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Biography of Irina Vilkova

Irina Vilkova is a popular Russian actress. Initially, the girl positioned herself more as a servant of the scene and enjoyed unprecedented success with the audience of many metropolitan theaters. However, it can also often be seen on TV screens.
Actress Irina VilkovaActress Irina Vilkova
The actress often appeared in television series, playing minor roles, but she could be seen in full-length films. The actress became widely known to most Russian TV viewers thanks to the TV series “Grach”, where she played the role of the daughter of the head physician.

Childhood and family of Irina Vilkova

The future actress was born on May 1, 1986 in the Russian capital - Moscow. From a young age she knew that she would necessarily connect her life only with the "actor" sphere. Since childhood, the girl showed her parents outstanding creative abilities and already then she knew what she wanted from life. The main thing is that close people did not hinder the development of her talent, but on the contrary, tried their best to support and help the baby.
Irina Vilkova from childhood dreamed of the sceneIrina Vilkova from childhood dreamed of the scene
In addition to parents, her talent was also able to be seen by famous directors. Thus, already at the age of 11, Irina began performing in a drama theater. It is worth noting that the girl was not exchanged for minor unobtrusive roles, and already in those years she played the main characters in popular theater productions.
At age 11 she had the opportunity to play key roles in the productions of The Nutcracker and The Cherry Orchard. It was then that she realized that she didn’t just like to transform into different characters and perform on stage, the girl accurately set a life goal in front of her and wanted to achieve it without paying attention to obstacles.

Student Irina Vilkova

After graduating from school, Irina, taking a certificate and a letter of recommendation, decided to enter one of the best theater schools in the capital. Despite her obvious talent, the girl was very worried before the selection committee, and when it was time to pass the exams, she became completely isolated. But she managed to gather strength and pleasantly surprise all examiners. Thus, in the early 2000s, she began studying at the Schepkin Higher Theater School.
Young Irina VilkovaYoung Irina Vilkova
Irina was lucky to get on the course of the people's artists of the USSR Yuri and Olga Solominykh. The girl was a diligent student, because she perfectly understood that all the knowledge she had acquired would definitely be useful to her in her future profession.
Her talent did not go unnoticed, so she began to play in performances as a student. Irina appeared in the role of the girl Nastena staged by Valentin Rasputin's Live and Remember. She could also be seen in the performance of Tolstoy’s novel “Sunday”, where the actress played the role of Katyusha Maslova. Besides In addition, she had the opportunity to play a key role in the play “Vasilisa Melentyeva”.

The beginning of the acting career Irina Vilkova

Despite the fact that Irina prefers to work in a theater for filming a movie, she also often appears on television. While still at college, she began attending castings at film studios and was soon able to boast of her first, albeit minor, roles.
In 2004, Vilkova made her debut as a film actress, starring in the dramatic film Karen Shakhnazarov "The Horseman Named Death."The main roles in this adaptation of the story “The Horse of the Pale” were played by such popular actors as Andrei Panin, Yulia Yanovskaya, Ksenia Rappoport and Artem Semakin. Irina herself appeared in this film only in one episode, playing a small role as a guest in the Tivola garden.
After that, the girl began to appear in a large number of television series. In 2006, the television series "Detectives" was launched, in which the actress got the secondary role of Lisa Komissarenko. In the meantime (in 2007), Irina graduated from the Shchukin School and began working in the popular “Theater.doc”. Many viewers praised her acting, especially noting the exact mood transferred from the stage. Among the most significant works with her participation are the performances “I am afraid of love” and “My first man”.
Performance by Irina Vilkova "CHE" Teatr.doc
Working in “Teatre.doc”, the actress not only played in the productions of famous directors, but also tried herself as an author. Together with Alexey Litvinenko she wrote the script for the play “EC. The Tale of Love and Drugs, which is completely different from other productions played in this theater.

Peak acting career Irina Vilkova

Since 2008, Irina has played many roles in domestic television series. And even though the majority of her characters were not key characters, the girl still managed to truly become famous and become famous. In 2008, the actress appeared in the romantic series "Wedding Ring", where she played the role of the girl Lena.

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