Ingrown toenail: treatment

Oniocryptosis is a disease characterized by soft tissue damage due to the ingrown of the nail plate into the skin. As a rule, this pathology is observed on the big toes. Improper growth of the nail causes swelling of the periungual ridge and provokes the development of the inflammatory process.


Causes of the disease:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • violation of personal hygiene;
  • the presence of anomalies in the structure of the feet;
  • wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes;
  • chronic damage to the nail plate by a fungus;
  • wrong pedicure;
  • individual features of the formation of phalanges of the fingers (wide nail plate with pronounced cushions);
  • overweight;
  • diabetes;
  • congenital pathology of the formation of fingers with their crossing;
  • violation of metabolic processes in the body;
  • the presence of dysplasia and nail dystrophy.


The disease manifests itself with the following symptoms:

  • swelling of the tissues surrounding the nail;
  • bleeding resulting from damage to the anatomical integrity of the roller;
  • redness;
  • pain when walking and when touched;
  • excretion of purulent masses; due to damage to the skin, there is a rapid development of pathogenic infections, which contributes to the formation of pus;
  • local fever.

Without proper treatment of this problem, an abscess spreads to the soft tissues; in severe cases, damage to the bone membranes of the feet can also be observed. The choice of methods of exposure depends on the stage of development of the pathology. But it should also be noted that without compliance with preventive measures, a relapse may develop.

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The drug is made in the form of a balm, softens the nail plate, reduces pain, eliminates the inflammatory process.

How to use: steam out the legs so that the corners of the nail appear from under the nail ridges. Next, this tool is applied to the roller, and on the nail plate, per day, you must perform 2 procedures.



Urea is considered the main active ingredient of this agent - it softens the tissues and the nail itself, which greatly simplifies its cutting.

How to use: “Uroderm” cream is applied on a completely dry nail. With a special spatula, the medicine must be “refilled” in the space between the nail plate and the roller. After the procedure, they wear socks on their feet and leave them for two hours. It is necessary to use "Uroderm" for 3 days in a row (2 procedures per day), then you can trim the ingrown nail.

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Vishnevsky ointment

If an infection is connected to the problem of an ingrown nail, the use of Vishnevsky ointment will be rational.

How to use: apply to the problem area under the bandage, it is more correct to do this kind of compress at night. As soon as the nail appears from under the roller (sometimes even after 1 procedure), it must be trimmed.

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Ichthyol ointment

The most famous means to solve the problem of ingrown nail. Ichthyol ointment kills bacteria, reduces pain, eliminates inflammation and swelling with redness, softens the nail plate.

How to use: a bandage (closed) with the indicated pharmaceutical preparation is applied overnight. As a rule, in the morning you can already cut the ingrown nail.


Separately, you need to talk about staples and special plates - they function according to the principle of dental braces and even resemble them in appearance. Their action is aimed at increasing the edge of the ingrown nail, its release from under the roller. Such devices are placed on the nail plate only by a doctor, sometimes they are recommended to be used on a permanent basis. These products do not cause discomfort even when wearing shoes.

Folk thumb treatment

Such a pathology, as an ingrown toenail (medical name - oniocryptosis), gives patients quite painful sensations and a lot of unpleasant moments that affect their general well-being. In the early, initial stages of the manifestation of this disease (before the development of a purulent-inflammatory process), popular and nontraditional methods of treatment can be successfully applied, including steaming, medical baths, compresses. Let us dwell on popular recipes that are applicable at home:

  1. Steaming with antiseptic. This procedure can be carried out at home. Helps to soften and prepare ingrown nail for cutting.A long and gradual process. For solutions, salt, soda, potassium permanganate, medicinal chamomile are used.
  2. Hot salt procedures (baths) relieve inflammation and relieve pain.
  3. Baths with infusions of medicinal herbs. Chamomile, St. John's wort, calendula, series are recommended (1 spoon of grass is needed for 1 liter of water). Baths to take for half an hour, periodically you need to add hot water.
  4. Compress with butter. It is used after steaming in soda or saline. Oil is applied to the steamed finger, covered with a napkin and cellophane, and is bandaged overnight. In the morning the bandage is removed. The procedure must be repeated. This method of treatment significantly softens the damaged nail plate, which allows it to gently and gradually cut off.
  5. Compress with aloe, widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is required to cut a freshly picked leaf of a plant and pin it to the damaged nail plate before going to bed, replace it in the morning with a fresh one.
  6. Compress with the use of onion-honey mixture (chopped onion and a spoon of honey) perfectly softens the ingrown nail.Apply to the sore finger after steaming procedure in soda solution. Finger to wrap polyethylene. It is desirable to apply a compress for the night.

It should be noted that folk remedies are recommended to be applied before the active inflammatory process with suppuration has begun.

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On the eve of the surgical intervention in the treatment of an ingrown nail on the thumb, anesthetic injections are performed, most often with lidocaine or novocaine. The main thing is to know about the patient's tendency to manifestations of allergies, in order to avoid anaphylactic shock.

You should first check with a specialist side effects prescribed drugs in order to prevent life-threatening situation.

The easiest method of getting rid of an ingrown plate is to surgically remove an ingrown nail or the entire nail plate. After this, the nail gradually, within 3 months, will recover. During this period, the open area will be completely defenseless, and every impact on it will cause pain, especially in the very first weeks after the operation.


After surgery, a positive result can be short-term, as quite often the claw begins to grow into the skin again. This happens due to inflammation of the roller near the nail. In order to increase the effectiveness of the procedure, in addition to perform scraping, i.e., plastic of the periungual roller is produced. Using a rounded incision on the side of the finger, a part of the damaged skin is cut off and then the wound edges are joined with interrupted sutures.

Due to such a manipulation, the periungual roller ceases to contact with the nail plate, which gives the patient hope for an absolute cure and relief from such a problem.

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Most often, innovative technologies are used in the treatment of ingrown nails. The most minimal surgical method of trauma is treatment of the toenail with a laser. Under the influence of laser light produced by the evaporation of the ingrown plate and the edge of the ingrown nail.

Thanks to the laser method, it is possible to eliminate the existing fungal infection, to clear the entire subungual zone of pathological microorganisms.

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