Vip-hall with 30 seats and the main platform, which includes 150 seats.Smoking in this club is not a limitation.

The list of organizational opportunities of the institution includes banquet services, themed discos, hen parties, bachelor parties, fashion shows, presentations and buffets. The club has a Dress Code, Face Control, and in the presence of a club card, the client receives additional features and bonuses. The kitchen menu of the restaurant is exclusively European in nature, but the variety of dishes can conquer even the strictest critic.

Dozari Club (Minsk)

Minsk clubs. Addresses

A striking feature of this institution is a large area of ​​1500 m2, which can accommodate almost 1000 guests. The structure of the room has 2 floors and 4 zones, including a restaurant, a bar, a landing area and, of course, a dance floor. Interestingly, any client can choose a hall according to their taste preferences, because the club has four of them: Dozari with 250 seats, Mojito with 55 seats, Solovei karaoke-hall with 100 seats and Polirol 'afterparty bar with 100 seats. It is important to note that free smoking is allowed in each of them.

Dozari is rightly considered the centerpiece of the secular and nightlife of the capital, therefore, from the first years of opening on the site of the institution, only the most popular stars of the CIS, as well as neighboring countries, appear.The club's residents are the most famous DJs today, which undoubtedly indicates the high status of the place.

Madison royal club

dozari club (Minsk)

Often, nightclubs in Minsk are able to guess the preferences of the younger generation, which allows them to gain popularity at a rapid pace. Madison Royal Club is undoubtedly a master in organizing the loudest parties, because it is in this club that a huge number of guests gather. The structure of the institution has only one hall (130 seats), the total capacity of which is 800 people. Among the organizational capacity of the institution should be noted service of banquets, all kinds of parties, hen nights, bachelor parties, fashion shows, presentations, wedding ceremonies, and receptions. The club’s individual features include Dress Code, Face Control, Wi-Fi, table reservations and others. The institution can offer its customers such entertaining events as Go-Go, TV with a large-scale screen, bartender shows, women’s striptease, hookah, men’s striptease, projection screen, dance floor, and a show program.

Concert Hall Prime Hall

Todayentertainment clubs in Minskare very popular not only among young people, but also in relation to the older generation. For example, Prime Hall is often chosen by mature people who are eager for an explosion of emotions and pleasant impressions. This institution is equal to the modern amphitheater, which is capable of making any event a central event in the nightlife of the city of Minsk. The absolute advantage of the establishment is an excellent high-quality view of the site from any point of the hall, very comfortable seating for guests, as well as innovative sound and lighting equipment designed in accordance with the highest standards.

The main entertainment activities that Prime Hall can offer are Go-Go dancing, bartender shows, a projection screen, a dance floor and, of course, an interesting show program. Like all Minsk clubs, the modern amphitheater is endowed with individual features. Among them, it is necessary to highlight the presence of the Dress Code, Face Control, VIP-zones, the possibility of booking tables, a non-smoking area / hall.

Rich cat

entertainment clubs in Minsk

Nontrivial design - the main feature of this institution. Almost all Minsk clubs (addresses can be found on officialresources) are characterized by a glamorous and vibrant atmosphere. But RICH CAT is famous for thematic extraordinaryness and even rigor. Among the possibilities of an institution in terms of preparing entertainment events, it is worth mentioning the organization of banquet services, various kinds of parties, hen parties, business negotiations, bachelor parties, parties for children, fashion shows, presentations, weddings and buffets.

The club can offer its guests entertainment such as Go-Go dancing, large-screen TV, a barman show, hookah, dance floor and show program. And among the individual features of the institution, you can highlight the presence of Dress Code, Face Control, VIP-zones, Wi-Fi, table reservations, a non-smoking area / hall and club cards.

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