Knitting socks for children: instructions for beginners

Increasingly, recently people use knitwear. It is worth noting that such things are not only very warm and cozy, but also fashionable. In the new season, hats, scarves and outerwear, which are made of yarn using needles, are very popular. This article will discuss how to knit socks for a child. Such a product is made very quickly and simply.

knitting socks for children

Where to begin?

If you have never tried to knit the yarn yourself with knitting needles, then it is better to knit socks for children on five stocking tools. So prepare five knitting needles. They can be metal, plastic or wood. Choose a tool based on your own preferences.

You will also need yarn. It should be noted that the thickness of the thread should be no more than a needle. Otherwise, knitting socks for children will end up with the fact that you get an awkward product. For work you need a centimeter.If all the tools are ready, then you can start.

knitting socks for children

Tester knitting and sizing

Knitting socks for children involves the creation of a trial element. Most often, such a product is created using the front surface. So, tie a small product measuring five by ten centimeters. In the future, you can do without this item. Take measurements from the probe and find out how many rows and loops there are in one centimeter.

Next, you need to measure the foot of the baby. If you are making a product for small children, then it is worth knitting with a small margin. The child's leg grows very quickly, so add a couple of centimeters to the size.

Start knitting

When the size of the foot is removed, you can calculate how long the sock should be. It is necessary to begin knitting from an elastic band. Type on the spokes the number of loops, which is divided by 4. Next, transfer all the loops to the stocking needles and create a vicious circle. Get down to knitting a sock. A rubber band is created by knitting two facial and followed by two purl loops. Its height can be any.

When the gum is finished, continue to knit the facial stitch.In this case, all the loops should be exclusively facial. When the product is connected to the base of the foot, it is necessary to tie the heel.

how to tie baby socks

Creating heels

Knitting socks for children involves creating a heel on two needles. Leave two adjacent tools aside and start working with the opposite. Knit them, as usual, but the connecting needles of the loop must be tied into one.

Thus, you should have the number of loops equal to the loops on one spoke. The heel is created, and you can proceed to the vyvyvyvaniya products.

Final stage

Knitting socks for children continues on three needles. Here it is necessary to consider the length of the foot. Knit the size you got when taking measurements. Do not forget to add a few centimeters for stock.

When you get to the toe, you need to start reducing the loops. To do it better on the one hand. In this case, the sock will be more symmetrical child's foot. Tie two loops together in each circle. When all the work items are finished, tighten the thread and hide it in the sock.

In the same way is knitting a second sock for the child.Remember that products must be the same.

knit knit socks for children


Knitting socks for children - a simple task. It is only necessary to choose the right tools and be careful during the manufacture of the product. Try to knit little socks for the baby, and you may want to create something more. Successes in labor!

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