Male infertility and its treatment

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
February 22, 2016
Male infertility and its treatment

Male infertility can not be called a disease. This is a condition of the body that does not have any pronounced symptoms. The only sign of infertility is the inability of the partner gentleman to become pregnant during the year of sexual activity.

Causes of infertility

Common causes of male infertility include:

  1. Hypogonadism is a weak development of the genitals. Hypogonadism can be congenital or occurs due to injury.
  2. Varicocele. The essence of this pathology is reduced to the presence of elongated and dilated veins on the spermatic cord.
  3. Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland. There are 2 forms of prostatitis - acute and chronic.

We turn to experts

Determine the reason why a man can not become a father, only by competent specialists. Only doctors can prescribe an effective treatment of male infertility, urology Omega-Kiev - this is where you can help solve this problem.

Checking the condition of the male body, doctors direct patients to:

  • Ultrasound of the genitals;
  • spermogram;
  • analysis of blood, urine and prostate secretion.

They also conduct a thorough examination of patients and are interested in their lifestyle. All this helps doctors determine why a man has problems conceiving.

Ways to solve the problem

When confirming the diagnosis, the reasons that led to the sterility should be eliminated first. If we are talking about defects of internal organs, doctors perform surgery. If you have problems with hormones, the patient must take corrective drugs. A man unable to become a father because of prostatitis or various infectious diseases? This means that all forces must be directed towards combating the existing disease.

It happens that you can solve the problem of infertility very easily: by reducing the use of alcohol or becoming less likely to visit the sauna. Great importance is also the maintenance of normal weight, proper nutrition and exercise. Do not forget that problems with conception can be men wearing narrow clothes and underwear. Infertility due to regular compression of the external genital organs is often encountered by professional cyclists.

Infertility Prevention

It is not more difficult to pass an examination by urologists and other specialized specialists than to make an MRT of head, Omega-Kiev is a medical center that you should visit at least once a year to check your health. After all, timely diagnosis and well-conducted treatment will save you from a lot of problems in the future.

Doctors should be contacted without delay if you suspect that you have prostatitis or sexually transmitted infections.

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