Johnny Depp: biography, filmography, personal life and interesting facts

Johnny Depp is a talented actor, one of the best representatives of modern cinema. On his account for more than sixty films of various genres. Millions of fans all over the world follow the life and career of Johnny Depp. In this article we will get acquainted with the biography of Johnny Depp and learn some interesting facts from the life of this beautiful actor.

Family and childhood

Johnny Depp's childhood

On a warm summer day, June 9, 1963, John Christopher Depp Jr. was born. His father, who had the exact same name, worked in the field of industrial production and construction, and his mother earned money in a small cafe. The Depp family cannot be called prosperous: conflicts constantly occurred between the parents, which is why their children - Johnny, his older sisters and brother - were the first to suffer. As a result, the marriage of their parents fell apart, and John Depp was left to live with his mother, whom he loved very much.

Conflicts in the family and the subsequent rupture of the father and mother greatly affected the character and psyche of the young Johnny. From an early age he led an unhealthy lifestyle, drank alcohol and smoked a lot. Only at the age of 16-17 years old, the boy took his mind and seriously became interested in various spheres of art - painting, literature, music. Subsequently, the skills he acquired at such a young age would be very useful to him.

The first steps into adulthood

Johnny Depp's career start

Considering the brief biography of Johnny Depp, about whom many wonderful books have been written, one can see that the beginning of his adult life was marked by his first film roles. Already at the age of twenty, the young man starred in the film "A Nightmare on Elm Street." His play in this picture attracted the attention of many directors and directors. Although Johnny himself dreamed of linking his life with music, he soon abandoned this idea, preferring filming in cinema.

The next major work of John Depp was the role in the science fiction film "Edward Scissorhands", which the actor played at the age of 27. So, we looked at how John joined the acting field.On this subject, even written many books on the biography of Johnny Depp. The following works of the actor are related to the fact that he was noticed by well-known producers and, accordingly, decided to devote his whole life to acting. So in which movie shootings did John Christopher Depp take part?

Next work

So, after the main role in the famous film “Edward Scissorhands”, the actor seriously took up work and starred in two or three films annually. So, at the age of thirty, Johnny starred in such films as "Arizona Dream", "Benny and June" and "What Eats Gilbert Grape." Having played the lead role in the 1994 film “Ed Wood,” the actor took part in the filming of three films of 1995, two films of 1997, two films of 1998, and three films of 1999. The actor himself admits that until the age of 35 (1998), he did not look after his health and did not particularly think about his future. However, people close to him managed to influence the actor.

In most films in his career, Johnny has played major roles, sometimes overshadowing the talent of other actors (“Chocolate”, “Cocaine”, “Magic Country”, “Secret Window” and others). Considering the summary of the biography of Johnny Depp, about which many books have been written, it is necessary to tell about the best and most successful films of the actor.Let's talk about some of them.

"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

The role of Willy Wonka

In this fantastic 2005 family film, Johnny Depp plays a bit of a strange, extravagant and interesting character - the owner of a chocolate factory - Willy Wonka. Behind this hero is a rich story that made him who he is. The motion picture was filmed using the same work by Roald Dahl.

This film stands out in the filmography of the actor, described in the book by Nigel Goodall “Johnny Depp. Biography ”, showing his talent for reincarnation and understanding of a variety of roles. The actor perfectly got used to the image of an extraordinary Willy Wonka, thanks to which this film is considered one of the best in his career.

“Sweeney Todd, the demon hairdresser from Fleet Street”

The role of Sweeney Todd

This film is completely different from the story of Willy Wonka and his factory. This picture is an exciting thriller that combines elements of horror, drama and even a musical. In addition to Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman, Helena Bonham Carter, Timothy Spall and Sasha Baron Cohen took part in the film.

In the movie "Sweeney Todd, the demon-hairdresser from Fleet Street" Johnny Depp plays the role of the main character - the hairdresser Benjamin Barker, who is eager to repay everyone who brought trouble to him and his family.For this, he uses truly sophisticated methods. John was able to organically show Barker's obsession and hatred towards some people. The motion picture keeps the viewer in suspense from beginning to end, and Johnny Depp played an important role in creating such an effect.

Participation in the film musical allowed Johnny to receive the Golden Globe award for best role (the role of Sweeney Todd).

The film about hairdresser Sweeney Todd is considered one of the best horror films in the career of John, as repeatedly mentioned in books on the biography of actor Johnny Depp.

"Alice in Wonderland"

The Role of the Mad Hatter

This picture was released in 2010. The film was shot by US director Tim Burton based on the famous fairy tales of Lewis Carroll. However, the film about the little girl Alice and her adventures is not a simple adaptation of the children's book. This motion picture is an attempt by Tim Burton to revise the basics of a popular fairy tale, to look at its plot from a new, previously unknown side. Whether the director has succeeded in achieving such an effect can only be said by a viewer who has looked and appreciated this movie.

Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland plays the role of the Mad Hatter, Alice's friend. This role, along with the role in the film "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", shows a subtle understanding of the actor of all the nuances of skill. He behaves so freely and naturally in the role of the Hatter that it is difficult for the viewer to even think about the real identity of Depp. After all, on the screen you can see the real Hatter, as if coming to us from the pages of your favorite book. This talent is particularly noted, for example, in the book by Brian Robb on the biography of “Johnny Depp: The Pirate of the Hollywood Sea.”

For his role in this science fiction film, the actor was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Role, but in 2011 it was won by actor Paul Giamatti for the main role in the comedy By Barney’s Version.

"Pirates of the Caribbean"

The role of Captain Jack Sparrow

Speaking about the best roles of Johnny Depp in the movie, can not be said about the role of captain Jack Sparrow. The first film about pirates was shot in 2003 and brought Depp huge popularity.

His hero is a cunning and witty captain, ready to perform bold and sometimes reckless acts. This role is recognized by experts the best and most recognizable, as described in the book Nigel Goodall, dedicated to the biography and life of Johnny Depp.

At the moment, five films about pirates have been released, and in each of them the role of Jack Sparrow is still played by the inimitable John Christopher Depp.

Personal life

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

The story about the personal life of Depp can be very long and rich. After all, the life of an actor is rich in interesting facts and events. This is written in many books on the biography of Johnny Depp. The personal life of the actor has never been hidden from fans. Throughout his life, the actor was married more than once, and just recently his marriage to American actress Amber Heard ceased. What are the main points can be identified in the personal life of John Depp?

The first marriage, Johnny entered, being still a 25-year-old boy. In 1983, Depp chose Laurie Ann Allison as his wife. However, very little is known about this relationship of the actor. The couple broke up after two years - in 1985.

In 1998, Johnny entered into marriage with actress Vanessa Paradis. It was she who presented Depp with his two children - Lily-Rose Depp (1999) and Jack Christopher Depp (2002). The couple was in a relationship until 2012, when she broke up for personal reasons.

Back in 2011, during the filming of the adventure drama "Rum Diary", Johnny met Amber Heard. The couple was in official relations for about one and a half years.The divorce initiated by the actress was filed in January 2017.

Now Johnny Depp is 54 years old, but he has no plans to end his career and continues to delight fans of the most beautiful acting in good films.


So, we got acquainted with some facts from the life of Johnny Depp and his best works in the cinema. If you are interested in this topic, you can purchase books containing a biography of Johnny Depp in English. The translation can also be found in additional publications or on thematic sites. Such books are written by American authors and include the most important moments of the biography of the actor.

To appreciate Depp's contribution to the development of cinema, there probably is not enough of a whole book. Therefore, ordinary people can only enjoy the talented personality of John and his new interesting roles. Be sure to watch movies in which Johnny Depp took part, which has already become an icon of world cinema.

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