Ivan-tea plant: useful properties, effect on the body, proper preparation of raw materials

One of the most famous plants widely used in folk medicine was willow-tea, whose beneficial properties were highly valued in Russia. Heirs, from one generation to another, inherited precious recipes of infusions, mixtures and decoctions. So, a tonic recipe for “tea for the heroes” was advised to drink at the beginning of the day in order to give the body vigor, clarity and strength. Medicines with Ivan tea cured gastric disorders, relieved from headaches. It was even believed that this plant is able to protect the body from the formation of tumors.

Ivan tea useful properties

Plant characteristic

Ivan-tea, the benefits of which are not denied by modern medicine, has a scientific name. Botanists know him by the name "brittle-leaf". Externally, this is a beautiful perennial plant, reaching a height of one and a half meters.It grows almost everywhere, but most often occurs near streams, ponds, rivers, glades and along roads. It has a powerful fleshy stem, bright leaves, inflorescences in the form of lush tassels. Flowers can be pink, red, white or purple. Traditional medicine uses almost all parts of the plant: roots, leaves, flowers themselves. You can cook from it not only healing tinctures, medicinal decoctions, but also ointments. The willow-tea plant, the beneficial properties of which have been known to people for a long time, is very much loved by beekeepers, because its flowers are excellent honey plants, containing more than 20 mg of precious nectar.

Chemical indicators

The plant contains a large number of trace elements and vitamins. This is especially true of vitamin C, group B, flavonoids, tannins, vegetable proteins, pectins. Iron-manganese, copper, titanium, boron, potassium, molybdenum, sodium, calcium, and lithium are contained in iwan-tea.

Ivan tea fermentation

What is useful Ivan-tea

Medicines prepared on the basis of this plant have a number of useful properties. This is, firstly, a sedative effect. In this regard, Ivan-tea is similar to medicinal valerian.Secondly, tinctures and decoctions have antibacterial, enveloping, anti-inflammatory and diaphoretic effects. Cyprus affects almost all organs, making the body healthier and stronger. It is used to treat colitis, gastritis, dysentery, diarrhea, problems with the nervous, digestive system. It helps willow-tea from headaches, problems with the genitourinary sphere, blood vessels and heart. Tea from it improves metabolism, normalizes sleep, strengthens the immune system, cleans and removes toxins from toxins due to the large amount of antioxidants in the composition. Brew the plant and for colds: redness of the throat, acute respiratory infections, colds and sore throats. Doctors recommend taking an infusion of willow tea in the treatment of bruises, wounds, ulcers, and as an anti-inflammatory agent. The plant is also used in the beauty industry: it is added to masks, baths, various creams and other cosmetic preparations.

Ivan tea is good


Ivan-tea, the beneficial properties of which are not subject to the slightest doubt, has a number of serious contraindications, and they can not be ignored. They are few, but you should not forget about them.First, scientists found a fairly large percentage of caffeine in the leaves and stem of this plant, so it should not be consumed by people who are not shown this substance. Secondly, in any case, medicines with willow tea should not be given to young children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. In extreme cases, this is possible after prescribing a doctor and seriously weighing all the pros and cons. It is undesirable to combine taking medicines from this plant and other drugs.

How ivan tea acts on the body

Medicinal and health remedies prepared from this plant raise the general tone, fill with strength, vigor, calm the shaky nervous system, reduce tension, soften the effects of stress without causing addiction. They help with migraines, as well as just a headache. Ivan-tea, the useful properties of which are proven by medicine, is used in the field of neurology, facilitating the condition of patients with various neurosis, mental illness, epilepsy, depression, anxiety.

Ivan tea in the composition of different varieties of tea

Effects on the gastrointestinal tract and general condition

This herb is excellent for various disorders of the digestive system. This gastritis with ulcers, and a variety of colitis, and flatulence. It also affects the oral cavity, normalizing the condition of the teeth, gums, and mucous membranes. Due to the anti-inflammatory effects, willow tea is used to treat diseases of the lungs, bladder, kidneys, and genital sphere. It affects the male potency. Due to the large amount of vitamins and microelements, willow tea preparations help with anemia, increased immunity, various respiratory infections, chills, and heat. Ivan-tea is an antioxidant, protects the body from free radicals, cleanses, rejuvenates, removes heavy metals, slags, radionuclides, normalizes the general condition.

Ivan tea flowers

Ivan-tea and cooking

This plant is known not only for its medicinal properties in decoctions, tinctures or, for example, ointments. It is quite possible to use it with ordinary food, without making special formulations. Young grass sprouts are good in a variety of salads. If you dry the roots of the plant and grind, then such flour will be an excellent additive to bread, baking.You can add herbs to any tea, black or green.

Ivan tea use

Procurement of raw materials: collection

In order to benefit from any medicinal herb, you need to properly collect and prepare raw materials. Ivan-tea is no exception. Fermentation of this plant, carried out correctly, allows you to reveal all its beneficial properties. So, you can collect plants from the very last days of May to the first days of August. The technique of gathering is as follows: you need to take the plant by the upper leaves, hold down two thirds of its length down the trunk in order to rip off all the leaves, and collect them in a prepared bag. The lower part of the trunk remains in the leaves, they should not be touched. If you need tops, they should be plucked before flowering, as the flowers are always collected separately. You need to be careful and pick only healthy, clean leaves. It is not recommended to store raw materials in a bag, it will last a maximum of five hours. It is necessary to do the wringing.

The second stage of preparation: drying

Drying allows you to remove almost half of the moisture from the collected leaves, they become softer, more convenient for processing. To do this, you need to decompose the raw material in an even layer of a thickness not exceeding ten centimeters, from time to time to mix. You can only dry in the shade, as the sun's rays destroy some of the beneficial elements in the leaves.The process takes about two days.

Stage Three: Fermentation

Now you can resort to two methods of processing: put the raw materials in an airtight container, where they will ferment themselves, or stretch the leaves so that the juice is released faster. This can be done manually or with the help of special tools. Another way is to resort to granulation, that is, to feed raw materials through a meat grinder, to get a kind of mush. Now what is left of the leaves, compacted, closed from contact with air. By the way, dishes for the workpiece should not be metal. Now the fermentation of ivan tea begins. Container with raw materials kept closed for at least twelve hours, the temperature remains at room temperature.

Completion of the process: drying

Everything, it remains only to produce the drying of raw materials in a furnace, oven or a special chamber. Electric dryers or PETs are strongly discouraged, since they significantly impair the properties and condition of the raw materials, depriving them of medicinal properties. The grass needs to be stirred periodically, the temperature is about 60 degrees. Four hours later, the medical raw material is ready,You can brew infusion of Ivan-tea.

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Ivan-tea plant: useful properties, effect on the body, proper preparation of raw materials 32

Ivan-tea plant: useful properties, effect on the body, proper preparation of raw materials 31

Ivan-tea plant: useful properties, effect on the body, proper preparation of raw materials 88

Ivan-tea plant: useful properties, effect on the body, proper preparation of raw materials 18

Ivan-tea plant: useful properties, effect on the body, proper preparation of raw materials 2

Ivan-tea plant: useful properties, effect on the body, proper preparation of raw materials 29

Ivan-tea plant: useful properties, effect on the body, proper preparation of raw materials 57