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Isaac, Isaac name meaning and name interpretation. Isaac - laughter (dr. Heb.).
Name days, patron saints. January 27 (14) - Rev. Isaac was among the others beaten by the Saracens in Sinai in the 4th c.
12 June (May 30) - St. Isaac of Dalmatia: St. Isaac's Cathedral was built in his honor in St. Petersburg.
Superstitions, omens, customs. On the day of Isaac, June 12, they plant beans. At Isaac the snakes gather, go by train to the snake's wedding. On this day in the forest, you must be especially careful.
Zodiac name - Aquarius. The planet Mars. The color of the name is ash. Auspicious tree - elm. The cherished plant is the lotus. The patron of the name is a Persian gray cat. Stone mascot - onyx.
Diminutive forms. Isya
Middle name. Isaakovich, Isakovich, Isaakovna, Isakovna.
Name and character. Isaac is prone to utopian ideas and projects. He is stubborn, in everything he seeks to be convinced by his own experience; rarely listens to advice and reluctantly gives them himself. Isaac is an individualist, he is indifferent to public opinion; he knows what he wants and how to achieve it. He is often envied or not understood.Isaac is often a victim of his own delusions and hovers in the clouds, but there is no anger or baseness in him.
Name in history and literature. Isaak Ilyich Levitan (1860-1900) - Russian painter-moviemaker. The creator of the "mood landscape", revealing the most subtle shades of nature: "March", "Lake", "Russia", "Above the Eternal Peace", etc.
Isaak Osipovich Dunaevsky (1900-1955) - the famous composer, People's Artist of the RSFSR, the author of the popular songs "March of Enthusiasts", "Song of the Motherland", etc .; one of the founders of the Soviet operetta: "White Acacia", "Free Wind", etc .; wrote the music for many famous films: "Jolly Fellows", "Goalkeeper", "Circus", "Shining Path" "Children of Captain Grant", "Spring", "Volga-Volga", etc.

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