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Nelly meaning of the name and the interpretation of the nameNelly: (short for ELLEN, ELENA) - bright (Greek).
Name day Nelli: The Orthodox calendar does not appear, but can celebrate their birthday with Elena: June 3 or November 13.
Zodiac name - Gemini. The planet Mars. The color of the name is yellow. Auspicious tree is a nut.
The cherished plant is freesia. The patron of the name is a dragonfly. The stone-talisman is a topaz.
Diminutive forms: Nela, Nelka, Elya, Lelya.
Characteristics of the name Nelly: For Nellie, the most important thing is refinement, style, aristocracy in everything - in behavior and feelings. It consists of contradictions, it can be capricious, aggressive, selfish. Shy of natural manifestations of feelings, but at the same time hospitable, polite, caring and faithful in friendship. But in general it is very difficult to guess how Nellie will act in this or that case and how to handle her. She is in mood can in one word destroy the most faithful friendship and love.
Nelly's name in history: Nelly-Elizabeth Kingston-the Duchess, an English adventurer,the daughter of Colonel English Service Chedley; was maid of honor at the court of the Welsh Princess; entered into a secret marriage with Captain Hervey (later Earl of Bristol), then became the mistress of the old rich man, the Duke of Kingston. In 1765 went on a trip to Europe. Frederick the Great was so fascinated by her that for several years she kept constant correspondence with her. After returning to England, her relationship with her husband became so aggravated that she decided to secretly cut out an act of marriage from the parish book: she succeeded. She married the Duke of Kingston, who died after bequeathing her fortune to her. The legitimate heirs of the duke began to challenge the will and, at the same time, instituted criminal proceedings against the duchess on charges of duplicity. The House of Lords testament upheld, but the prosecution found it proved and, freeing Duchess Kingston from punishment, decided that she would henceforth be called the Countess of Bristol.
Nevertheless, she was later called the Duchess of Kingston, even in official acts. Two times she visited Petersburg, where she met at first a warm welcome both from the empress’s side,and the capital's nobility; However, she did not succeed in obtaining the title of State Lady of the Empress, and on the second visit to St. Petersburg the Empress met her extremely dryly, for the slutty Englishwoman was drawn with envious eyes to the imperial favorites. In recent years, the Duchess of Kingston held in Rome and Paris. In the very year of her death, her memoirs appeared in London.

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