"Metropolitan Medical Clinic" on Sretenka: basic services, appointment, doctors, reviews

More and more people who have these or other health problems prefer private medical institutions. The largest number of universal clinics is concentrated in Moscow. Metropolitan Medical Clinic is one of the most popular institutions. Feedback about him can be heard at most positive.

Basic information

The medical institution provides assistance at the European level in various medical areas. Prices for services can not be called democratic. At the same time, clients are given the opportunity to undergo consultation and subsequent treatment by highly qualified specialists. Professors and doctors of sciences work in the staff. Great success in the treatment of complex ailments can be achieved thanks to the latest equipment.

metropolitan medical clinicIn a place with a well-developed infrastructure is the Capital Medical Clinic.How to get there Trolleybuses and route buses ply here. In addition, the institution is located in close proximity to the metro station Sretensky Boulevard (you must go to the building of Lukoil). The exact address of the clinic is Sretenka Street, 9.

The main merit of the Metropolitan Medical Clinic is doctors. Specialists of the institution not only possess proven methods of treatment of diseases, but also develop their effective schemes. Apart from the fact that the clinic staff is well versed in their profession, they also have a sensitive heart, they know how to calm the patient.

Permanent medical care

The clinic can provide comprehensive medical care in various directions. Here, any member of the family over the age of 16 can register with a therapist. What gives the annual program? Reviews show that it allows you to save up to 50% of the funds spent on treatment for the year. In addition, quality care is guaranteed in all situations. A single medical record is put on the patient, in which all referrals, tests, diagnostics are displayed.

metropolitan medical clinic sretenka 9What else does the Capital Medical Clinic offer? Registration of certificates for those who paid for annual service is free of charge.In addition, there is the possibility of receiving additional bonuses and gifts for those who enter into a contract for several people at once (for the whole family).

Analyzes and diagnostics

Therapy of any disease begins with a thorough diagnosis. Metropolitan Medical Clinic has all the necessary resources for the timely detection of any pathologies. One of the most informative is laboratory diagnostics. Some types of tests can detect changes in the body at the cellular level, when the patient has no complaints. Therefore, it is important to undergo preventive examinations, periodically pass the main tests.

If you suspect dangerous pathology, the doctor may prescribe endoscopic examination. The Metropolitan Medical Clinic (Sretenka, 9) has the equipment to recognize dangerous pathological processes, including cancer, at an early stage. Gastroscopy and colonoscopy techniques are also widely used.

The medical institution has all the resources to conduct high-quality ultrasound and x-ray diagnostics. CT and MRI devices are widely used to examine the entire body.


According to statistics, problems with teeth take the second place in terms of the frequency of seeking medical help. Metropolitan Medical Clinic provides a full range of services in this direction. Not only therapy for young children. Most often, people turn to the clinic for help when they detect caries. Specialists use high-quality filling material. Reviews show that the installed seals are held for more than 5 years. In addition, the therapy of pulpitis, periodontitis, stomatitis, etc.

The doctors of the clinic have achieved great success in orthopedic matters. We use the latest technology to restore the bite and functionality of the dentition of the patient with minimal harm to health. Good reviews can be heard about the implantation of molars. The established substitutes are practically indistinguishable from healthy teeth.

What else does the Metropolitan Medical Clinic offer? Dentistry is one of the main activities of the institution. Experts not only treat teeth, but also improve the smile from an aesthetic point of view. The service of restoration and teeth whitening is very popular.


An inadequate response of the body to certain foods or other environmental stimuli is a problem familiar to many. Unfortunately, allergology in state medicine is not developed enough. Therefore, many people faced with trouble, have to go to private institutions.

Sretensky BoulevardMetropolitan Medical Clinic offers the assistance of a qualified allergist. For the first consultation will have to pay 1650 rubles. On the first visit, the patient will be able to find out the alleged group of allergens, which provoked a negative reaction of the body, will receive a referral for tests. In the future, a specialist conducts appropriate therapy to eliminate the manifestation of allergies in the future.

It should be borne in mind that allergies can occur at any age. Often it is a consequence of concomitant diseases in the body. Therefore, in order to accurately determine the treatment the doctor may prescribe a full medical examination.

obstetrics and gynecology

Family planning is an important component of the emergence of healthy offspring. It is no coincidence that many young couples, before conceiving a baby,they turn to a private medical institution to take all the necessary tests, and after pregnancy they get registered here. Metropolitan Medical Clinic (Sretenka, 9) also offers services of this kind. For the first reception of an obstetrician-gynecologist will have to pay 2000 rubles.

If a woman cannot become pregnant for a long time, she has to go through an additional consultation with an endocrinologist. Service cost - 1650 rubles. The fact is that infertility is often associated with hormonal disorders.

metropolitan medical clinicCouples who managed to conceive a child need to decide whether they will be served in the clinic in the future. Spouses have the opportunity to conclude a contract and choose a doctor who will conduct surveillance throughout the 9 months. The specialist will not only notice and identify pathological abnormalities in the state of the mother and the development of the baby, but also prepare the family for the upcoming birth, will consult on breastfeeding. With the identification of certain pathologies, a woman can be treated in a hospital.


Doctors of wide profile are always in the price. It is about therapists.The Capital Medical Clinic is also working in this direction. Basic services - treatment of colds. A therapist is also approached if he feels unwell, but it hurts to stand specifically. A broad profile specialist works closely with narrowly focused doctors. Cough, loss of appetite, pain in the chest or stomach, problems with the stool - all this can be a reason for going to the therapist.

When else may need the help of a specialist? If you need help in the pool or traffic police, also come to the aid of a therapist. The doctor will conduct a visual inspection of the patient, listen to complaints, and, if necessary, write out a referral to another specialist. Couples planning to become pregnant or those who suffer from endocrine system diseases may also contact the therapist in advance. Patients with chronic illnesses should be observed year-round at the therapist. The cost of a primary consultation of a doctor of a wide profile is 1650 rubles.


People suffering from diseases of the genitourinary system, you can also ask for help in the metropolitan clinic, which operates near the metro station Sretensky Boulevard.Cystitis in women, prostatitis and infertility in men - with all these problems, it is worth visiting a medical institution. The sooner the disease is diagnosed, the greater the chance of curing it without negative consequences.

metropolitan medical clinic dentistryProfessionals of the clinic successfully treat the following diseases: infections of the genitourinary system, infertility and untimely ejaculation in men, adenoma, prostatitis, etc. Diagnosis and subsequent therapy is carried out by specialists with many years of experience. Urologists work closely with andrologists. The cost of receiving a doctor, as in other departments - 1650 rubles.


Unfortunately, not all pathologies can be eliminated with the help of conservative treatment. What does the capital medical clinic offer? Reviews show that the medical institution works in several directions. First of all, it is general and purulent surgery. Vessel operations are also performed successfully. Highly qualified phlebologists work in the institution.

metropolitan medical clinic gynecologyContact the surgeon for help with the following pathologies: diseases of the joints, varicose veins, purulent inflammations, benign tumors and neoplasms, advanced hemorrhoids, inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, etc.The cost of surgical intervention depends on the form and location of the pathology. Prices range from 500 to 5000 rubles.


Really proud of its oncologists Metropolitan Medical Clinic. Appointments to local professionals carried out for several months. Many people who have heard a terrible diagnosis, tend to ask for help here. Due to the high level of professionalism, specialists manage to treat oncological pathologies at advanced stages. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to avoid death. At the same time, it turns out to significantly ease the last years of the patient's life.

Doctors at a medical institution recommend consulting a consultation if frequent hormonal disruptions are observed, there is a papillomavirus in the blood, and indisposition is constantly felt. At risk are patients who live in unfavorable regions from an environmental point of view. The oncology department has all the necessary resources for the early diagnosis of malignant tumors. If necessary, the doctor may refer the patient to an ultrasound scan, mammography, colonoscopy, etc.

Patients with a large number of moles on the body deserve special attention. The doctor will conduct a thorough examination of all nevi, suspicious neoplasms will be subjected to a more detailed examination. Dermatoscopy can be performed.


In a row with traditional medicines today are increasingly used drugs from the category of homeopathy. The Capital Medical Clinic is also working in the relevant direction. Gynecology, urology, neurology, dentistry - in all these areas can be used homeopathic medicines. It is quite difficult for an ordinary person to understand the variety of all medicines on the market. Yes, this is not necessary. A true professional homeopath of the Metropolitan Medical Clinic will come to the rescue.

metropolitan medical clinic registryIn most cases, homeopathy is combined with traditional treatment. Such therapy is especially effective for skin diseases. Homeopathy is also widely used in endocrinology and in diseases of the thyroid gland. The advantage is that homeopathic remedies show practically no side effects, and the price of such drugs is significantly lower than some traditional medicines.In addition, many tools have a complex action and can be used in the fight against several ailments at once.


Overweight is a problem familiar to many. In some, the volume increases due to bad habits and unwillingness to care for the figure, while in others the weight increases due to health problems. Often, people who apply to a nutritionist are diagnosed with diabetes, hormonal disorders, infertility, etc. In the Department of Dietology of the Metropolitan Medical Clinic, there are specialists who take a comprehensive approach to the problem of overweight. A cleansing of the body of harmful substances is carried out, the therapy of chronic diseases is carried out A diet is developed individually for each patient, which allows to saturate the body with all the necessary vitamins and trace elements.

Weight loss is hard work. It is not enough to get rid of excess fat deposits. It is also necessary to teach the body to live with the new mass. In the Department of Nutrition, skin is also put in order, cellulite is removed. The cost of the primary consultation of a dietitian is 2,800 rubles. For the development of an individual diet will have to pay 7,000 rubles.


The health of the body is closely linked with the appearance. Any disease sooner or later appear on the face. The skin becomes dull, mimic wrinkles appear. The more the patient's age, the more noticeable unpleasant changes. The metropolitan clinic also provides services in the field of aesthetic medicine. With timely treatment to the beautician can regulate the metabolic processes of the skin, which allows you to postpone the aging process. The clinic uses hardware and manual rejuvenation techniques.

Depending on the age of the patient and the condition of his skin, the specialist decides on the number of necessary anti-aging procedures. Women under the age of 30 usually need only one visit to a beautician to look great for six months. With age, the number of problems increases and one session can no longer be avoided. The cost of the initial consultation of the clinic specialist is 1650 rubles. The price of procedures varies from 700 to 30 thousand rubles.

Reviews of Metropolitan Medical Clinic

The registry is open daily. Here you can make an appointment with the selected specialist or find out detailed information about the work of the clinic. Reviews show that virtually no queues.However, some doctors have to register for a few days or even weeks. On the website of the institution the hotline number is indicated, by which patients from other cities can find out all the information.

The treatment in the clinic can be heard at the most positive reviews. Highly qualified doctors and high-quality equipment - all this can not fail to please the patients. However, prices here can not be called democratic. To be treated in the Metropolitan Medical Clinic is really expensive. Despite this fact, the number of satisfied patients in the institution is growing every year.

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