Nervous system: nervousness in women

nervous system

The nervous system in our body regulates all processes. It is she who is responsible for your health. Today, it is reliably known that most diseases are caused by psychosomatic causes. Or, as they say, all diseases of the nerves.

Causes of Nervousness

One of the indicators that the nervous system of the body is depleted is nervousness. This is a common phenomenon caused by many factors: psychological and physical. For example, stress, lack of sleep, lack of nutrients in the body. Often, nervousness is caused by diseases of the endocrine system and digestive organs. In women, hormonal problems and premenstrual syndrome become a common cause of nervous tension.

vitamins for the nervous systemNervousness and irritability in women

Mental, physical, emotional overloads most often cause nervousness. A woman performs a lot of duties at work and at home.Instead of having a rest after a busy day, you have to help the children do their homework, cook dinner and clean the floors. All this is repeated day after day. Especially hard if there are no helpers. Irritation and fatigue accumulate, and ultimately result in a nervous breakdown. In addition, the nervous system of women is exposed to negative effects due to the characteristics of the physiology. Hormonal surges are sometimes associated not only with monthly changes, but also with diseases of the endocrine system. In this case, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination. After all, in healthy women, premenstrual syndrome is weak, and sometimes it does not manifest at all. The nervous system of the body will be strengthened if you monitor your health: eat right, do physical exercises, move more and be in the fresh air.

We support the nervous system in order

For the body is very important support from the outside. Often, with nervousness and irritability, vitamins are prescribed for the nervous system, which improves its activity. They also affect memory, have a calming effect, restore sleep.These drugs include glutamic acid, tyrosine, glycine, tryptophan.

how to calm the nervous systemHow to calm the nervous system

You can adjust the work of the nervous system by taking various medications. Now in pharmacies there are a lot of drugs that help to cope with dispersed nerves. In addition, you can resort to traditional medicine. Well soothe broths and infusions of various herbs. Infusion of birch, collection of valerian roots, chamomile noticeably help to relieve irritability, increased excitability. Tincture of mint and lemon balm has a calming effect. Do not forget about walking in the fresh air. Many work indoors, where in a few hours their mood inevitably deteriorates and their performance decreases. At such times, try to go out and breathe in the fresh air. This way you keep calm and be able to work much more productively.

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