Interesting statuses about pride

Often the word "pride" is perceived negatively. Although the feeling of healthy self-esteem is nothing wrong. But the inflated self-conceit causes only irritation and bewilderment of others. We present on this topic statuses about pride that may interest the reader, and perhaps even be useful, in order to express our attitude to this quality.

About pride

The life path consists of ups and downs, therefore only it depends on ourselves what will happen more often. Agree that it is impossible to overcome obstacles and recover from failures without believing in one’s own strength. Help out - an objective self-esteem and self-esteem. These qualities motivate a person and help in achieving their goals.Status about pride

We offer the reader the status of pride.

  • Never bow your head, hold it high, to look the world directly in the eye.
  • Life is too short to waste time thinking about what other people think about you.
  • It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.
  • Generosity gives more than it can, and pride takes less than it should.
  • Pride is self-esteem that separates excellence from mediocrity.
  • Our pride often grows due to shortcomings that have been overcome.
  • Pride and poverty do not get along, but often live together.
  • What you think of yourself is more important than what people think of you.
  • Pain is temporary, pride is eternal!
  • Pride is more expensive than hunger, thirst and cold.
  • Pride - self-esteem with a halo.

About arrogance

Arrogance is not far from pride, so it has always been considered one of the most unpleasant human vices. High self-esteem does not just harm, it often becomes the cause of fatal errors. Proof can be statuses about pride and arrogance.Statuses about pride and arrogance

  • Pride demands respect for oneself, arrogance craves the adoration of others.
  • The surest signs of ignorance are vanity, pride, and arrogance.
  • Arrogance is a poison to the soul.
  • Arrogance is the mother of vanity.
  • Only sadness is available for those who are full of arrogance.
  • Arrogance - a mask of their own shortcomings.
  • Where a person is a dwarf, arrogance is a giant.
  • Ignorance, strength, and arrogance are a deadly mixture.
  • You can be proud of your own achievements, but not to be arrogant about what went by birth.
  • Discard arrogance and firmly maintain your dignity and integrity.

Status about pride in relationships

In relationships, healthy self-esteem is probably the most important. This is especially true of women who are inclined to the detriment of themselves, for the sake of children, social status or the opinions of others, to accept the fact that they are not satisfied. We offer to pay attention to the status of pride in the relationship.statuses about pride in relationships

  • If you can not save a relationship, at least keep your pride.
  • Every woman who has finally realized her worth should raise her bags with pride and fly free to land in the valley of change.
  • Never change yourself for the sake of someone who does not understand your value.
  • You can’t demand respect from yourself from others if you don’t know how to respect yourself.
  • Relationships based on commitment only are not worthy.
  • When you say yes to others, make sure you don’t say no to yourself.
  • Never humiliate yourself to make someone feel comfortable.
  • No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
  • If you underestimate what you are doing, the world underestimates you.
  • A person who does not value himself cannot appreciate others.
  • Never cling to a relationship. Be proud and brave to accept someone who really wants to be with you, and reject someone who just pretends.

We hope that the statuses about pride that we picked up were interesting to the readers.

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