Motorcycle "3M-Sunrise": description, specifications, manufacturer

Soviet motorcycle "3M-Sunrise" was made on large in the city of Kovrov. The machine is an improved modification of the first two versions, the release of which began in 1957. The unit has a simple design, durability, maintainability and affordable price. At that time, he was considered to be quite a worthy competitor among domestic peers. Consider the features of the vehicle and its main characteristics.

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Modification "3M-Sunrise" was made from 1983 to 1993. Unlike its predecessors, the updated motorcycle received a lot of advantages. Firstly, the cooling area of ​​the cylinders, which is a lattice structure, was increased. Secondly, a model of Czechoslovak production was used as a carburetor. In addition, the unit was equipped with 12-volt electrical equipment and upgraded dashboard.

Among the features should be noted the placement of wiring and other elements of the electrical circuit under the seat in special plastic vestibules. The speed indicator aggregated with control rotary sensors, and a powerful generator allowed the power plant to start without a battery.

Main characteristics

Below are the main parameters that the Voskhod-3M motorcycle has:

  • Length / width / height - 2.0 / 0.85 / 1.3 meters (dimensions contribute to the transport of two people, even a large build).
  • Ground clearance is 12.5 centimeters, which allows you to overcome various potholes and hummocks on a bad road surface.
  • Weight - 135 kg.
  • Maximum load without loss of ride quality - 160 kg.

What parameters does the engine have? "Voskhod-3M" is equipped with a single-cylinder carburetor engine. Its working volume is 173 cm ³, and power - 15 horsepower. With a maximum acceleration of up to 105 kilometers per hour, the two-wheeled unit in question consumes about four liters of fuel per 100 km. And the fuel tank holds 14 liters of gasoline.

motorcycle sunrise 3m

Special features

Motorcycle "3M-Sunrise" is equipped with a gearbox with four ranges, with a footswitch. Clutch control is located on the right handlebar.Speeds are switched through the impact on the pedal, the transmission unit is located in the oil bath.

As for the chassis of the vehicle, it is made in the form of a closed-type frame of a metal pipe. The suspension travel is 160 millimeters in front and 80 rear. Due to the presence of drum brakes, foot drive and additional manual devices, the effectiveness of the stop of the motorcycle "3M-Voskhod" ensures safety in various driving modes.

Spoke wheels mounted on cage tires, 3.25 / 15 or 3.50 / 16 in size. Well-assembled dashboard allows you to read and monitor all important readings in a timely manner.


Motorcycle "Voskhod-3M" was developed in several configurations. There were even versions for agriculture, which were equipped with devices for transporting products. However, due to the incompatibility of the transfer box and the number of speeds for off-road driving, this model did not catch on in wide use.

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In the modern world, the considered units for their intended purpose are rarely used.Basically, "3M-Sunrise" is popular among collectors as one of the representatives of rare Soviet technology. Owners who were able to keep this equipment in working condition, use it as a reliable vehicle, not afraid of difficult road sections.

Consumer reviews

According to users, the unit in question, although it does not shine with a modern design with chrome inserts and other innovations, is easy to operate and maintain. Any owner could independently sort out this technique on "cogs", having minimal skills.

By and large, Voskhod-3M, the characteristics of which are discussed above, is a typical representative of the Soviet automobile industry, which, nevertheless, was once considered one of the best in the same category. Its advantages are in unpretentiousness to service and fuel, low price and the possibility of overcoming difficult-to-reach areas. On such routes, modern vehicles with similar parameters do not always cope.

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The result

The motorcycle of the Soviet production "3M-Voskhod" is considered to be one of the most popular types of techniques in the 80-90s in the post-Soviet space. Possessing good performance and maintainability, the described unit had a decent design and decent running characteristics, adapted to domestic roads, including the countryside.

The release of the model was completed in 1993, but for a long time it did not occupy the very last place among the two-wheeled “iron horses” of domestic production.

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