I caught a video in which several strong teenagers from Dolgoprudny humiliate a 13-year-old girl. Chew, poured milk, grab the hair, put on his knees.
It happens in the afternoon, in the city park. Passers do not interfere. Only one woman stood up for the girl. Yes, and that ogrebla.
However, in the video I was most outraged not by the indifference of people. Behind this indifference is the banal fear of aggressive, sporty-looking youngsters.
I was angry about the reaction of the mother of one of them.
“Cleopatra bathed in milk. Do you see any crime in this? ”Said the muzzle.
Her geek will rape, torture, kill - she will still protect her son.
In your opinion, is this woman - an ordinary mother, driven by the instinct of protecting offspring, or by evil, stupid cattle?
Now, if your child behaved like a scumbag, would you stand up for his defense? How would you act in such a situation? Honestly.
I listen to you very carefully.

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