Menu 10 month old child: almost adult

The supplementary menu for a 10 month old child is very similar to the adult menu. But it differs from the menu of the 9 month old child.The kid no longer eats just meat, cottage cheese and porridge, but more complex dishes: puddings, meatballs, jelly and so on. The child has several teeth, and he knows how to use them, this greatly expands the possibilities and culinary imagination of the mother.

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As the child gets acquainted with new dishes, the role of breast milk in his diet is reduced to zero.Even if the child still periodically requires the breast, he needs milk more psychologically, and not as food. You can slowly finish breastfeeding, reducing the number of approaches to the chest, and the amount of sucked milk. But before the year is to leave at least one feeding.

New dishes that appear in the child's menu, have already a complex composition, a variety of consistency.

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Vermicelli from durum wheat.You can give just boiled with butter, or as a milk soup.

Puddings and casseroles.They can be prepared from any product: cottage cheese with fruits, meat, fish, cereal porridge with egg, vegetables, and so on. The main condition: to choose fresh food, and a good bake dish.
To make pudding, mix cottage cheese, freshly made porridge and grated fruits, add raw yolk and some milk, mix everything thoroughly and add beaten protein. Bake in a greased form at 180 degrees or steam.
For meat or fish pudding, prepare minced meat, add raw yolk and semolina - one fifth of the volume of minced meat. Mix the mixture and add the whipped protein. Bake meat pudding need 40-50 minutes. At 180 degrees.

Habitual vegetable puree periodically replace the raw vegetablesgrated on a fine grater. So you can offer carrots, pumpkin, Jerusalem artichoke, cabbage. To this salad add an apple or mashed berries, season with sour cream.

Approximate menu scheme 10 month old baby
Menu 10 month old baby: how to enter feed up to a year

 6.00- The first feeding is still milk. Either breast milk or mixture.

10. 00- Porridge or other dish with cereals.Cereals provide an excellent supply of energy for growth and development. It can be either milk porridge, or boiled in water, with the addition of egg yolk, butter or vegetable puree.

14.00- Lunch consists of the first, second and third courses. At first, the soup no longer needs to be ground, just crush large pieces of vegetables with a spoon. On the second you can offer vegetables, pudding, meat dish and so on. Do not forget that the child needs a variety.
18.00- Tea time. Light unobtrusive snack. Suitable sweet casserole, vegetables, pureed berries with sour cream, kefir with biscuits or bun.

22. 00- Dinner. Milk relaxes and helps to sleep.

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