Moscow. Monument to the disassembled railway

The fact that once in Moscow in the Otradnoye and Sviblovo areas there was a passenger railroad now reminds only a small monument.
1. The railway was called "Beskudnikovsky railway line" and connected the Yaroslavl and Savyolovsk directions. Passed from the station Losinoostrovskaya Yaroslavsky to Beskudnikovo Savyolovsky. Years of "life" of the road: 1900-1987
By the time of the opening of the Savyolovskaya railway in 1900, the place for the new station had not yet been determined. The direction worked as a branch of the Yaroslavl railway. From the Yaroslavsky station the same train went. When the Savyolovsky station was opened, the branch from Losinoostrovskaya to Beskudnikova became auxiliary.
After the war, she let the train. There were 6 platforms in total: Beskudnikovo, Slobodka, Otradnoe, Institute of the Way, Dzerzhinsk and Losinoostrovskaya. 1950s - the time of the greatest use of the branch. In addition to passengers, they even brought cargo and cattle to the VDNH.

However, the city expanded, since 1960 the branch was completely in Moscow. The Sviblovo and Medvedkovo districts required communication with the center. Already in 1966, the Dzerzhinsk-Losinoostrovskaya stage was closed due to the opening of the tram line, which cut the railway.
During the construction of the red metro line in the 1970s, the Dzerzhinsk-Institute of Pathway was closed. In place of the branch station appeared "Sviblovo". Finally, the railway was finished off by active development of Otradny and neighboring areas.
2. The preserved pillar on Dekabristov Street (it runs parallel to the former ways) became a part of the monument opened in 2005. The children's train is directed towards the Otradnoe platform and stands correctly along the train.

3. A photo of the 1971 map from its collection.
- The Slobidka platform was located at the intersection of a branch with Altufevskoe highway. Until the early 1970s, the village of the same name was located here.
- The platform Otradnoe was located on Agricultural Street.
- The station "Institute of the way" was located near the metro station "Sviblovo". There was a junction, 2 ways
- The Dzerzhinsk Platform was at the intersection with Yeniseiskaya Street.

4. But the rails are wrong - at right angles to the once held here

5. Inside the train garbage. Pigs are not very interesting culture and history of the area

6. Post

7. Alas, especially from this angle, the monument is lost in the thickets. Arrange to the territory here. It would have been a good sight of the area.

The line used electric trains in 4-6 cars, reaching from the end to the end in about 10 minutes. The train was moving slowly. They say it could even overtake cyclists. In the people she was called "supersonic".
In addition to the monument, the embankment, the bridge over the Yauza, rebuilt and became pedestrian, as well as the former pavilion of the platform "Otradnoe", now lost among the garages, are preserved from the former railway.

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