"Master Chef" Season 7: 33 a series of December 19

See the draft of the 33 series from December 19 on the site UAUA.info online in good quality. Amateur chefs have already received hotly-desired white jackets of season 7 chefs for Master Chef. But who will leave the show at such a crucial moment, see the continuation of the culinary show "Master Chef" season 7 on this page.

In the last edition of December 32 of December 13, Master Chef, the 7th season, the project participants prepared treats and entertainment for a birthday party for the 12-year-old girl Yaroslav. With a crushing score of 11: 1, the blue team, led by Lisa, won. Lisa distinguished herself by inventing an interesting workshop for children. Karina showed ingenuity when meeting with young guests. As a result of the loss, the Reds appointed Pava to win. But he managed to pass a difficult test in the battles of black with Zhenya and Misha. Natalya Chuprik, following the last battle of blacks, left the project “Master Chef” for all 7 seasons.

Masterschef Season 7. Release 33. Part 1

The six best cooks on the eve received white tunics.From now on, in the project "Mater Chef" season 7 - no black aprons! Now any mistake can be worth participating in the final. Anyone who makes a mistake, immediately flies out of the project.

Participants "Master Chef" season 7 is waiting for a new task. Under the boxes they found the ingredients of the dishes with which they first earned white aprons on the show. And now from the same ingredients in one hour you need to prepare new delicious dishes. Exchange of products is prohibited, the pantry is closed.

Masterschef Season 7. Issue 33. Part 2

The time is exhausted and the participants take turns shaking their meals to the jury of Master Master Chef Season 7. Already no one is sent to the balcony, because if the participant made a mistake, he immediately leaves the studio. Therefore, some people pass nerves.

Everyone gained experience and learned to make truly restaurant dishes. But at the same time, every judge could point out some mistakes. But which of the participants prepared the dish too simple for the final, and he also made it wrong. See in the new issue of "Master Chef" season 7, who will leave the project, only having had time to get such a desired white tunic.

Masterschef Season 7. Issue 33. Part 3

In the new competition "Master Chef" season 7 boxes are put in front of the participants again.“Today you will encounter your phobias,” Hector Jimenez Bravo warned. Vova has two boxes at once. "Of course, I need the most." Tatyana Litvinova explained that cooks would need to work on their mistakes this time.

The conveyor belt went to the wife, Liza was a chicken. Vova has two boxes: under one - a complex dish with a fuagra and black ravioli, under the second - a micro-kitchen. "I realized that they decided to punish me: do not row everything, but take a little." Misha and Vadim have one common box and black glasses under it. As the participants of "Master Chef" Season 7 one step to the finish, will deal with their fears and past failures, look in the new issue.

Masterschef Season 7. Release 33. Part 4

Marrying gives vent to emotions, when he got a cock on the conveyor. "Hard meat! What shall I do with it!" Lisa is trying to cope with the emotions of the filthy feeling at the sight of a chicken carcass. Misha and Pava are trying to understand each other, loudly talking through a screen on the project "Master Chef" season 7.

As a result, Zhenya leaves the project "Master Chef" for the 7th season, because he did not know the classic French dish of rooster, which had to be cooked. He just improvised.Lisa was a step away from failure, because she made too simple dishes, but stayed in the game only because the wife made a grosser mistake.

Masterschef Season 7. Release 33. Part 5

At the next stage, "Master Chef" season 7 before the remaining four participants 16 boxes with stars denoting the complexity of the dish. Under each box is the name of the classic dish and the ingredients for its preparation. Having dealt with the task, you need to call Hector to sound to get his approval or criticism.

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