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Lev Schreiber (also his name is written in Russian by Liv Schreiber) is a talented American actor, whose filmography includes many interesting and remarkable films. Scream, Painted Veil, Love in the Time of Cholera, Salt, as well as many other screen works made our today's hero a real Hollywood star. He is good and organic in a variety of ways, and therefore the story of his life and destiny will certainly be interesting to many readers. It is very difficult not to love the work of Lev Schreiber. Indeed, among his works is very easy to find true masterpieces.

The early years, childhood and the family of Leo Schreiber

Lev Schreiber was born in the romantic and sensual San Francisco in a family that was firmly associated with art. His father, Tell Schreiber, was a famous theater actor, and his mother, Heather Milgram, worked as an artist. In the veins of our today's hero a great many mixed bloods have mixed up. So, in particular, his father has Irish, Swiss, Scottish and Austrian roots. Mom - an ethnic Jew - comes from a family of immigrants from Poland and Ukraine.
The filmography of the actor Liwa Schreiber is impressive.The filmography of the actor Liwa Schreiber is impressive.
When the future actor was only a year old, his family moved to live in Canada, but three years later, Lev’s parents divorced. From this point on, the life of their family has changed significantly. A little boy was hardly seen with his father. Some time later, his mother, who was now a long time working as a taxi driver and a papier-mâché doll saleswoman, slowly began to disappear from his everyday life.
Being left alone with himself, Leo Schreiber read a lot and often watched black and white films. It is noteworthy that during this period our today's hero dreamed of the writing profession, and only as an alternative he considered the writing profession.
Some time later, my mother began to take her son to work, but very soon it became clear that he was stealing money from the safe of the store. Upon learning of this, mother decided to send her son to a special camp (ashram), where he had to rethink his behavior. For a while, Lev returned to New York, where he very soon began to play sports and also attend classes at the private school Friends Seminary. It was here in the school theater Friendship Academy, our today's hero for the first time found himself acting talent.
He began to perform frequently on stage, and soon decided to seriously think about the profession of an actor. Cherishing the dream of a theatrical career, our hero today moved to the city of Amherst (Massachusetts), where he began to study at Hampshire College of Theater. It was here that the future film actor began to play his first leading roles. Everything was going very well, but at some point Lev Schreiber decided that his acting skills were not good enough, and therefore he decided to move to England. Here he began to attend classes at Yale University, and then at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.
"Salt" premiere thriller against the backdrop of a spy scandal
After graduation, our today's hero went back to the USA. Here, in fact, began his great career.

Star Trek of Lev Schreiber, Filmography

In 1993, Lev Schreiber played a cameo in the film "Schindler's List", which became his debut work in the cinema. However, the actor was really known a little later - after several independent films were released on the screen - “Walk on the Moon”, “Day Travelers”, etc.For his work in the designated films, the actor received two awards at the Chlotrudis Awards.
It is noteworthy that during the same period the actor began to appear frequently on the theatrical stage. In the early nineties, he often played on Broadway, performing in such productions as Macbeth, Hamlet, Throne of God and several others. During these years, Leo Schreiber traveled frequently between cities, changing New York to Los Angeles and back. The situation has changed somewhat only after filming the legendary film “Scream”, which opened the door for the young actor to the world of big cinema. After that, our today's hero began to appear frequently in big-budget films. The most striking roles of this period for the actor are the tapes "Hamlet", "Hurricane", Price of Fear "and some others. In these films, his Hollywood casting partners are Denzel Washington, Ben Affleck, and Ethan Hawke.
After that, Lev Schreiber began to receive offers from prominent American directors more often. A vivid confirmation of this was the role in the series “Project 281”, after filming in which Leo was nominated for Golden Globe and Emmy Awards.
Having finally established himself as a full star of Hollywood, the actor continued to work a lot in the theater and cinema. In the 2000s, he starred in such bright films as “Painted Veil”, “Manchurian Candidate”, “Love in the Time of Cholera”, which brought the actor great success. In addition, in 2005, Lev Schreiber was noted in the popular production of "Glengarry Glen Ross", which to this day is considered his best work on the theater stage. For this role, the actor won the Tony Award, as well as the Drama Desk Award and several other awards.
It is worth noting that the year 2005 was very successful for our today's hero. During this period, he managed to get hold of many prestigious awards, the list of which was replenished also after the screening of the film “And Everything Was Illuminated”, in which Lev Schreiber participated as a director and screenwriter. The designated tape was very warmly received by viewers and critics, and very soon brought to its creator the prize of the Venice Film Festival and many other awards.

Leo Schreiber today

In recent years, Lev Schreiber has been noted for several new bright works in the cinema and theater.The most striking films of this period were the tapes “Wolverine. Start "and the military tape about the Belarusian partisans" Challenge ". These pictures showed that the popular actor is still as talented and interesting as it used to be before. At the moment, he continues to work on several new projects, which means that new cool films with his participation will appear very soon.
Lev Schreiber and Naomi WattsLev Schreiber and Naomi Watts

Leo Schreiber Personal Life

During the life of Lev Schreiber, love relationships were associated with many well-known representatives of the world of Hollywood. So, in different years, he was engaged to actress Kristin Davis and film producer Kate Driver.
In 2006, there were reports of the engagement of Lyova with the actress (“The Painted Veil”). Currently, lovers are happy together. The Anglo-Australian couple have two sons - Alexander and Samuel.

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