Moscow: red metro line

The metro is a palace of modernity, in which emperors and nobles never lived, and it is practically invisible from the outside. But one has only to enter it, and you can see the magnificent paintings, which is worth exploring the past of the country.

red metro line

What is the red metro line? What is the official name of this line of the Moscow Metro? Sokolnicheskaya or Kirovsko-Frunzenskaya - the first line of the Moscow metro.


According to the plan of the Moscow metro you can find out the whole history of its construction. This is one of the most popular posters, many even know it by heart. Each line is colored in a certain color - blue, yellow, orange, purple, blue, gray ... These are the lines of the subway.

Now the red line of the Moscow metro is 32.5 km and 22 stations, and the journey time is 51 minutes.

red metro line moscow


The red metro line is the oldest in the metropolitan metropolitan system. The movement of trains on it began May 15, 1935. Then the line was much shorter, and passengers could travel only along the route “Park of Culture - Sokolniki”.In the early years of the Metro, Muscovites went there as if on an excursion. They came out on each platform to view all the bas-reliefs and mosaics. Over time, everything changed, and people just do not pay attention to the majestic marble columns and unique stucco on the ceilings.

What other symbolism carries the red metro line? Moscow is associated with this color all over the world, and it is not for nothing that the most important square of the capital is named that way.

Oldest branch

The red metro line is called Sokolnicheskaya on behalf of one of the districts through which it passes. Each station keeps its secrets. It is only necessary to stop being a hurry for business for a while, and to get to know this underground city again. The oldest stations are of the greatest interest, the history of which is connected with the past and the present, the story about them below. The red metro line is quite interesting in this regard and boasts legendary events and architecture.

"Red Gate"

The subway of the capital began with the station, which is now called the "Red Gate". The first visitors saw exactly its walls.After the opening, she won the Grand Prix in Paris and is well deserved. Prior to this, in world practice there were no examples of three-vaulted structures at such a depth. It was built in a closed way: first, walls and vaults were erected by hand, and only then the whole soil was taken out, otherwise the building could simply collapse.

red line of the Moscow metro

"Sparrow Hills"

This station has a very interesting fate. It opened in 1959. But after a while, its operation had to be stopped. It was built on a unique project, because it is the first metro station in the world, which is located on a bridge over the river. The construction of the metro bridge is generally not an easy task, but here the situation was also complicated by the tight deadlines. The opening of the station would be timed to coincide with the festival of youth and students. But they did not succeed in this, and haste played its fatal role. Construction norms were not met. As a result, over time, both the metro bridge and the station itself began to collapse. I had to start the reconstruction. Trains drove this platform nonstop. No one knew what it would be when it opened. Young people eagerly listened to the stories of grandparents who recalled with enthusiasm about the closed station, and hoped that it would be at least a little like the one that the old men were describing. The result exceeded all expectations."Sparrow Hills" is the longest platform of the Moscow Metro. Its length is as much as 284 meters. Thanks to the transparent walls, the view from the station is simply amazing. Here there are three districts of the capital - Western, South-Western and Central. And on the opposite bank of the Moskva River one can see the building of the Academy of Sciences and St. Andrew’s Monastery.

red metro line as it is called


The next station of the red line metro - "University". It is unique in its own way. One of its lobbies is located in the Western District, and the other in the South-West. Separates them Vernadsky Avenue. She did not get her name right away. At first they wanted to use an abbreviation - MSU, but then they decided to take the word “university” itself. Among the passengers who are at this station are students. Here they can be seen from morning until late evening. Here they make appointments and meetings with friends.

The final scene of the film “I walk across Moscow” was filmed at the station “University”, then it was final. In the frame even got the pointer "no landing", which has been preserved until now. The truth is now the inscription lights up when the train leaves the depot.

If you forget an umbrella or a bag in the train, go to the station "University". It is here that the warehouse of forgotten things is located.A variety of objects are waiting for their owners there, because in the metro they lose everything from tennis rackets to digital cameras.

Due to its age, the red metro line is the most interesting not only for Muscovites, but also for tourists.

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