Luminous designer Laser Pegs: feedback from parents. LED toys for children

LED toys for children - a new step inthe history of children's toys. This innovation has been spread relatively recently, but is already very popular. It is bright, luminous objects that attract kids. And this kind of toy also develops the child. Today we are presented with a luminous designer Laser Pegs.

What it is

toy designerThe most suitable developing child's brain"adaptation" is the designer. Toys of this type have always been popular at all times. Now on the shelves of children's toy shops you can meet a huge variety of different designers. Most of them display even whole histories or parts of the city. Many companies, in particular Lego, began to produce a line of designers who depict objects and characters of films / serials / cartoons or a real city / factory / factory. Children are quite interested in playing with such toys - they can feel like firefighters, policemen, rescuers, star warriors, women of fashion, models and so on. Most modern children grew up on "Lego". The luminous designer of the American development of Laser Pegs is a real breakthrough in the history of children's designers. This innovation appeared relatively recently, but already enjoys a frenzied popularity. But why?

The better?

lego luminousThe luminous Laser Pegs designer ismodern look at children's designers. As mentioned earlier, many grew up on the Lego. And we can say that many are dusting a variety of assembled (or no longer) buildings, pirate islands and other models. Laser Pegs - this is a kind of lego, glowing in many colors. This makes it possible to turn the ordinary children's "construction" into something unforgettable! In addition, the designer with LEDs Laser Pegs does not require batteries for its work - all buildings can be connected via USB-cable to the computer and enjoy the bright colors of the erected construction!

We play with advantage

Do you want to buy a designer for a child? Toys of this type are different. Unlike Lego products, the luminous designer of Laser Pegs is a multi-function toy. In addition, there is a pre-wide variety of different models. LED designer Ladser Pegs will help your baby to develop and explore the world! The official representative of some models was the company National Geographic - this means that all of its products are really useful for the development of the child.

Playing Geography

As mentioned above, one of the representativesThe line of designers was the company National Geographic, which, as is known, often quite often presents viewers with exciting and interesting programs on geography and geographical objects.led laser pegsNow the secrets of the Egyptian pyramids and primitivecaves will become a reality even for the youngest. LED designer Laser Pegs presents parents with a universal geographic designer, which allows you to recreate 12 different historical buildings. Among them you can find the Egyptian pyramid, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and many other buildings and structures. LED toys for children - this is not only fun, but also a rewarding experience for the whole family!

Fairy tale became a reality

But Laser Pegs is famous not only for its"building" functions. The new LED designer will give you and your kids a real world of myths and legends. And all this can stand on your desk! Children will now be able to collect designers who are different kinds of heroes, all kinds of mythical creatures. An interesting trip to the fairy-tale world, which is now available not only in words but also in real material form, will help children's fantasies to play out, which will certainly help a small child in a future life! There is no doubt that this designer will interest the public of absolutely different ages! Luminous "Lego" in the form of mythical creatures is a real breakthrough in children's designers!

First of all, first of all - planes

It's no secret that many children loveto design aircraft. It is to such models that the popular firm Lego has given preference in recent years (this concerns a new line of designers based on films). But Laser Pegs goes a step ahead - they were able to create a toy-designer with LEDs that allow you to make numerous models of airplanes. Multicolored details and various models of aircraft develop fantasy and fine motor skills of children's pens. In addition, the final design is very beautifully poured by LEDs.

LED toys for children

Children will not remain indifferent to the designers of the Laser Gegs series "Aircraft". Twelve wonderful planes are waiting for you. You can buy both "several in one", and a single option.


All the boys (and some girls) from the cradlelike numerous cars and robots. The American company Laser Pegs took this fact into account and decided to create the most real line of children's multifunctional designers that allow you to collect cars and even robots!

As already mentioned, the main emphasis is preciselyto recreate LED designers, with which you can design many different beautiful and stylish modellek. All products are supplied with an instruction, which shows all possible versions of models. A child can feel like a real master or a mechanic - almost every dream will become a reality of a small genius. Literally in a few minutes the kid will be able to visit the driver, a simple driver, a machinist or a massive robot endowed with superpowers. A racing car, ATV and other vehicles can be made by your toddler. Give your little child an unforgettable children's world. You can choose from several available options - from "one in one" to "25 in 1". In addition, the line of designers includes military and historical designs.

Designer with laser pegs

My Beast

Kids love animals. And in general, everyone loves animals. As a rule, it is our fluffy friends who are given a place of honor among children's products. Animals are released everywhere - in books, toys, on baby food, clothes and so on. But no one has ever thought about the fact that the animal world is an excellent choice for children's designers! Yes, and for the glowing! The company Laser Pegs enables children and adults to develop their imagination and chalk motor skills with the help of a children's designer, through which it is easy and simple to create animals.

A colossal and complex development wasthe designer "Dragon". It includes many colored parts with a stand and instruction, which lists all 54 possible models. The most difficult, of course, is the dragon. In addition to living beings, you can collect robots, cars, and airplanes - it all depends on your imagination and, of course, skills! In order to proceed to more complex options, you need to practice on the lighter.

luminous designer laser pegs reviews

This designer will be interested not only in children,but also many adults who like to break their heads over solving difficult problems. It should be mentioned that in this designer you can add details from the usual Lego, which allows you to expand its capabilities!

What parents think

Undoubtedly, it is important for everyone what the majority thinksparents of young inventors, for whom the luminous designer Laser Pegs is intended. Reviews say that many at first were skeptical about Laser Pegs. In this there is nothing surprising - people who grew up on the Lego, hardly believe that a newer and worthy brand may appear - that's how the whole of humanity is arranged. Nevertheless, those who have ever encountered new American products speak only good things about it.

luminous designer laser pegs

Designers with Laser Pegs LEDs are safefor children's health! They do not harm the health of the eyes, despite the fact that they are equipped with LEDs. In addition, this designer does not use electricity or batteries - it can easily be connected via a USB cable to any computer or laptop. You can enjoy bright colors at any time of day or night.

In addition, the children's LED designis safe for health in general. The matter is that there are no synthetic harmful materials in it - all designs and details are executed only from natural raw materials.

Parents say that this designer isan ideal gift for both the boy and the girl (and also for some adults). The child will be happy to play with Laser Pegs, evolving and having fun at the same time. A fantastic world in bright colors became available with American developers! Now any fairy tale can be a real reality, pleasing to the eye. LED Designer Laser Pegs - this is an excellent gift for any kid!

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