Nail bricks look unusual and beautiful

Now there are many options for doingmanicure. To become the owner of a unique design of nails, it is enough just to take care of the availability of various kinds of improvised means. These can be rhinestones, ribbons, sparkles, stickers and other ornaments. Novel bouillon is one of the modern ways of unique manicure design.

What is a bouillon?

Small glass balls that look a bit alikeon caviar, look quite interesting. This is the bouillon for nails. They differ in color and size. You can buy absolutely miniature bouillon, similar to grains of sand. Also on sale are beads, which are comparable in size to rhinestones.

Attention of customers is broada color scale of these ornaments. Therefore, creating an unusual manicure, using bouillon for nails, is not difficult. You can combine their colors and sizes, creating individual varieties of manicure. The technique of using the broth is so simple that a novice is capable of mastering it.

bouillon for nails

How to use a nail decoration

In the absence of time or opportunityto build from the balls of any pattern, you can simply pour them on the nails in an irregular manner. As a result, it will be rather neat and original. Chaotic design is an excellent solution in the absence of time.

And if you plan to make a certain drawing,then you need to fix the bouillon for nails with a toothpick. The lesson is a bit laborious, but in fact it is not difficult. And the result is worth the effort.

Many girls may worry thata rough manicure will scratch against objects. To prevent this from happening, after fixing the beads, the nails should be covered with a clear varnish. Only do this after the complete drying of the previous layer.

nail design with soup

Manicure Options

It looks interesting manicure, in which soupnot every nail is covered. It is enough to focus on one of them. The design of nails with broths looks somewhat unusual and attracts attention by its unevenness.

You can also use beads of individual shades to highlight each nail. Mixing broths of different colors and sizes is also interesting. After all, such a placer looks completely unique.

And if there is time and the desire to create a specialthe design of nails with bouillon, then from the beads you can lay out drawings. Cute images of animals, birds, flowers or bows, hearts. Distribute the decor only on the selected area of ​​the nail plate or on its entire surface. French manicure can also be varied.

How to use bouillon for nails

How to make nails correctly

Decorating technique using decorativeelements at several stages coincides with the usual actions. Suppose, already bought bouillon for nails. How to use these decorations correctly? The order of the manicure looks like this:

  1. Take care of the nail plate, removing the roughness and degreasing it.
  2. Apply a base coat to level the surface.
  3. Cover the nails with a pale pink varnish in 2 layers. Each of them must dry well before further action.
  4. Apply gel using a narrow brush.
  5. Carefully lay the broths on the edge of the nail. The border between varnish and beads can be framed as a smile.
  6. Dry your nails. It is best to do this using a UV lamp.
  7. Apply another layer of gel, on which you can lay out larger bouillons than used before.
  8. Dry your nails.
  9. Cover their surface with a clear varnish. This is done so that the nail decoration does not cling to objects. The manicure looks perfect.
  10. The gel layer is removed using wet wipes.

bouillon for nails how to use design

To create an amazing manicure, enoughbuy bouillons for nails. How to use, design and other features of ornaments that may be of interest to customers are described in the article. The cost of decorative elements is low, so it is convenient to buy several packages at once. Using beads of different colors and sizes, you can significantly diversify the manicure.

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