Kraft paper: what is it? Classification and features

Everyone has to meet almost daily with paper packaging material. Everyone is used to wrapping fragile things, gifts, pastries, sweets. However, no one thinks that all this packaging is made of Kraft paper. What is it and how does it differ from other types of paper? How is it made? All this is discussed in the article.

Historical data

The use of kraft paper for packaging dates back to the second half of the nineteenth century. For carrying loose and piece goods, William Goodale invented a paper bag. It was not very durable and was not suitable for carrying goods in large quantities. Ten years later, the packages were improved by another English inventor - Luther Crowell, who made a solid bottom with a crease.

Kraft Paper Making

Translated from German, the word "craft" means force.This is precisely the feature of such paper. Start of production dates back to 1852. It is produced using sulphate pulping, or else it is called a kraft process from crushed wood, which is poured with a hot aqueous solution containing sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfate.

Kraft Paper Cards

Briefly, the whole process can be described as follows: long-staple wood chips are loaded into a boiler with white liquor. At the end of cooking, the mass of liquid pulp is washed. Then there is its bleaching, dehydration and pressing, it turns out paper or cardboard. The production process produces a fairly large amount of by-products that have value. These are turpentine, rosin, sulphate soap, fodder yeast and lignin. With this method of cooking is allowed to use and wood waste.

Kraft paper properties

Wrapping paper has many advantages, namely:

  • Strength. Not only products are packed in packages, but also building materials that are heavy.
  • Breathability. This contributes to the long-term preservation of products, protects them from drying out, dampness and mold.
  • Eco-friendly.Packaging made from natural material does not contain harmful substances. In the environment decomposes within 2-3 years, without infecting the earth.
  • Ability to keep shape. Packing protects the thing laid in it from creasing.
  • Cheap. Convenient and inexpensive, used often and looks decent.
Kraft paper bag

These properties make it possible to understand what Kraft is. This is a material with valuable qualities.

Paper systematization

There are several classifications, for example, by:

  • release form: rolled, sheet;
  • colors: plain, white, red, two-tone;
  • use: packaging, waterproof, insulating;
  • smoothness: engine gloss, grooved, machine smoothness;
  • production materials: recycled, from wood pulp, composite.

Kraft paper rolls

Such products are produced in different sizes both in length and in width.

kraft paper roll

This allows its use in industry and in everyday life for the following purposes:

  • Thermal insulation. Cover for warming the walls and roofs of buildings for various purposes.
  • Floor coverings. There are special types of kraft paper.
  • Furniture packaging when moving.You can wrap appliances or large items completely, protecting them from dust and dirt.
  • Coloring machines. In car services often use rolls with a small winding.
  • The manufacture of patterns and packaging in the sewing industry.
  • In the household. For example, when repairing an apartment.
  • In the printing industry.
  • In the works of designers. Unique brown color gives things originality.

Paper bags

Packing in the form of packages is not only environmentally friendly and safe, but also serves as an advertising medium. For this reason, in addition to grocery stores, supermarkets and pastry shops, it is also used in fashion stores, at various exhibitions and presentations.

Kraft paper bags

Kraft paper bags are designed with a rectangular or flat bottom, an envelope type and with a side fold of a V-shape. They look more spectacular than a package-shirt and therefore can be used as a gift package. Non-toxic paper bags are practical to use, easily recyclable, do not pollute the environment, being an inexpensive but reliable packaging. Strong and dense, they perfectly hold the form, therefore they are used for carrying business papers, mailings and books.

Paper shades

The color of kraft paper is influenced by the quality of the pulp, which is included in its composition. When using raw wood, paper turns a shade of brownish, and bleached gives a whole range of colors from light yellow to white. Kraft paper interacts well with light.

Kraft Paper Glasses

At hit of rays on it, interlacing of fibers becomes visible, as if a light pattern is applied. White paper is most often used for the production of products, which will be applied to some kind of coating or pattern. Homogeneous with different shades from darker to light, glossy, suitable for notebooks and notebooks. Packaging - more friable, its shades are closer to gray than ocher. It is suitable for decoration, because it has an expressive texture.

Kraft paper do it yourself

It is important to present a present in a beautiful package for an anniversary or a holiday. It can be bought in the store for every taste, but it is always better to do it yourself. For the manufacture of kraft paper will require:

How to make kraft paper? Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Prepare a workplace by laying a newspaper on the table.
  2. Place a sheet of A4 paper on top.
  3. Separate the top layer with a pattern from the napkin, after ironing it with an iron.
  4. Spread out a sheet of plastic on a sheet of paper.
  5. Put a napkin on it (pictured up).
  6. Iron ironing on top, especially the edges.
  7. By the size of the white sheet, trim the edges and iron again.

It turned out a sheet of paper, from which it is easy to make a wrapping package for a present.

Gift Package

What is craft paper? This is a beautiful and durable packaging material that you can do yourself using the instructions presented above. Next, we will try to make a gift bag out of it.

For manufacturing will require:

  • a sheet of paper, which was made with their own hands;
  • figured scissors;
  • PVA glue.

Instructions for steps:

  1. Bend the sheet so that there is a 1.5 cm allowance at one edge.
  2. Bend it inside and glue.
  3. Turn the edges on both sides by 2.5 cm. This will be the width of the package.
  4. Bend the central fold inward.
  5. Bend the bottom of the bag to 3 cm. This will be its thickness.
  6. Open the package, make a fold in from both sides.
  7. Straighten, bend the bottom and glue.
  8. Pens can be attached to the top edge or closed with a beautiful clip, after cutting the edges with curly scissors.
DIY package

Package is ready. It remains to put a gift in it.


So, kraft paper - what is it? Initially it was supposed to be used for packaging, which is characterized by durability, strength and relative cheapness. Different types of paper differ in surface texture, coating, impregnation and shades. It produces bags, bags, envelopes, twine, corrugated cardboard and many other products. Kraft paper is used for packaging food products, various products of heavy and light industry. It is used wherever high durability, environmental friendliness, naturalness and breathability are required.

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