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You can often hear the expression “an apple does not fall far from an apple tree,” and such a metaphor does not always have a positive meaning. In our case, everything is more than good. Starter Moon Schweiger, known to the Russian audience from the films “Handsome”, “The Seducer” and “Guardian Angel”, is the daughter of the popular actor Til Schweiger. With a confident step, he leads her into the world of cinema, shooting in his own projects, where he acts not only as a director, but also as a producer, actor and screenwriter.

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Luna Schweiger: biography

Now the former spouses, the popular German actor Til Schweiger and the famous model Dana Carlson, are parents of four children. The second moon is on seniority; it was born on January 11, 1997 in Berlin. She has an older brother Valentin (21 years old), younger sisters Lilly (18 years old) and Emma (14 years old). After the divorce, the children officially live with their mother in Los Angeles.

Since childhood, parents have tried their best to encourage girls to art. At different periods of school life she attended dances, various circles.Til Schweiger took off his daughters (including Emma) in several films at once. This served as a kind of trigger. As Luna Schweiger herself admits in an interview, she understood that acting is what she would like to do in the future. Moreover, according to her, father’s films are a great opportunity to spend more time with him. In the meantime, Luna continues to study at school, actively engages in horseback riding in her free time, and even participates in regional competitions.

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For the first time on the cinema platform, the Moon hit in 2007, taking part in an episode of the most popular German TV series, which broke all records in its duration. "Crime Scene" is broadcast on television screens since 1970. However, the role was so unobtrusive that many people forget about this very first step in the career of a future actress.

"Pretty boy"

For the first time, Luna Schweiger was noticed by a spectator after participating in the comedy melodrama of her father “Handsome”, which appeared on the screens in 2007. She performed a cameo role. It is noteworthy that all four children of Til Schweiger appear on the screen.

The plot is built around the relationship of the famous journalist Ludo and kindergarten teacher Anna.The main character shlopotal eight months in prison and forced to work out the term in the institution. They have known Anna for a long time, from a young age, only memories are different. The roles of the main characters in childhood are performed by the Moon and her brother Valentine. In the photo below, the whole actor's family.

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"Phantom pain"

The film by Matthias Emke, which appeared on screens in 2009, is the story of a former athlete, ladies man and writer Mark (played by Til Schweiger). As a result of a terrible car accident, he lost his leg and is now forced to adapt to different living conditions different from previous ones. Relations with his daughter (Luna Schweiger), whom he had paid little attention to earlier, his friend Nika and his friend Alexander, acquire the most important meaning for him. The plot is based on the story of a cyclist and a friend of director Stephen Sumner, which occurred in 2004.

"Seducer" and "Seducer-2"

Both films were shot by T. Schweiger, the premiere took place in 2010 and 2012, respectively. The first part tells the story of Henry, a writer and screenwriter, who is in a creative crisis and suffers from a break with his beloved woman. At that moment, an eight-year-old daughter, as if he didn’t even know, and a very profitable commercial offer, fell on himwhich is associated with his ex-girlfriend - Katharina. The course of events takes a completely unexpected turn.

In the second film, the story continues. Now Henry is an exemplary family man. However, the unsettled personal life of his daughter’s “second father” does not give rest to the whole family. This time the main role was assigned to the youngest daughter - Emma, ​​and the Moon took part only in the episodes.

"Guardian angel"

Til Schweiger, acting as a producer, director, screenwriter and actor of the main role, decided to move away from the usual comedy genre and filmed a dramatic action movie. In the story, a teenage girl becomes a chance witness to a crime committed by a famous and wealthy businessman. Now she is his big problem and object of the hunt. The role of Nina performed Luna Schweiger. For her, the girl was awarded the Jupiter Award (German Film Award, presented annually) in 2013 in the nomination "Best Actress".

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"Reckless Nick"

Thriller filmed by German director Christian Alvart. This is a dynamic story about how a policeman suspended from service is trying with all his might to establish contact with his daughter.However, the girl has her own plans; she goes in search of the mother’s killer. A desperate father, along with his partner, rushes in pursuit in order to save her from mortal danger. The action takes place in Germany, Turkey and Russia. One of the main roles was played by Luna Schweiger.

Films with her participation are few, but very interesting. It is hoped that in the future it will become one of the stars of European, in particular, German cinema.

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