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Where can you see hundreds of pagodas, jungles dotted with vines and palm trees against the backdrop of the highest Himalayan mountains? All this is in Myanmar. It is located in Southeast Asia and is ready to show guests the most secluded and charming places in the whole peninsula called Indochina. A list and description of the attractions of Myanmar can be found further in the article

Many-sided country

This country has many names. Locals usually call her Bama, as she appears even in the national anthem. Officially, it is called the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, although another name is fixed in the world - Burma, which has remained since the 80s, since the times of the Socialist Union of Burma.

Before delving into the sights of Myanmar or Burma, let's find out about herself. The state is located in the west of the Indochina peninsula. In size it occupies 39th place in the world, covering an area of ​​678,500 km2.

Myanmar is home to a huge number of ethnic groups. More than 30% of the population are national minorities. The titular people are the Burmese, they profess Buddhism. In addition to them, the country is inhabited by shans, Karen, Mon, Pao, Kaya, Rohingya, Chinese, Indians, and other ethnic groups. Among them are found both Buddhists and Christians with Muslims.

For economic development, Myanmar is considered a poor country. Nevertheless, there are deposits of oil and gas, tungsten, copper, tin, gold, precious and semi-precious stones. Together with Thailand and Laos, it is included in the criminal “Golden Triangle” and is the second in the world in the production of opium.

Myanmar attractions

Myanmar: interesting facts

  • Landmarks of the country opened up to the world recently. Back in 2015 in Myanmar, the rules of the Military State Council, and to visit it, you had to get a special permit. Now it is a democratic and open country to visit.
  • Previously, the capital of the state was the city of Yangon. In 2005, it was transferred to Naypyidaw. They did it not ever, but on a specific day and even a specific hour (November 6, Sunday, at exactly 6:37), according to the instructions of local astrologers.
  • Astrology in Myanmar is an extremely important craft. People of this profession are advised when choosing geographical names and a name for a child.
  • In addition to common religious denominations, such as Buddhism, Islam and Christianity, there is animism in the country. Approximately 1% of the population professes to believe in the existence of the soul in nature.
  • In Myanmar, there are occasional religious conflicts between Buddhists and Muslims. The latter broke out quite recently (in 2016).
  • A week in this country is divided into 8 days. Apparently, the environment seemed to the locals too long, and she divided it into Wednesday-morning and Wednesday-evening.
  • Skirts lounji - national clothes. They are absolutely everything and not only on holidays. Traditional skirts are worn every day, even when going to government offices or to work.

Cities, resorts and attractions of Myanmar

Due to the long closure of the country from the outside world in popularity, it is much inferior to Thailand and Cambodia. Nevertheless, Myanmar has already overgrown with hundreds of hotels and restaurants, and the clear advantage is the absence of impenetrable crowds of tourists. Of course, you need to be prepared for the fact that first-class service is not found here at every turn.

Yangon, Naypyidaw, Saung, Ngwe-Saung, Mandalay, Ngapali are the largest and most visited cities.The cultural attractions of the Union of Myanmar can be enjoyed in Mandalay and Yangon. They present the ancient temples with palaces, British colonial buildings, as well as all the randomness and colorful urban life of the country.

For a lazy beach holiday usually go to Ngapali. Luxury hotels and bungalows right on the beach, the waters of the Indian Ocean, clean white sand surrounded by tropical jungles - this is what this corner of Myanmar offers. Nearby you can find the Elephant Camp, where animals are trained, and for those seeking solitude, there are the wild beaches of Ngwe-Saung and Kantay.

union myanmar sights

The most interesting sights of Myanmar:

  • temples of Bagan (Pagan),
  • Inle Lake,
  • Kutodo Paya pagoda,
  • Pindaya Caves,
  • teak bridge in Amarapur,
  • Mandalay Hill
  • Shwedagon Temple in Yangon
  • Monva village,
  • the ruins of indain
  • Gold stone
  • Mount Pope.


Pagan or Bagan is a real valley of temples and a popular place among Buddhist pilgrims. In the past, here was the capital of the first state in Myanmar. Now there are several separate villages in the vicinity of which there are thousands of pagodas, stupas and sacred caves, reminiscent of the once great and developed kingdom of Pagan.

The temples and pagodas are made of sand, limestone, stones and marble.They have long muddled corridors in which you can stumble upon ancient frescoes, sculptures of Buddha and other sacred relics. The shrines are scattered over an area of ​​40 square kilometers. Some of them are among the desert areas, others are dotted with thick green thickets.

yangon myanmar sightsThe main attractions of Bagan in Myanmar are the stupas of Shwezigon and Lokananda Chaun. In them you can see the teeth that belonged, as they say, to the Buddha himself. Shwe San Da Pagoda has won the attention of tourists for another reason. On its summit they love to climb in order to meet the sunset and fully experience the romantic spirit of the once great Bagan.

Inle Lake

Connoisseurs of peace and tranquility are unlikely to remain indifferent to this sights of Myanmar. The lake is surrounded by mountains and in itself looks very picturesque. On Inle, you can plunge into the real village life of Southeast Asia, but not the usual, as it develops exclusively on the water.

bagan myanmar sights

The lake is the center of life of 17 villages. The houses are not on the shore, but on stilts right in the middle of its waters, the gardens are “planted” there. Vegetables are grown from above on algae and roots of hyacinths.Locals move in boats, and row, standing on her nose and catching the paddle with one foot. Every week they organize a floating market where you can buy local products, items with ticking threads, handkerchiefs and capes woven from the river lotus (although prices may be too high).

Inle is a monastery of jumping cats. There are only a few monks living there who surround themselves with cats, which they also train. Their main trick - jump "fluffy" through the hoop.

The Golden Stone, or the Chaittio Pagoda

The Golden Stone is the sacred landmark of Myanmar. It is located on the Chaittiyo mountain. The road from Yangon, covered with bumps and pits, is very difficult, but the unusual form of the monument pays for all the suffering.

 Myanmar Mandalay Attractions

A stone about 5 meters in size is located on the very edge of the cliff. According to local legends, the Buddha’s hair, enclosed inside a stupa built directly on a boulder, has been helping him to keep balance for centuries. From above the stone is covered with gold leaf, which is why its name comes about.

Everyone is allowed to look at it, but only men can touch it and touch it. The same legend says that only a woman is able to push a stone from a mountain. Therefore, closer than ten meters weak floor to the relics are not allowed.


Where there are no temples in Myanmar. You can even find them in the caves. The city of Pindaya has long become a tourist and Buddhist Mecca, in its stone labyrinths there are more than eight thousand Buddha statues. They are exhibited between cave lakes and stalactites weighing.

The entrance to the cave is decorated with a hall with astrological mandalas. The following are many rooms with stupas, altars and statues. Do not be surprised at the sight of the sculpture of a spider and a man who aims at him from a bow. According to legend, in this cave a huge spider once dragged seven princesses. Fortunately, the girls were saved by Prince Kummabaya, and sculptures were erected in memory of his feat.

Shwedagon Pagoda

The Shwedagon is the most famous and revered shrine in Yangon and in Myanmar. The landmark is located on a small hill in the center of the former capital. This is a large temple complex with many pavilions. In the middle is the main stupa, reaching a height of about 90 meters. At its summit you can climb the stairs or the elevator.

Myanmar attractions list description

It is said that Shvegadon keeps relics of the four Buddhas: the hair of Gautama, the staff of Kakusandhi, the flap of Kassapa's tunic, and the water filter of Konakamanna.The temple is covered with gold, the total weight of which is about 40 kilograms.

In the entire history of him twice stole the bell. The first, encrusted with precious stones, was removed by the Portuguese, but they missed it in the river Yangon. The second bell was shot by the British, drowning the "booty" in the same river, but already with the boat. Passing the bamboo branches into it, the Burmese pulled the bell from the bottom.

Kutodo Paya

Kutodo Paya is the most significant landmark of Mandalay in Myanmar. It is called the “biggest book”, although it is not made of paper at all, but of marble. Kutodo Paya is a huge temple complex in which there are 729 stupas or stelae. Inside of them are marble tablets with the text of the Buddhist canon Tripitaka.

The pagoda was built in the XIX century, and it took such an enterprise for eight years. The text of the canon is written in Pali, in which Buddhist ceremonies are held. During the construction of the monument has long been known about typography. Its appearance is rather symbolic. The creators of the pagoda wanted to perpetuate the sacred text, inflicting it on the material, which nature is not easy to destroy.

Teak bridge

If the temple attractions of Myanmar are already bored, you can go to the Ubein Bridge in the city of Amarapura. It stretches 1200 meters and is the oldest and longest wooden bridge in the world.

 Myanmar attractions interesting facts

It was completely made of teak wood, which took more than a thousand logs. Over time, the material began to rot, so individual logs are replaced with concrete columns. Since the path along the bridge is long, there are several covered pavilions with benches on it. In the evening, dozens of fishing boats appear on the lake. For about $ 7, their owners agree to hire everyone.

Mjør archipelago

In the southern part of Myanmar, there is a piece of unspoilt pristine nature. It is located right in the Andaman Sea and is about 800 islands that belong to the archipelago Meyi. Most of them are uninhabited and look like in the best traditions of cinema - desert beaches, cliffs, caves, lagoons and evergreen mangroves.

cities resorts and sights of myanmar

The few inhabitants of some islands are the Mokens, or "sea gypsies." They produce pearls and seafood, grow hevea trees, fish, and breed poultry.They do not linger in one place and constantly move between the islands of the archipelago in boats, in which they live.

In the waters around Mya there is a very diverse underwater world, which usually attracts the attention of divers. Whitefin sharks, stingrays, groupers, triggerfish, lobsters and other animals live in underwater caves and coral reefs.

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