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Angel gutierrez
He was friends with Tarkovsky and Efremov, with Lyubimov, Efros, Galich, Okudzhava. He led Vysotsky on Taganka to Lyubimov, and he introduced him to Vlady at the WTO restaurant. They organized an evening in honor of Marina and he was asked to call someone with a guitar. He invited Vysotsky and Zolotukhin ...
Angel gutierrez
Angel Gutierrez. A real Russian to the very depths of his Spanish soul.
Many remember him by the role of sailor Pablo in the film “Salute, Maria!”, Where the Spaniards were played by real Spaniards.
Born in Havana, in the family of a millionaire, but very soon turned into a beggar cowgirl, when his father was shot as a capitalist during popular unrest.
Angel gutierrez
A six-year-old boy, along with his two little sisters, was taken out under the bombing in the ship’s hold in the USSR. Then there was a civil war in Spain, and in 1937–38 the Soviet Union accepted about three thousand Spanish children.
Angel recalled:
- When the war started, they sent me to the port city, and then for some reason they put me on a steamer. I was six years old. Mom did not even come to say goodbye to me, then she said that she did not know that they would take us away. I just can not understand who organized it, they just bombed the city and sent all the children.And we finally sailed to Leningrad. A sea of ​​people, all with flowers, orchestras. Women have short hair and blue eyes. We were caressed, gave flowers, wept. And I didn’t understand why they didn’t love me in Spain, and then strangers on some other planet, with a foreign language, love me and all of us so much ...
Then there was an orphanage number 8 on Tverskaya, where Angel found the blockade: he was taken out of Leningrad together with other children, having again managed to save ...
In general, the biography of this person is such that it would be enough for several scenarios. First love - Pushkin, the second - forever, for life - Chekhov.
He is a student of students of Stanislavsky. He studied at GITIS, then taught at GITIS. He worked in the theater "Romen", stood at the origins of the Taganka Theater, where he was artistic director.
He married his student, Lyuda Ukolova, and later the soloist of the Chamber Musical Theater of Pokrovsky.
And when the persecution began in the 1970s, Angel was not willingly left to leave the USSR. Five years have not been allowed to him.
Angel gutierrez
Today, Angel Gutierrez is the artistic director and chief director of the Anton Chekhov Chamber Theater created by him in Madrid. He says that the greatest happiness in his life is that he was once taken to Russia, which he considers to be his homeland.He calls it a holy land and dreams of being buried somewhere in Chekhov's places - in Melikhovo or Taganrog.

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