Lucerne (Switzerland). Lucerne - a city and a lake in Switzerland

In Switzerland there is a wonderful corner - Lucerne. This place name is called the German-speaking canton of the state, a beautiful medieval city and a marvelous lake. The ancient city is the capital of the canton with a population of almost 60,000 people who speak German, and the heart of Switzerland. The essence of this northern country and its soul is Lucerne.

Switzerland, or rather, its central part, where the old town is located, is incredibly popular with tourists. There are a lot of impressive entertainment: cruises on the boat on the lake, excursions to historical and natural monuments, romantic walks, panoramic reviews, evening shows in clubs, restaurants and other places of entertainment.

Lucerne Switzerland

Location of the city

In the center of the country, along the coast of Lake Firvaldshtetskogo, at the source of the river Reuss spread numerous streets of Lucerne. A city in Switzerland, surrounded by picturesque hills and mountain ranges, on the tops of which snow-white caps are hung, is filled with amazing attributes of the country.Some of them are filled with greatness, others - charm, and others - joy and fun.

Symbols of the city

Here ancient relics are perfectly preserved, harmoniously merged with the rich infrastructure of modern times. Along the winding cobbled streets lined up ancient houses, painted with intricate patterns, pictures and family trees of families living in them. This is an ideal place where travelers come to take a break from everyday work.

Lucerne City in Switzerland

Lucerne (Switzerland) is dotted with parks and wooden bridges built in ancient times. It has preserved an ancient fortress, from the walls of which there are amazing views of the mountain ranges of Riga and Pilates. Here buildings with unusual trendy designs look great against the backdrop of old buildings erected several centuries ago.

In Lucerne, the narrow streets of the old quarter, free from cars, smoothly flow into modern squares with shops and boutiques, the windows of which are filled with exquisite goods: Swiss souvenirs, exclusive watches, jewelry, stylish accessories and other branded products.

Tours in Lucerne

Not unreasonably has the fame of an attractive place to travel Switzerland (Lucerne). A tour to the capital of the Swiss canton leaves an indelible impression. The embankment of the old town is ideal for all sorts of pleasant entertainment. Vacationers ride on a sailboat or a boat, windsurf boards, water skiing.

Switzerland Lucerne Tour

They walk slowly along the coast, arrange picnics in special areas, have a snack in restaurants and cafes, admiring the picturesque views from the windows and terraces of cozy establishments, join carnival processions. Tourists like to have fun in a first-class golf center and winter skating rinks. Travelers are delighted with the Center for lovers of fishing. They offer equipment for rent and organize fishing.

Lucerne is famous for its vibrant nightlife. Switzerland, all its resort towns (including the capital of the canton) are replete with grandiose entertainment facilities. The colossal casino is the center of tourist attraction in the old town. Here guests indulge in excitement, enjoy enchanting concerts and shows.In clubs where eminent DJs run the show, vacationers blow up the dance floor during breathtaking discos.

Lake Firwaldstet

Lake Lucerne - the legendary reservoir of Switzerland, which has other names. It is often referred to as the Lake Fluordaldshtetskoe. The first name is given in honor of the area on which it lay flat - the canton of Lucerne. Switzerland is a country of majestic northern mountains. The picturesque pond with clear blue waters is surrounded by famous mountain ranges - these are Riga and Pilate.

The incredible blueness of the crystal clear waters gives it fabulousness and incredible beauty. The lake, framed by emerald forests, is formed by four basins communicating through narrow straits. Its basin arose as a result of the descent of the ancient giant glaciers that slipped from the majestic mountain peaks. The river Reus flows into it, the sleeve of Aare. Thanks to the river, the water in the lake is flowing.

lake lucerne switzerland

Fun at Lake Lucerne

The shipping company carries out regular transportation of passengers and organizes interesting cruises around the reservoir for tourists. The wonderful lake Lucerne (Switzerland) is the most picturesque water reservoir of the state, its business card.On it and the river Reuss ply old steamers and new handsome boats.

The lake offers views of the stunning mountains and embankments of cities with unforgettable Swiss buildings. Travelers enjoy the marvelous architecture of luxurious villas, the residence of the Hapsburgs, the statue of Jesus and the urban coastal landscapes, leaving enthusiastic feelings in their hearts. On the lake they organize water bike races, parades of steamboats. In short, every traveler here will find entertainment for everyone.

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